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  1. Don Hills

    16 bit files almost unlistenable now...

    It actually led me down the rabbit hole, to a clip with no music at all. It shows an engineer setting up microphones to record an organ in a church. It reinforces the point that the best position for the microphones is nowhere near the best seating position... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ccpk7o5Cevk
  2. Don Hills

    16 bit files almost unlistenable now...

    You may have missed the point of the video. Take the time to watch it right through.
  3. Don Hills

    Mark Waldrep In Trouble Again?

    I could be cynical, and say that likely reflects the true value of the cables... manufacturing cost is so low it's not worth getting them back.
  4. Don Hills

    "Journalists" extolling MQA need their ears tested".....

    No. If you were there at the recording, you would have seen that the microphones were located in a different position than they appeared to be on subsequent playback. (Usually, but not always, closer to the musicians and elevated.)
  5. Don Hills

    Lies about vinyl vs digital

    The digital delay line is in the main signal path to the head, not the preview signal to the pitch control. You know that, I just thought I'd make it clear for those following along at home.
  6. Don Hills

    Lies about vinyl vs digital

    Yes, indeed. It reminds me of an old signature line I used for a while in posts: "Remember when you were younger, you would hear a song that you liked on your cheesy little transistor radio with the half flat batteries, all tinny and distorted. You would go and buy the record, and you could hardly wait to get it home because you knew it was going to sound so much better cranked up on your stereo. Nowadays you hear a song that you like on your little transistor radio as before. So you buy the CD and take it home and put it on your stereo and... it sounds just like it did on your transistor radio." I should update it for the smartphone/download/streaming age.
  7. Don Hills

    "Journalists" extolling MQA need their ears tested".....

    How was it proven that there actually is a difference?
  8. Don Hills

    "Journalists" extolling MQA need their ears tested".....

    I think the "boiling a frog" analogy applies here. Gordon wouldn't be the first person to change their point of view with the benefit of the perspective gained from experience
  9. Don Hills

    "Journalists" extolling MQA need their ears tested".....

    J.Gordon Holt? "Audio as a hobby is dying, largely by its own hand. As far as the real world is concerned, high-end audio lost its credibility during the 1980s, when it flatly refused to submit to the kind of basic honesty controls (double-blind testing, for example) that had legitimized every other serious scientific endeavor since Pascal. [This refusal] is a source of endless derisive amusement among rational people and of perpetual embarrassment for me..." - Stereophile's founder J. Gordon Holt, interviewed by then Stereophile editor John Atkinson in November 2007. There's more here.
  10. Don Hills

    MQA CD -- Dead in the Water?

    If they've implemented the MQA CDs in the manner described in the patent, they use 13 bits for the "baseband" and 3 bits for the "folded" audio.
  11. Don Hills

    Stereophile Series on MQA Technology

    You would do well to take your own advice. He was right, by the way. In the current context, interpolation is performed with a filter. He knows this because he's disassembled and analysed the software in several MQA decoders.
  12. Don Hills

    MQA is Vaporware

    Poppy mentioned something near to audiophile hearts at the end of that interview. Specifically, they are working towards integrating VR into music concerts. Recording enough information and metadata to allow the listener to more immersively experience the performance, even move around the space. The example was in the context of amplified music, but it could equally be applied to classical performances.
  13. Don Hills

    MQA is Vaporware

    Journalists tend to have certain character traits. One of them is to never admit being wrong. If forced to retract a headline, do it with a small sentence hidden on an inside page. Realistically, you aren't going to get people in Andrew's position to "publicly" change their opinion. The best you can do is reasonably counter his arguments and present a credible alternative viewpoint for the audience. Rabid anti-MQA sentiment and personal attacks destroy your credibility. He wins because of your lack of self control.
  14. Don Hills

    The New CA Issues and Feedback Thread

    Some browsers have an option to stop animated gifs. For Firefox, you have a choice of "normal", "once" or "none". In the URL field, enter about:config In the search box above the list, search for image.animation_mode Change the value to one of the above.
  15. Don Hills

    MQA is Vaporware

    That's why it's important for the rest of us to practise reasoned argument and rationality. Descending to the same level of invective renders your contribution ineffective.