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  1. Hello mbovaird, I used to own an Akurate DS0 modified by G.Volk and I am now using a Lumin with a K.Lau power supply. The Lumin outclasses the Linn to me as it sounds more natural with a better resolution. I also suggest you give a try to Jriver which features a powerful and reliable music server.
  2. Article: Lumin Network Music Player Review

    From Lumin site : "Worldwide 24 months warranty"
  3. Article: Lumin Network Music Player Review

    You can't really compare a Lumin (Streamer + DAC) with an Aurender (Streamer without DAC + storage, more expensive). Some friends listened to the Aurender, I did once, we now have our own Lumin...
  4. Thanks Eloise for your answer, I'll give Signalyst a try today. Hifitubes, Jriver can't convert DoP files to PCM. It can convert iso from SACD and DSF files (to be confirmed) to PCM but not DoP. I have already asked at River forums why SACD iso can't play as it should. So I am looking for another way to play DoP on my PC.
  5. Hi Hollzohr, As a Lumin owner, I can confirm that there is a small noise when changing from DSD to PCM and back. This is really soft and not disturbing at all. I can also confirm that I didn't hear that noise with my former amp which was less transparent. This is really a small price to pay to have better sound quality in my opinion. Best regards
  6. Hi, I own a Lumin network player which satisfies me for serious listening, especially when I play DSD files. I also use Jriver as a server which is really great except that it can't convert DoP files to PCM. Therfore a large part of my music collection can't be played on my PC. I am now thinking about changing my soundcard for a DoP compatible one. Does such a card exist ? I am not looking for absolute quality (that's the Lumin part) but rather for a cheap device. Best regards Maxime
  7. Thanks psme. As my friend ThierryNK suggested, is there a way to have a http configuration page or something else for customers like me who don't own an iPad (and don't want to) ? Best regards
  8. Many thanks psme, but I don't want to go back to Apple for some reasons. I will rather ask my friends who also own a Lumin to lend me an IPad to upgrade the firmware.
  9. Hi psme, Any news for the Android App ? I'm eager to test those appealing features... Regards
  10. Hi everybody, I am a new forum member but I often read this thread. I also owns a Lumin which is very good but I am trying to cope with a few issues for several weeks : - A gapless problem between Lumin and Jriver. It only comes up with these 2 devices and whatever file format I use (FLAC, SACD iso) - Jriver DLNA server can't serve SACD iso to Lumin, Jriver is just skipping from one track to the next one without playing it. Works fine with Foobar server. - The Lumin is sometimes disappearing from the "playing now" panel on the upper left side. It also may take some times to appear. - I can't comment on Lumin Ipad app as I am not an Apple user. ted_b are you experiencing the same issues ? Anyone else ?