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  1. Metrum Onyx/Jade

    Any new Onyx/Jade owners here to share their experiences?
  2. Metrum Onyx/Jade

    Special offer?
  3. Metrum Onyx/Jade

    I have been interested R2R for long time but never actually listened one. I have now Roon + MicroRendu + Hugo 2 combo taking care of streaming duties. Metrum Onyx seems interesting.., but would Onyx be improvement or maybe just sidestepping?
  4. I see that Linn has moved to DSD era at least in Klimax level. Davaar 60 Build 192 (4.60.192) Released on 30 Nov 2017 Features Added support for DSD playback on Klimax DS/3(Mk4) and Klimax DSM/2(Mk3) Supports DSD64 and DSD128 Supports DSF (with metadata) and DFF (raw data) formats Uses Katalyst DAC on DS/DSM analogue outputs (not available on Exakt outputs) Known Issue: No balance adjustment available
  5. Sonicorbiter - SonoreUPnP Bridge (beta)

    I can also report that Hegel H360 is working.
  6. Maybe it's coming. http://www.theverge.com/2017/3/1/14776780/spotify-hi-fi-preparing-launch-lossless-audio-tier
  7. Sonore microRendu

    Update process has started to give this:
  8. It specs sheet it says: "It also directly plays Direct-Stream Digital audio files in stereo DSD64/128 or multi-channel DSD64." There is nowhere said that is should do gapless, so I'am afraid it don't. Even new Oppo Sonica DAC it's NOT going to do gapless out of box: " Will it indeed stream DSD files gapless over ethernet from a networked PC/NAS? 2. The Sonic DAC will not support gapless playback out of box. This is something that we hope we can add in a future firmware release in the future."
  9. Official RMAF 2016 Thread

    Did anyone see/hear Oppo Sonica DAC?
  10. Sonicorbiter - Native DSD support

    How about T+A 8 DSD? I would like to audition that dac and try DSD512 upsampling with Roon - HQplyer - uRendu (naa) - T+A 8 DSD.
  11. Sonore microRendu

    Works with Hegel H360.
  12. PS DS is the best DAC that I have heard at home. I consider buying one (with) Bridge even thou I have microRendu also. I like that fpga approach that also Merlot have. You can get improvements over firmware update. Volume control is not important for me, only sound . Maybe you have someday both on your demo room. I live in Finland but visiting time to time in Stockholm.
  13. Hyperion, do you have possibility to compare Merlot DAC vs. PS Audio DS?
  14. HQ Player

    Toimii , it works, blue light.
  15. HQ Player

    I trying to play MQA file with 3.13.1 demo but I cannot get blue light from Meridian Explorer 2 that indicates that MQA is playing. It there some specific settings for that?