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  1. The End of America?

    [video=youtube;_9-yfeA2JZs] Something spiritual uplifting... Couldn't hurt.
  2. The End of America?

    LOL Sounds like just bad potato salad. ;( As a kid the delis where I lived made real German potato salad. Amazing stuff.
  3. The End of America?

    I believe you and Chris Christie might have something in common. Trump will creating a position for him in his administration. Secretary of Donuts!
  4. The End of America?

    Sadly there is a fringe that does believe these things.
  5. The End of America?

    Time to move to Kazakhstan.
  6. The End of America?

    Thanks for the article, and the interesting perspective. The point you make is a serious one and it should not go unnoticed by everyone, especially our new president. Several weeks ago I think either on CNN or MSNBC they showed a clip from the Glenn Beck show where a caller was asked what would happen if Trump was elected and did not follow through on some of his promises. Obviously this individual was one of the fringe that the Trump people allowed to join their movement. This caller immediately said that something could possibly happen to Trump if he did not live up to their expectations. This is pretty scary for all of us, as the people that feel empowered now might present some serious danger as they crawl out of the shadows and into our daily lives. Let's hope this is not what happens and intelligence and decency prevail in our society.
  7. POTUS Has A Turntable

    Melania did not have a turntable growing up but she did have a pony! Since she could not bring her pony with her she did the next best thing and married a jackass.
  8. Problem Using Space Bar On CA Forum

    problem Mine does. Win 7 64 Firefox. But when I move up and start typing right after the quote] there is no issue. Maybe not all systems are having the
  9. Problem Using Space Bar On CA Forum

    typo then right click and try to correct it. This is what I just did. Make a
  10. UltraCap™ LPS-1 launch thread!

    Vying for a 2017 Nobel prize?
  11. Problem Using Space Bar On CA Forum

    I think it still has an issue, just tried Firefox. I have had the jump a line up issue for a while. The way around it for me was just start my entry immediately after the right quote bracket. When you hit reply it starts a couple of lines down, and it causes the problem. Chris, can you just start the editor there. ]x after hitting reply. Regards Bob
  12. You really do not need all of them. Just the DAC and SYS. Use the USB input you will be fine.
  13. It is just a volume control in a case. Should work, the St70 get to full output with less that 1.5V input. The impedance matching might not be ideal, but I think you will be ok. I would give it a go.
  14. I am also using the S/PDIF with a Hifi Digi + pro, yes it is better than the USB but I tried the USB and it was very listenable also. The F-1 does make a difference, it is a great convertor, from what everyone says. O.T. What is the atmosphere in the city like with the Cubs in the World Series? Looks pretty amazing from afar.