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  1. wwaldmanfan

    Does Optical out bypass all sound card processing?

    I don't know if my $2,000 NAD M51 DAC is "high end" (probably not, to you) but there is no 5V connection at the USB input, none needed for power or handshake. Don't know to what extent the 5V power leg interferes with anything as it is not making a circuit between the computer and the DAC.
  2. wwaldmanfan

    MacOS Midi settings question

    I use Audirvana for critical listening, but when I want to play the same music in multiple rooms simultaneously, I use iTunes with AirPlay and Airport Express units. My music server is a MBP laptop, I run Audio MIDI Setup in the background. You can change bit and sample rates on the fly in Audio MIDI Setup to match the file's native sample rate in real time while iTunes is playing, but, as we know, you still have to do it manually.
  3. wwaldmanfan

    System wide Equalizer for MacOSX - opinions on eqMac2?

    I've been enjoying CanOpener Studio for a couple of years. I'm trying out the Goodhertz Tone Control AU equalizer, and it really brings a lot of subtlety to Audirvana. This is a plugin equalizer that sounds amazing, and is super easy to use. I have a lot of different masterings of some of my favorite albums, and this makes it fun to try to bring out the best in each one.
  4. How does the DSJ sound compared to the Stellar Gain?
  5. I can't confirm those numbers, but I've got numerous FireWire 800, USB3, and USB2 drives shared amongst my five Mac computers. I often copy files between the drives, and the USB 2 drives seem extremely slow, for both reading and writing, especially large files. I only use them now for archival backups.
  6. You are confusing the theoretical maximum 480 megabitper second signaing speed with true megabytes per second throughput. USB 2.0 supports 480 Mb/s signaling speed. On the Wikipedia page, it says effective throughput is up to 35 MB/s. There is a disparity because bits aren't usually transmitted between devices in the same way that they are represented internally. Plus, you are not going to set any processing speed records with a Core 2 Duo. if you want a faster option that won't tie up the USB or SATA busses, you can still buy a 3TB FireWire 800 drive from MacSales for about $200, and keep the USB drive as a backup. FireWire works great, too bad they killed it.
  7. wwaldmanfan

    Calling all women!

    You have a very simplistic view of marriage. There's more to it than me husband you wife. When you live with someone for 30-40 or more years, two people experience all of life together. Sharing the good times, but more importantly, someone to help and support you during the bad times. My wife has plenty of shortcomings, but she is my rock.
  8. wwaldmanfan

    Calling all women!

    What is your firsthand experience with marriage? My marriage is not like that at all. There are plenty of disagreements, but It's not about compromising, it's about picking your battles, knowing when to let her have the small stuff, and then winning the major issues when it matters. That is how I practice the art of marriage.
  9. wwaldmanfan

    Calling all women!

    GUTB's entire raison d'être here is to make provacative and outrageous comments. Some might call him a troll. To me, he's entertainment, and livens up the discussions, but no one here should take anything he says seriously. Congratulations on your happiness. Marriage is not for everyone, but those who disparage it publicly have misanthropic issues.
  10. wwaldmanfan

    Calling all women!

    All I did was make a silly joke about forum avatars, and you called my comment sexist and homophobic. If you think, under the circumstances, that it is your prerogative to say that, then we do indeed disagree.
  11. wwaldmanfan

    Calling all women!

    Calling me out as sexist and homophobic for making an innocent joke says more about you than it does about me.
  12. wwaldmanfan

    Calling all women!

    I'm not sexist or homophobic because you don't get a joke. My avatar is Wendy Waldman, an obscure artist I've followed and admired for over 40 years. I see no advantage for anyone in my putting my true, ugly face up there, but, I am happily married to my wife of 39 years, who enjoys music, especially live concerts.
  13. wwaldmanfan

    Calling all women!

    You'd rather see hot male images?
  14. wwaldmanfan

    REGEN with Micro Rendu

    Inferior areas being lousy recordings. Upgrading equipment past a reasonable point of diminishing returns is somewhat of a fool's errand, unless you've got the best available masterings of the music you like. I've accumulated six or more versions of some of my favorite albums--CD releases, remasters, vinyl needledrops, etc. The best of the best prove that even a modest system can sound really good when set up right.
  15. wwaldmanfan

    WAV or FLAC

    I've done it myself with iTunes when XLD could not complete the rip of a scratched CD, even in Burst mode. Unless you check "use error correction when reading CD's", iTunes will ignore many errors and proceed. Whether you will hear the glitches in the rip is another matter.