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  1. By any chance, have you heard the Eastern Electric DAC which has come out in a number of permutations over the years, and if so, how it compares? The EE DAC only uses 1 12au7 tube and is at a lower price point. Thx.
  2. Hi thanks for the info. I checked Metronome's website, and they made no reference to a specific tube, so not clear there. Then I noticed you posted the C-6 tube as being for sale reduced from 16K to 3K on audiogon. I will have to check out the audiogon listing. Thanks for the lead.
  3. Thanks for these cites. I had earlier read the reviews on the Cary DAC-200ts. Nice that it has AES/EBU too. I had not heard about the Line Magnetic or their brand. Have you personally had the opportunity to hear either of this DACs? If so, what was your impression? Just wondering. Thanks.
  4. I am currently using an Eastern Electric tube DAC which uses one tube, which primarily is a 12au7. My inquiry is what other make of tube DACs are available that similarly use primarily 12au7 tubes? This query might also be placed in a buy/sell forum, but I am not at that point yet. I am not sure to what extent Eastern Electric has competitors in this niche. Thanks.
  5. Hi, See private message - if you mail out today, I will make payment to you today. Thx. Thanks.
  6. Hi, I sent you a private message.
  7. Thanks for getting back. I have not purchased via notice on Computer Audiophile before. Is it simply a matter of making payment to you via paypal once you provide me the applicable email address? Thanks.
  8. Hello, is the cable still available? Thanks.