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  1. The Best for the Least

    The pi shares the bus between USB and Ethernet, far from an ideal situation. The Hats connect via I2s from the Pi so you solve the shared bus problem. The DigiOne also re clocks and send a very clean super low jitter SPDIF signal to the DAC. Further improvement can be had by using a linear power supply.
  2. The Best for the Least

    Bang for the buck front end and DAC: Raspberry Pi - Allo DigiOne driving a Modi-Multibit.
  3. The Best for the Least

  4. The Best for the Least

    Yes. Just like your perspective on class D... myopic. If you are able, maybe try and listen.
  5. The Best for the Least

    Really? Yahama NS1000, Celestion SL600s, SL700s, Just three that IMO can preform with current speakers. There are many more.
  6. The Best for the Least

    Sorry if I was not clear enough. I have multiple systems, different rooms, setups, etc. The systems with the delta-sigma dacs sounds better imo than pcm when up-sampled to dsd 128 or 256, I cannot do 512.
  7. The Best for the Least

    Because I have more than one system.
  8. The Best for the Least

    I do not like it better, but I also up-sample to higher rate DSD with the D-S dac I own. Doing this brings other system considerations into play though, cpu power, electrical noise etc.
  9. The Best for the Least

    You forgot to mention the nuclear button on your desk.
  10. The Best for the Least

    I agree, there are always priorities and choices.
  11. The Best for the Least

    How can you stand listening to such high distortion Tang band and Dayton drivers? Does it keep you up at night? I will give you a bit of my feeling. In listening to the Schiit multi-bit vs delta-sigma I hear superb information retrieval accompanied by a more natural presentation. Sounds real, something missing imo from most D-S dacs I have owned. You know trying it won't kill you. Ultimately you can disagree, but at least you can form a fully valid opinion. Unless you really don't care and just enjoy being annoying.
  12. The Best for the Least

    They sell DACs on the premise audibility characteristics. But all of a sudden they could not hear changes to the distortion profiles of the DAC? If something that is clearly measured isn't audible, how about the rest of the differences? More written distortion. How about an honest original thought please? Oscilloscope OCD! Something new for the the ICD-10.
  13. The Best for the Least

    But distorting facts, is ok? If you have not listened, how do you know that you would hear it?
  14. The Best for the Least

    So you are not actually interests in listening to music, but just looking at audio measurements. lol Oh and btw the computer noise comment is total BS. Someone tried to explain it on the clown board and he was abused, which is par for the course over there.
  15. The Best for the Least

    Why do you post consistent garbage?