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  1. OR, ahem, check with a authorized iFi Audio dealer to see if they have any in stock.
  2. Cue Sir David Attenborough narration . . . Very rarely seen, much less filmed, due to its long 4 year gestation time, the elusive iDSD Pro is for the first time ever filmed here in the wilds of New York City (apparently prior to the headphone jack size change): https://youtu.be/7bsMhFPhGHk
  3. iPad / iPhone Playback

    I just bought MusicStreamer and have just started seeing what it can do... Finding my NAS was easy and it is working well so far. Very nice app. @Nathan_Stratospherix I would gladly pay extra for some additional features/capabilities: - DSD support. Being able to play DSD files in some manner would be great. - When browsing/playing songs/albums the option to show the file format and sample rate would be really good. Is it possible to downlaod for local/offline playback a playlist? Will be nice to be able to load a bunch of stuff onto my iPhone for when I travel (instead of streaming and sucking up my 4G data).
  4. @Superdad Thanks Alex and in case you have not noticed yet, have already ordered a LPS-1.2. :-D
  5. So, there is some kind of cleverness going on here (with switching around between s-capacitor banks) that allows a 7.5V charging/source power supply via the LPS1.2 to generate 9V or 12V output voltages (without using some kind of DC - DC converter), yes???? :-)
  6. From reading the iDSD Pro specs, which states that for DSD/DXD/ or PCM above 24/192 - its looks like LinkPlay (Ethernet or WiFi) only does PCM up to 24/192 and does not support DSD (did not see anything on LinkPlays site about DSD/DXD support). Apple AirPlay is PCM only too... I think it can support up to 24/192 (that is if the source supports it). So, for those looking to stream via Ethernet or WiFi (direct to the iDSD Pro), its looks like you are limited to PCM and leave it to the iDSD pro to convert it to DSD via its Studio Remastering function/mode. That will be a bummer thought for those who have a lot of DSD/DXD source material and want to stream via Ethernet to the iDSD Pro... they will need to use a renderer with USB output to the iDSD Pro that supports DSD/DXD data/rates. I'm sure iFi Audio will clarify things further (especially if I'm wrong about any of this. :-) ) I am curious to know how the single ended analog output is generated... derived from the balanced output???
  7. Exchange Rates

    Yep, this sucks. I sell a small line of Integrated Tube amps from a small Spanish company and buy parts (custom spec caps) from Duelund... All paid for in Euro’s. I’ve adjusted the prices of the gear/parts up recently becuase of the significant (i.e. much more than several percent) currency change in the past year.
  8. Well, hopefully Roon end point capability will only be something along the lines of a firmware update in the future.... going through all AMR/iFi has done to make the unit Airplay (which is limited to 16/44 right?), DLNA, Spotify, tidal etc network capable and not giving the unit the ability to be a Roon end point does not make great sense to me (for a DAC of this caliber). Looking forward to reading more about the tube/as output stage/design (and maybe a rear panel pic would be nice too so we can see the pile of inputs and outputs this thing has).
  9. Being able act as a Roon end point would be nice, but suspect it may just be Bluetooth capability as available in other iFii audio products. Wil be interesting to see what pans out.
  10. SOLD! Regen Amber #1: Originally bought for a customer and never used, this Regen Amber is new - I just took it out of its box to snap these pics. After it arrived, it was placed aside were it has sat collecting dust and depreciating in value as these things do because the ISO-Regen has come out (which is a nice piece - I do own one). Never got used because by the time I got this customers system set-up, I switched to a Ultra-Rendu and Uptone LPS-1 for him. Anyway, yours for $95 plus ship. Regen Amber #2: This is my personal Regen Amber (was originally a green Led board unit and I got the Amber LED board upgrade from Alex/Superdad/Uptone) that I have replaced with a ISO-Regen (and/or the iFi Audio iGalvanic depending on what DAC I may be using at the time: A quick plug here, I am a iFi Audio dealer.) Its in very good shape in original box and all accessories (see pics). Yours for $75 plus ship! In the pics the used Regen is the one that has my business card in the pics (bottom 3). The top 4 pics are of Regen Amber #1. Feel free to message, call, e-mail with any questions.
  11. I am doing a bit electronic house cleaning and have a bunch of computer, tablet, phone etc stuff for sale. Many items here would make great holiday presents for yourself or someone else! Figure try listing them here first before dealing with Ebaying them. If interested, please message and I can send more details and lots more pics: - iPhone6 Plus 128GB Space Grey AT&T (3 years old EX cond) with three Spigen cases (two new, one used on phone): $250 - iPad mini 2 16GB WiFi white/silver - Ex cond $125 - Roku 3 media player - good condition $25 - SONY RX100M2 20MP Digital Camera EX cond with 32GN SD card - EX cond $275 - Seek Thermal Camera for iPhone $150 - Old Seagate 500GB USB2.0 EXt HD $25 (freshly formatted FAT 32 for windows) - BRAND NEW Kindle Voyage 4GB WIFI (no ads) with case $150 - Assorted 2GB and 4GB SIMM Memory cards from various Mac Mini's and Mac BookPro computers - $50 for the whole batch or price as marked. As you can see most of the stuff is packed in all the original packaging and will come with original cables/chargers (often never used - new) and documentation and manuals. ALL prices are plus ship. If you are looking for feedback or my rep when it comes to selling stuff, just check out my FeedBack on Audiogon (SignatureSound).
  12. D'oh! I was thinking of the bigger AudioEngine passives, but I see those are more expensive than what I thought they were. I like the ELACs I have heard, but I think they would gel better with a nice used old inexpensive integrated amp (for a budget set-up) than a inexpensive receiver. :-)
  13. Besides the Elacs, AudioEngine makes passive (i.e. not active) versions of some of thier speakers which are worth looking at for use with a inexpensive receiver.
  14. In Berlin at the IFA show that is going on now, from what I understand, iFi Audio is announcing that they will be adding MQA capability to thier products. I don't know if that means some or all of thier USB DACs, but so far apparently the iDSD Black Label which is $549 will have it and probably the iDSD Pro (whenever it finally comes out which I will guess wil be somewhere from $1,500 to $2,000) will get MQA capability.