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  1. Tom Petty (October 20, 1950 - October 2, 2017)

    I was lucky enough to see him perform in the early 1980's at the Academy of Music in NYC. Even then, they were the quintessential rock band. It was an unforgettable show, and I've been a big fan ever since. Petty and Campbell really knew how to get the best sound out of each unique guitar and amplifier that they used. I will miss him. RIP.
  2. Storage of files help

    Better, how? Although hard drives are not immune to failure, they are relatively cheap to buy. Multiple backups of your entire library are what's needed.
  3. Is Audiophiledom a confidence game?

    You kidding? Swiss pro Fabian Cancellara was so fast that he was actually accused by the race referees of hiding a motor in the seat tube of his bike.
  4. Mac software to play music, bit-perfect via USB

    I tag and manage all my music files (approx. 2TB) with iTunes and Doug Adam's Applescripts. I also use iTunes for playback when I want to stream music to multiple rooms simultaneously with AirPlay. For critical listening, I use Audirvana Plus or, occasionally, HQPlayer, on both my main and desktop systems. I don't need to control playback remotely, so I don't use Audirvana's or HQPlayer's proprietary file management systems. I just play everything from the Mac Desktop with drag and drop. Moving beyond iTunes for playback, I think Audirvana offers the best combination of SQ and features at a reasonable price.
  5. Thanks to Ralf1, who gave me a hint. Using iTunes, you can simultaneously play through the computer's built-in output and stream to multiple AirPlay devices. I connect the optical output on my MBP to my DAC with a TosLink cable, choose "multiple" in iTunes AirPlay menu, select both the "computer" and "AirPlay 1" devices, and both stereo systems play in sync.
  6. I have an Airport Express and a miniplug-to-RCA cable, so I can stream redbook-quality music into the living room from my MacBook Pro. However, Apple limits you to one AirPlay receiver at a time, so I don't know how to do it simultaneously to more than one device. So, in my case, it's either the USB DAC on my main rig, or AE in the other room. There must be a workaround or some third party hardware or software to accomplish this, but what?
  7. I have a hard-wired computer audio system in my family room (see my sig). I also have an audio setup in the adjacent living room, currently used for TV audio. That system is based around a Yamaha 2x100w stereo amp with analog RCA inputs only. Is there a straightforward way to send the audio to that amp from the main system, and have both play in sync for "whole house" audio? A wall separates the two rooms, so a wireless DAC and two receivers will not work if "line-of-sight" is required. If I need to add a DAC and a renderer(s) to convert the whole shebang to a network-based system, please educate me as to what would be needed. I'm pretty clueless about this stuff.
  8. Simple (I hope) cable question

    Never tried one myself, but the Corning fiber optic USB cables were quite the rage here for a few weeks. A ten meter one of those with a USB A-to-B jumper might be a solution. https://www.corning.com/microsites/coc/ocbc/Documents/CNT-009-AEN.pdf
  9. Nobody touches my speakers

    Crock Pot is a good idea. The guy I know must have been using a open flame, like a bunsen burner and a tin can of paraffin. It got knocked over and ignited, then the whole place went up. You can't make this stuff up. I never wanted to ride with him again, figuring he was a klutz, but actually he won several state championships.
  10. After a lot of experimenting, I settled on the poly-sync-short-mp filter and the NS4 dither for RB to 24/192 upsampling. HQPlayer has a warm, natural sound, compared to Audirvana which is a little more bright and detailed. I find myself going back and forth between the two every few weeks. What is interesting about them is that the soundstage is quite different on the same piece of music.
  11. In iTunes: sort library in "songs" view > View > View Options > Column Browser > add "Album Artist " > sort by Album Artist
  12. Please HELP ME make BEER's TOP 100 song list

    This https://youtu.be/4gEc5Pq50xo "Revalator" Gillian Welch Live At St. Lukes, London 2004 BBC Four DVD 24/48 LPCM rip
  13. It's fun to come in here and participate, but the level to which some take this is well beyond my comcerns, or even my comprehension. When I think that I started with a $150 component system 50 years ago, with a Garrard, a little Lafayette stereo amp, and Lafaytte "Criterion" bookshelf speakers, and how much I enjoyed that, I never let shortcomings in my current system make me unhappy, or induce nervosa.
  14. What noise and interference issues? My system sound clear. It does, however, expose flaws in poorly mastered recordings. A few percent of my albums are recorded and reproduced well enough to sound quite excellent. I evaluate my system's SQ accordingly.
  15. is there ANY benefit to playing from a cd player?

    I don't have any such issues. I have deliberately kept my systems as simple as possible. That was the whole point of this. I can select and play anything from my library of nearly 2,000 albums within ten seconds with three clicks of the trackpad on my laptop. Sound quality is great. I suppose it could potentially sound better, but I don't spend my time and resources chasing tiny incremental improvements in SQ by swapping gadgets, cables, or components. I have more important things to do, so I just enjoy the music.