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  1. Interesting. It was a non-proprietary driver, whatever windows 8 provides. There is no proprietary driver for this unit. I've played many many highres in mediamonkey where sample rate is displayed and it was native 24/176, 24/96, etc. Perhaps that was the base resolution of the source. I know it is a nos chip dac; it is entirely possible I've been misinformed the whole time.
  2. Thanks phofman. It is a 24/192 dac and quite good with hi-res (redbook not as good), but I thought I'd plug in into the mac to see what happens. Hey only 48K! Lets plug it into windows 7 - hey 48K limit also!. So I'm betting there is a clock issue in the dac. thanks to all who read this, problem (mostly) solved.
  3. An interesting problem with windows 8 and my ultrafi dac (which has no problems with windows 7). Attach the usb cable, it detects, then the driver install hangs in the middle. It will stay there for an hour if you let it, but I cancel. It shows up in the sound devices fine, but in the properties the resolution is limited to 16/48K. Will not play any hi-res material unless downsampled to 48k, as instructed by the driver, obviously. Has happened to 2 installs now (both samsung notebooks) but my feeling is it is driver signing or something. Any clues or insights into Windows 8 usb audio drivers? Thanks much in advance for your help.