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  1. UPDATED TO REDUCE PRICES. REASONABLE OFFERS WILL BE CONSIDERED. All prices plus shipping. My electronic computer/gadget closet cleaning continues! If you have any questions on the items listed below, LMK. I have more pics of each item too if you need to see more detail. ALL prices PLUS shipping. Instead of individual ads/threads for each item, I figured grouping them into one or two posts was best. Looking for Feed Back on me? - Look under Audiogon seller Signaturesound 1) Google Nexus 7 Android Tablet. 2nd Gen model with 32GB storage. Has only seen very occasional use (only inside the house) and is in very good condition. Come with case/cover! $75 - REDUCED TO $50 PLUS SHIP 2) Brand new sealed in box Google Home Mini: $30 - REDUCED TO $20 PLUS SHIPPING 3) Google Chromcast - I think this is the original version. $10 A little dusty, but in very good condition. 5) Lenovo ThinkCentre M700 Tiny with Core i3 3.2GHz processor, 4GB memory, and 128GB SSD (Win Pro10). This is BRAND NEW. I bough this thinking I would make a music PC out of it, but went in another direction (Um, I'm a Roon Nucleus dealer now). I opened the box, but never took anything out. This machine comes complete with keyboard and mouse, plus I am including a well used (fully functional, fair-good cosmetic condition) Logitech K750 wireless solar keyboard AND a used Intel CoreI-5-6600T Skylake processor (2.7Ghz Quad Core - about a $150 processor IIRC) which you can use to replace the i3 in the machine. Add some more memory to it and you have a nice compact little music PC machine! Full specs can be found here: http://psref.lenovo.com/Detail/ThinkCentre/ThinkCentre_M700_Tiny?M=10HY001TUS All for $450! - REDUCED TO $375 PLUS SHIPPING 5) Used Roku 3 media player/streamer in good condition. $25 - REDUCED TO $20 PLUS SHIPPING
  2. UPDATED 10/18 to LOWER SOME PRICES AND REMOVE SOME ITEMS. REASONABLE OFFERS CONSIDERED ON INDIVIDUAL ITEMS SPECIAL OFFER: BUY EVERYTHING LISTED/SHOWN IN THIS ADD FOR ONLY $300 (FIRM) PLUS SHIPPING AND PAYPAL FEES! I am doing some clearing out of various computers and HW I am not using, so I have a pile of stuff for sale. Have outlined the Apple/mac related stuff below and will list the other stuff in a separate ad. If you are looking for references, my Audiogon username is Signaturesound - check my feedback there or just ask around. Hopefully I have summarized all the details correctly here on each item, feel free to ask any questions. ALL items are in full working order. All prices are plus shipping. 1) MacMini Late 2009 W/Apple BT Keyboard and Apple Magic Mouse. 2.53Ghz Core 2 Duo machine that I upgraded 128GB Samsung 830Pro SSD and 8GB of OWC memory several years ago when I set it up for music server use. Has always ran perfectly for me, no problems. Comes with extra display adapters, factory box, clean install of OSX Mavericks. $200 plus ship. - REDUCED TO $175 PLUS SHIP 2) Apple MacBook Pro Mid 2012 13" 2.5GHz Core I5 Laptop. Has Samsung 8450 Pro 256GB SSD and 16GB of OWC memory I installed when I bought this machine new (not a refurb). This MBP saw VERY little use. Occasionally used it for a few trips (trade shows) and when I needed a extra computer to do a specific task around the office (as I had other computers and a Mac mini that were used for business and music sever use. And for portable use I have several iPads). It has spent 99% of its life in its soft case collecting dust. It is in excellent cosmetic condition and I would say the battery is in very good condition. I've wiped the SSD, reformatted HFS+ Journaled, and have done a fresh install of OSX High Sierra. Comes with factory box. $500. OWC Mercury Elite - AL Pro external USB/FW drives. I have three of these available. Two are 1TB with one being the newer FW800 unit ($40) and one being a older FW400 unit ($25). Plus I have has one 2TB FW800 unit ($65). I think those both have Hitachi drives in them, all have always worked perfectly. All are HFS+ formatted and ready to go. They are in very good cosmetic condition, come with a FW cable and original power supply (or use your own 12V linear!) 4) Need any old Mac Memory Simms??/ I have a bunch of 2GB and one pair of 4GB Simms. Make a offer! 4) Apple AirPort Express 2nd Gen Model, with facotry box: $20
  3. Wow! Very cool! My inner engineer is geeking out! 🙂 Hmmmmmm . . . Looks like it could be a protype Ethernet switch board in the vid. 🤔
  4. I am using it right now with our Roon Nucleus music server via USB (using the iDSD Pro's built in DSD 1024 up-sampling right now, not doing any up-sampling in Roon yet). I also have a i7 Mac Mini Running Roon Core and HQ Player (which is just doing up-sampling to 24/192 feeding into our Wavelength Cosecant USB DAC at this moment) with direct Ethernet connection to a Sonore Ultra-Rendu which I will be trying with the iDSD Pro as well (using the Ultra-Rendu USB out into the iDSD Pro). We just got our first couple of iDSD Pro's yesterday, so am just at the running it in for several days phase right now. Also using it with the stock iFi power supply for now, will try a good linear power supply with it too at some time in the future. Will be interesting to see how HQ Player DSD and PCM up-sampling compares to the iDSD Pro doing that (with native data inputted). Between the up-sampling/filtering options offered by HQ Player and the iDSD Pro, you can spend many days comparing the various permutations possible (if you want)!
  5. A bit off the beaten path is Power Modules new Virtuoso Integrated amp. MSRP $6,500 AND 200W/CH (and knowing Dave Belles, it will probably do 400 or close top that into 4 ohms). I have not heard it yet (its a pretty new product), but have been using/selling Dave’s amps/integrateds for many years - he has deliverd very good sound for the dollar consistently. May be worth checking out. I have heard a Dartzel integrated on a customers system with Devore speakers - Very good sounding amp, but very pricey.
  6. Makes perfect sense, but I'm a bit particular so I fixed it! 🙂 🙃 There is a small plastic collar around the plug with a thin key (bump) in it that forces the assemblers to put it together upside down for the USA (and right side up I imagine for the UK and elsewhere), but that is easily removed (cut/trimmed away with Exacto knife) so you can rotate the plug 180 and screw it back in.
  7. This is a photo of a typical USA wall plug: This is a photo of a iFi AC i Purifier plugged into a typical USA wall plug: To quote a nice Van Morrison song I like, "What's wrong with this picture?" 🙂 OK, while the USA NEC (National Electric Code) has not standard on the orientation of USA wall plugs, in the many many places in the USA I have visited and lived in over the years, the orientation is with the ground plug at the bottom. So, why make them (pretty much) upside down???
  8. Bummer, as I was going to ask if you could make a JS-2 type supply, but with higher selectable output voltages (12, 13.6, 15, or 19 VDC) which would come in handy on some various DACs, music servers, phono preamps etc that I have on hand or will have on hand soon.
  9. OR, ahem, check with a authorized iFi Audio dealer to see if they have any in stock.
  10. Cue Sir David Attenborough narration . . . Very rarely seen, much less filmed, due to its long 4 year gestation time, the elusive iDSD Pro is for the first time ever filmed here in the wilds of New York City (apparently prior to the headphone jack size change): https://youtu.be/7bsMhFPhGHk
  11. RichB

    iPad / iPhone Playback

    I just bought MusicStreamer and have just started seeing what it can do... Finding my NAS was easy and it is working well so far. Very nice app. @Nathan_Stratospherix I would gladly pay extra for some additional features/capabilities: - DSD support. Being able to play DSD files in some manner would be great. - When browsing/playing songs/albums the option to show the file format and sample rate would be really good. Is it possible to downlaod for local/offline playback a playlist? Will be nice to be able to load a bunch of stuff onto my iPhone for when I travel (instead of streaming and sucking up my 4G data).
  12. @Superdad Thanks Alex and in case you have not noticed yet, have already ordered a LPS-1.2. :-D
  13. So, there is some kind of cleverness going on here (with switching around between s-capacitor banks) that allows a 7.5V charging/source power supply via the LPS1.2 to generate 9V or 12V output voltages (without using some kind of DC - DC converter), yes???? :-)