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  1. Sonic77

    Fidelizer 8.0

    Congrats on 8.3 just downloaded and am listening, very good!
  2. Sonic77

    Sonicorbiter - "the operating system"

    Thanks that helped me. The update went without a problem, thanks to Jesus and the gang, still enjoying my ultraRendu.
  3. Sonic77

    MQA The Truth lies Somewhere in the Middle

    I don't know about you guys, but that did it for me! It sounded good on ol' Peters system, sooo I'm SOLD!!!!!! not 😝
  4. Sonic77

    MQA The Truth lies Somewhere in the Middle

    Don't throw stones if you live in a glass house. Just sayin....
  5. Sonic77

    MQA The Truth lies Somewhere in the Middle

    MQA brings DRM to the party. 🤩
  6. Sonic77

    MQA The Truth lies Somewhere in the Middle

    The labels, producers and artists need to look before they leap, there is no consumer demand for MQA.
  7. Sonic77

    MQA The Truth lies Somewhere in the Middle

    Eventually the MQA guys will realize that the consumer doesn't want or need a new audio format, hopefully that will be after millions of dollars are poured down the rat hole.
  8. Sonic77

    Best Sabre DAC?

    I like all of them, when I get tired of one, I listen to a different one. Is there a perfect dac? My tastes change all the time lol.
  9. Sonic77

    Best Sabre DAC?

    I own the Mirus Pro and I like it a lot. I also own the Blu II and Chord Dave, and the PS Audio Directstream dac, lately I've been listening to the Mirus Pro the most with Mutec MC 3 +usb, that combo sounds just awesome.
  10. Sonic77

    The Greatest Guitarist of All Time.

    Neal Schon of Journey and Neil Giraldo husband of Pat Benatar, are a couple of my favorite players, besides all the ones already mentioned.
  11. Sonic77

    Sonore ultraDigtial

    Ok thanks for the response, I'll look into getting a higher end hdmi cable. Just purchased a PS Audio I2S cable.
  12. Sonic77

    Sonore ultraDigtial

    Just purchased an ultraDigital, can't wait to see how much of an improvement in sound it makes. I have a PS Audio Direct stream dac that I am using with a ultraRendu and am very happy with that set up. I wonder if the hdmi cable makes a difference?
  13. Sonic77

    CA Readers Choice Awards 2017

    1)Chord Blu MkII 2)Woo Audio WA33 Headphone Amplifier 3)Chord Hugo 2 4)Sonore ultraRendu
  14. Sonic77

    Sonore ultraDigtial

    Does this doohickey affect the sound quality at all? Or is it just a convertor.
  15. Sonic77

    Sonore ultraDigtial

    I'm on the fence with this product and can't wait for some reviews to help me decide. I have two dacs that I could use with this product, one, the Mirus Pro and two, the PS Audio Direct stream dac, understanding that they rely on their own internal clock. I am going to look at the reviews of the Singxer SU-1 to get an idea of the improvement they gave. Also I have the Chord Dave dac with the Chord Blu Mk 2. I wonder if it would work with that? What is the main purpose of this product? To reduce jitter even further?