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  1. CA Readers Choice Awards 2017

    1)Chord Blu MkII 2)Woo Audio WA33 Headphone Amplifier 3)Chord Hugo 2 4)Sonore ultraRendu
  2. Sonore ultraDigtial

    Does this doohickey affect the sound quality at all? Or is it just a convertor.
  3. Sonore ultraDigtial

    I'm on the fence with this product and can't wait for some reviews to help me decide. I have two dacs that I could use with this product, one, the Mirus Pro and two, the PS Audio Direct stream dac, understanding that they rely on their own internal clock. I am going to look at the reviews of the Singxer SU-1 to get an idea of the improvement they gave. Also I have the Chord Dave dac with the Chord Blu Mk 2. I wonder if it would work with that? What is the main purpose of this product? To reduce jitter even further?
  4. Sonore ultraRendu

    Skinny dipping, I think
  5. Sonore ultraRendu

    So I'm putting the box away that the ultraRendu came in and saw the code for Roon and installed it......big mistake (For my wallet)! I love this program and will be keeping it! Roon that is .
  6. New Amarra 4

    I finally deleted Amarra off of my hard drive. I could never get it to scroll or populate my files quickly, everything was moving very, very slowly. I was hoping that the updates would fix this, but it never did, and now I feel I wasted my money on this software, it seems it was never finished and was just released as is. Needless to say, I'm done with Amarra, good luck with any guinea pigs still left out there.
  7. Sonore ultraRendu

    I big indicator of how much I like a new piece of equipment is how long I listen to it, I have been listening to the ultraRendu for a couple of hours straight. I keep changing songs lol.
  8. Sonore ultraRendu

    Woo! I got it in the mail just now, had to sign for it.
  9. Sonore ultraRendu

  10. Sonore ultraRendu

    Wow i didn't get a tracking number.
  11. Sonore ultraRendu

    Fed Ex? Regular mail? UPS? Which shipping was used? Were you sent a tracking number?
  12. Sonore ultraRendu

    The good thing about that is you will be able to get feedback before you buy. I haven't even heard the ultrarendu, but I have faith in Jesus
  13. Sonore ultraRendu

    Boom! That's all I have to say, Boom
  14. Sonore ultraRendu

    Ok I sent my email address to be put on the list, really looking forward to the Utrarendu.
  15. Two Channel Sucks Compared to Immersive Audio

    I love it, except that most people (With surround systems)have atmos set ups and not auro set ups.