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  1. Sonicorbiter - "the operating system"

    Was something related to SQ changed in the last update or is it just me and/or my gear? I updated my mR the other day and left it at that (running v2.5). Now when I listen again my setup sound quite different... To the extent that I feel the need to explore other HQP filter combinations. Weird...
  2. Sonore microRendu

    It is already up to date.
  3. He has a lot to do right now. Give him a day or two.
  4. HQ Player

    I have to agree... 3.15.0 sounds different to 3.15.1. The newer version has something brittle about it. Poly-sinc short/ASDM7 44.1 kHz —> 5.6MHz.
  5. Look just found it’s way into my system. A standard Atlantic with optional Superclocks. Thanks @rikard.
  6. My personal belief: you bypass the router. /speculation A wifi router – by definition – emits a huge amount of em radiation (wifi signals). Mine has three high power radio transmitters (1x2.5 GHz, 2x5 Ghz). Computers as well as routers are em shielded to minimize external and internal interference. Maybe some of this em radiation finds its way into a endpoints such as the microRendu? Now how goes the radiation enter a device? Maybe the CAT cables acts as wave guides funneling em radiation? I don’t know. I do hear a difference compared to straight connection and optical isolation. /end speculation
  7. Pinterest is a good analogy – collections, clusters?
  8. You can imagine how long the Miles Davis artist page is... I think it’s a mix of meta data and integration with MusicBrainz. Last.FM and All Music Guide.
  9. ”Related to” based on meta data – similar to, followed by, influenced by, collaborated with, associated with.
  10. Interesting views. We need to look outside of the (playlist) box. Having said that I like what Roon is doing.
  11. Sonore microRendu

    One dac has higher output voltage than the other?
  12. Absolutely. I have a Entreq box connected to my router. Also tried it on my mac mini. Surprisingly large difference.
  13. Isotek-

    And..? Differentiating the terminals with color is a good way of avoiding mistakes. Two examples from Fututech:
  14. Entirely expected. USB data protocol rely two data lines, +5V and ground. If you use a cable without the power lines, the OS assumes the connection is faulty.