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  1. Should I upgrade my DAC?

    For gaming, YouTube, and Spotify you don't need better audio equipment. For lossless music, something like the Parasound zDac is a DAC, preamp, and headphone amp all in one. It's pretty user-friendly on a desktop. http://www.parasound.com/zdac-v2.php
  2. Music for testing Audio Equipment

    I have a number of albums that are very well recorded and mastered with which I am very familiar. These are my reference recordings for any adjustments I make to hardware or playback. These three CD's by Rickie Lee Jones are among my favorites: S/T (WB 3296-2) Pirates (WB 3432-2) Flying Cowboys (Geffen 924246-2) Analyzed folder: Rickie Lee Jones/Flying Cowboys (Geffen 9 24246-2) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DR19 -3.25 dB -26.42 dB 01 The Horses.aiff DR13 -9.19 dB -25.86 dB 02 Just My Baby.aiff DR24 -0.55 dB -26.59 dB 03 Ghetto Of My Mind.aiff DR16 -6.79 dB -25.98 dB 04 Rodeo Girl.aiff DR17 -4.66 dB -25.15 dB 05 Satellites.aiff DR18 -7.53 dB -32.43 dB 06 Ghost Train.aiff DR16 -6.05 dB -24.18 dB 07 Flying Cowboys.aiff DR14 -8.79 dB -26.33 dB 08 Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying.aiff DR19 -4.11 dB -25.35 dB 09 Love Is Gonna Bring Us Back Alive.aiff DR17 -6.45 dB -29.29 dB 10 Away From The Sky.aiff DR14 -4.39 dB -24.25 dB 11 Atlas' Marker.aiff ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Number of files: 11 Official DR value: DR17
  3. Embedded album art - or not

    It does, depending on where and how you save your library with iTunes There are also shareware scripts to manipulate cover art within iTunes: https://dougscripts.com/itunes/scripts/scripts13.php
  4. Embedded album art - or not

    Imbedding the cover art into the metadata is worth doing. Separate jpeg's are very small compared to the music files anyway. Buy a new, larger drive, and make this one a backup.
  5. Satellite Radio Sounds Awful

    Howard Stern was in my college class at BU '72-'76. I didn't know him well, but he was plenty nerdy. His dad got him into the business, but he took it to such an amazing level of success. I personally never listen to his show, too stupid. I'm amazed at how much money he's made with nonsense like "Fart Man". And, his wife dumped him in spite of all that, and took the kids. Too many porn stars, I guess.
  6. Album of the Evening

    My favorite most-underappreciated Byrds
  7. How much disrespect is alllowed on Computer Audiophile?

    Next time he sits down in front of you at an expensive Broadway play, ask him if he would switch seats with you, or move all the way back to the last row so as not to obstruct the view.
  8. Best way to compare two releases of same work?

    Do you mean they preferred the SQ of a modern compressed and limited remaster over the original, or the mp3 was preferred for convenience because it fits on their phone?
  9. How much disrespect is alllowed on Computer Audiophile?

    Everything comes down to money.
  10. Which USB A to B cable

    My Kimber Kable Cu USB ($60) came with removable ferrite chokes. I'm not claiming to have golden ears, but it seems to sound better without them.
  11. Hearing problem....

    You are probably getting older, and this stuff happens. I actually have a very similar problem. Without going into too much detail, I compensate for it with a channel balance control on my preamp. I also try to turn the lesser ear to my wife when she is talking to me.
  12. Adding a pre amp

    I have used my system with and without a separate preamp and I don't hear much difference. The setup: NAD M51 single-ended out to > NAD power amp vs. NAD M51 balanced out to > Mark Levinson preamp single-ended out to > NAD power amp. It seems to me, the better your equipment, the less you are going to hear small incremental improvements.
  13. Should I get a CD Player?

    I'm still using a MacBook Pro with USB into my NAD M51. My setup has room for improvement, as priorities allow. I tried an amber REGEN with el cheapo linear PS and it did not improve my system. To that, I say YMMV. I rip everything to AIFF because it is the uncompressed format that works with Audirvana, HQPlayer, and iTunes, all of which I use, as well as Audacity, TT DR Meter, etc.
  14. Best way to compare two releases of same work?

    I don't want to hoard music, I only keep stuff on my playback drives that I actually expect to listen to. However, I have accumulated as many as five or 6 different masterings of some of my favorite albums. I try to pare it down to one preferred version, and relegate the alternates to backup storage. At this point in my life, I'm trying to simplify, not complicate things. A cursory run through TT DR Offline Meter shows me the dynamic range and peak volume. Higher DR and lower volume generally sounds better, but not always. Then, I pick a track or three and run them through Audirvana consecutively to hear the differences. I'll confirm this on each of my setups, my main system and my desktop system with both speakers and headphones. I adjust the volume level by ear, for parity. It's all subjective, not too scientific, but who am I trying to please besides myself? I have found, with some exceptions, that original releases have better SQ than remasters. Why pay $15-$20 for a hi-res download, when you can still find a better-sounding 1980's CD used for five bucks on Discogs, ebay, or Amazon? Money-grubbing record companies cannot fool these golden ears.
  15. The Best for the Least

    I'll bet you are the only person here who's speaker wires cost three times as much as all the rest of your stereo equipment put together. Even if you didn't buy them, that's pretty special.