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  1. wwaldmanfan

    Lush^2 - Share your configuration experiences

    Some folks think that coax S/PDIF cables can suffer from internal reflections. Something to do with sine wave length. I'm not an electronics expert on these things, but I did have an experience where a .5M 75Ω Canare cable seemed to transmit more noise than the identical 1M cable in a setup from a tube amp to a DAC. For coax S/PDIF, the ideal length is recommended 1M to 1.5M. I can't imagine anyone here could claim to hear a difference that you describe with a USB cable. I would go with the longer cable to simply allow for more flexibility, notwithstanding the presumably higher cost, since someone mentioned that these cables are stiff.
  2. wwaldmanfan

    Upgrade at your own risk

    It's not crummy recordings, it's the brickwalled masters for digital release. I'll never understand it. Here's the latest Boz Scaggs album, the CD vs. a needledrop from vinyl. The digital is unlistenable. (There's a couple of different, additional songs on each version, but here I wanted to compare apples w/apples.) Of course, I'm preaching to the choir here, but the conundrum is why spend five figures on a digital audio system to play this crap? I thought the recent vinyl craze was a fad, now I'm beginning to understand the rationale. Analyzed folder: Boz Scaggs/Out Of The Blues/CD ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DR Peak RMS Filename ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DR6 -0.07 dB -7.46 dB 01. Rock and Stick.aiff DR8 -0.10 dB -10.27 dB 02. I've Just Got to Forget You.aiff DR8 -0.04 dB -8.99 dB 03. I've Just Got to Know.aiff DR6 -0.04 dB -7.58 dB 04. Radiator 110.aiff DR6 -0.08 dB -7.23 dB 05. Little Miss Night and Day.aiff DR9 -0.02 dB -11.32 dB 06. On the Beach.aiff DR7 -0.00 dB -8.10 dB 07. Down in Virginia.aiff DR6 over -7.33 dB 08. Those Lies.aiff DR7 -0.01 dB -8.83 dB 09. The Feeling Is Gone.aiff ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Number of files: 9 Official DR value: DR7 Analyzed folder: Boz Scaggs/Out Of The Blues (vinyl) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DR Peak RMS Filename ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DR11 -2.44 dB -14.60 dB 01 Rock And Stick.aiff DR12 -2.84 dB -17.47 dB 02 I've Just Got To Forget You.aiff DR12 -1.86 dB -15.98 dB 03 I've Just Go To Know.aiff DR12 -0.83 dB -14.51 dB 04 Radiator 110.aiff DR11 -2.02 dB -13.99 dB 05 Little Miss Night And Day.aiff DR16 -1.94 dB -19.39 dB 06 On The Beach.aiff DR13 -1.40 dB -16.17 dB 07 Down In Virginia.aiff DR13 -1.17 dB -15.79 dB 08 Those Lies.aiff DR13 -1.96 dB -17.18 dB 09 The Feeling Is Gone.aiff ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Number of files: 9 Official DR value: DR12
  3. wwaldmanfan

    Upgrade at your own risk

    Ironic, isn't it? The loudness wars are worse than ever. With few exceptions, I don't buy new music anymore.
  4. wwaldmanfan

    Audirvana+ Library Issue

    It would help if you listed your system info on your profile page. Are you on a Mac or PC, and what version of Audirvana are you using?
  5. wwaldmanfan

    Audirvana+ Library Issue

    Your computer's hard drive > Users > Your administrator folder > Library > Application Support > Audirvana Delete the files in the above Audirvana folder. Next time you launch the app, it will ask you to create a new library. Make sure your Audirvana license key files are backed up elsewhere on your computer.
  6. wwaldmanfan

    Everything sounds the same

    It does work, but will burn out the oven components. Appliances are made like crap these days, and most only come with a 1-year warranty. I've been through more than my share, and I don't tend to abuse things.
  7. wwaldmanfan

    Everything sounds the same

    I know your comment was facetious regarding cooking a pizza, but I dropped 7K on a Wolf double wall oven as part of a kitchen renovation, and was strongly advised by them, as well as others in the know, that "self-clean" will shorten the life of any oven. Avoiding this feature makes sense to me. If your oven is dirty, use oven cleaning spray.
  8. wwaldmanfan

    Everything sounds the same

    Believe it or not, there is a buffalo farm in NJ, and a couple of the better pizzarias around here do use buffalo mozz. It does taste really good. Regarding coal-fired pizza ovens, this trend started in the NYC area around 15 years ago at Lombardi's. This is not uncommon all over NY and NJ now.
  9. wwaldmanfan

    Everything sounds the same

    I saw McDonald's on the Av. des Champs-Élysées in Paris 35 years ago, and the line was out the door. This surprised me. Either it was an "American novelty" back then, or there for the benefit of foreign tourists too intimidated to appreciate the unique local cuisine. I have a friend like that and it ultimately cost him his first marriage. His wife was a gourmet cook. His favorite food is hot dogs. She remarried someone more sophisticated, and moved to Switzerland, and he's now on wife #3.
  10. wwaldmanfan

    Everything sounds the same

    840+ posts to a deliberately pointless thread. If these people don't have anything better to do, maybe you need to tighten the reins. I've all but given up coming here, but that's because I'd rather listen to music than BS about it.
  11. No. I played songs that I am familar with for hours switching the cables in and out by hand. which takes 10 seconds. At one point, I had five USB cables. In addition to the Kimber Cu, Supra, and Belkin Gold from my laser printer, I also had a Kimber Au and a custom-made Australian USB cable that had no power leg and a cotton dialectric. I actually did hear a difference. The 100% silver Kimber Kable Au sounded bright in my system with my B&W's and Peachtree DAC that I was using at the time. Tthe Australian cable I bought specifically for the NAD M51 somehow seemed toneless. This is all anecdotal and subjective, of course. To be honest, my hearing has deteriorated from age, and too many really loud rock concerts over the years. So, the cheaper cables worked out best. The reason I'm using the 1M Kimber Cu over the 0.7M Supra is I need the extra length, and the Kimber has better-fitting plugs.
  12. wwaldmanfan

    Everything sounds the same

    There are a lot of different types of "salt" on the market. When one uses it as a condiment directly on food, the size of the salt crystals does change the experience of eating that dish. There's ordinary table salt, there's large flake sea salt like fleur du sel or Maldon, there's large grain pretzel salt, Hawaiian salt, etc. The differences change the way the salt melts on the tongue and releases its flavor, even adding crunch to the dish. When dissolved in water to boil pasta or whatever, these crystal variations are irrelevant. So, you are both right. When threads like this one devolve into arguing about arguing, it's time to stop. I don't come here as much as I used to, because I don't want to wade through so much pointless stuff. I used to learn something here, now, less so.
  13. I use the Kimber Kable Cu, which was one of the first "audiophile" USB cables on the market. It comes with removable ferrites on each end. It connects my MacBook Pro to my NAD M51, which requires no 5v power connection. Testing it with and without the ferrites, I heard little or no difference, so I don't use them. I also have a Supra and a Belkin Gold. I don't hear any difference between any of them. Just my subjective opinion.
  14. wwaldmanfan

    OWC Mercury Elite External HDDs

    I have a 2TB Mercury Pro Elite Dual RAID Firewire 800/USB 3.0. It uses two 7200rpm drives. Works great with Firewire. You have to use the external power brick to give it enough juice for USB connectivity. It's been reliable, but it spins louder than my 2TB Western DIgital MY Passport bus-powered 7200rpm Firewire/USB 2.0 portable drives, which are virtually silent. Maybe because there are two drives in the RAID enclosure. OWC is very customer-friendly. I've also bought RAM chips from them.
  15. I have 3 Samsung 1080P sets, and a 4k Sony. I like the skin tones better on the Samsungs, and they are easier to adjust. Go to the Best Buy website. They have several models that fit your criteria from $320 to $500.