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  1. SOTM sCLK ex

    Lol I am sorry for my poor spelling and grammar I meant don’t use essential version. And it does sound different as it has many more backgrounds apps running. I use gui always to avoid just terminal commands When you install win server unplug the network cable I imagine your using a thumb drive ? when it’s installed do the below in search type sconfig make two changes 5 and 10 one is tilemitry a must do select security next is updates sel manual then go to service mng and local then options or settings point is stop it from starting at each boot. Now reboot find on the web two kinds of script stops one is Telimitry the other I can’t remember the name but it has other script stops. After then load the rest of your stuff now power why larry says this is amazing to me just look at the size of the tiny dc atx as compared to the 400 watt one. The larger one has less ripple and more separate dc bus voltages do you use the same dc power for both OS and music driives ?
  2. SOTM sCLK ex

    With out pissing you off I have few suggestions to inprove things for you. One don’t use ess use standard GUI it has less unneeded software and running apps next buy the 400 watt dc atx board it’s under 100 and much better than the 160 watt dc atx that plugs onto the main board dont get mad for my suggestions
  3. A question I always keep my music network away from the rest At the router port feeding my local SW if home is 192.168.1.xx I make it 192.168.0.xx also now I use my CUST nas to do this as well with an internal enterprise 4 post man card
  4. Has anyone’ here used a CUST built server for nas , network roughter and roon server running anology hack I use this and a second pc for hq to dac via usb ?
  5. I am sorry after re reading this I thought I meant core as in AO core mode. Its why I posted it lol.
  6. First off back off a bit. When he posted I thought he meant win SER core as in AO optimizer as he mentioned 2012. There is no non GUI mode in 2016 and all I posted is true. If that is what he asked. Sorry of your anoywd and why anyone wants a real SER core that only works from a command prompt is way to complex for an audio. It would mean the room or hq would have to be inbeded nas we do ininux.
  7. Ok use vnc viewer and tight VNC on your machine it’s a Remote Desktop viewer also why no gui there is no need to not install gui and it can be removed and shut down in bios Does this work ?
  8. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwY-EngeoPo
  9. On win 2016 there is no core mode only options to turn off. Yes beidge the connections with all drivers and devices running. Go to control panel to bridge network lands. Sorry out in the field to give you each step. But I know it can be done as I use it. It’s how I use my second pc that runs hq player only into usb and also my HB to my dac in usb.
  10. You can do this , buy a multi port PCI lan card . The card has to have the feature in beaded in it. Lastly if I may suggest this , use the synology nas hack. I use the s7 one. I have 4 8 TB music drives , one cache drive and one more ssd drive fir Roon. I have installed a 4 port PCI exp card . It is my router , network switch . This gives me its own network to keep it away from the rest of the house. I then stream to a 2 PC for HQ player. I was using win 2016 and AO . The HQ PC has win 2016 and AO . I was doing what you are doing / trying to do now . Good luck
  11. I posted if anyone’s dac needs 5 volts as well. There usb iso only needs the 5 volts if you dac does. As for a psu any lps is fine to use or even the 5 volts from you server or a ifi 5 volt device. As for speed being usb 2.0 over 3.0. Speed of either one is way above what’s needed for any audio streaming requirements.
  12. https://www.reichelt.com/de/en/Network-Accessories/2/index.html?CCOUNTRY=445&LANGUAGE=en&ACTION=2&LA=2&GROUPID=5861;SID=95WroEaKwQATQAAG3NKYk45f942433029263b9fef70d3ec199e19 They are gigabyte rated is that fast enough ? They also sell USB ISO later devices as well. The network devices should be used close to your device for best working. Kepp in mind I am not saying the ifi device does not work or perhaps even better.
  13. Lol ok I think I am raining on someone’s parade I’ll back off. And I am not a troll and nor do I mean to inflict pain. I just read and try to help and show what is correct or misguided on forums. I like ifi and all of there products are well made and do help. Maybe I should start a thread on isolation and discuss this there. Sorry
  14. A few words on isolation. For about 80 you can buy a medical grade usb iso later and it allows for 5 volt iso too. If one uses a ext 5 volts why one needs such complexity in isolation is perplexing to me. I get the sell product part and I like ifi But why such complexity for simple isolation. Also I would to point out not all dacs like it now do all usb cables improve I own a short block it’s many years old and I own a new one as well. Both work well empricle does not make theres anymore a shame. Now one last thought iso is overall a good thing but it’s not the answer for great sound from a laptop. Jitter or noise is embedded in the data stream in the music. This and any iso only handles voltage differential from server to dac