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  1. Why bother with Roon?

    Why not just add in a Spotify Connect endpoint into your streaming hardware and be done with it? Thanks
  2. Oppo 203 Gapless yet?

    Nobody got a 203 yet????
  3. Anybody tried to test yet whether Oppo have sorted their UPnP DSD gapless streaming stuff yet in the new 4K Oppo players?, or do you still have to use Q sheets? Thanks Wap.
  4. Spotify Lossless?

    Spotify Connect is really *that* good. So good it's turned my Sonos ZonePlayers into dumb Spotify endpoints.
  5. Audirvana Plus 2.6

    D. > Spotify And Spotify Connect. KBOOM. Integrate that! Thanks W
  6. No MCH in Roon? seriously?

    Yes My point exactly. Sick of people saying "it has to be done *that way*" W
  7. Wow Bluesound and roon = Huge. And yes. Em. I go it working w
  8. That doesn't make any sense at all to me.. the file is the file..... streaming of up to to 24/192 and DSD is built into Heos, The Oppo, and several receivers right now.. et etc..
  9. No MCH in Roon? seriously?

    Edit. Found format. Format is not an option of focus under Artists... LOL
  10. Edit. Found format. Format is not an option of focus under Artists LOL
  11. No MCH in Roon? seriously?

    ....I have an E28 sitting here in my Rack waiting just itching itself and waiting... yearning even... for an Exasound playpoint....
  12. No MCH in Roon? seriously?

    Sure. But using RoonServer on QNAP (it is the linux version).. the only Focus options are Countries, Genre and Performer types? I can see no "format" option?? Like I said is this a Roon Server on Linux thing?
  13. Yep. super cool interface and GUI, But why just Airplay (to non Roon Ready endpoints)? Can't it stream as a DLNA server?And using this version of Roon Server... the only Focus options are Countries, Genre and Performer types? I can see no "format" option??
  14. No MCH in Roon? seriously?

    The Exasound E28/Exasound playpoint combo with be the obvious choice: surely?
  15. No MCH in Roon? seriously?

    Thanks for the responses everyone. That's encouraging, but everything is vapour in this networked music distribution space until it's actually seen IMHO... I am super impressed with the Roon GUI and music library experience. It is excellent! I guess that's it's selling point right? But not to impressed so far with the tag selection abilities. ie can't search on bit 16 vs 24, or 44 vs 192 vs DSD? and obviously not on no. of channels and that type of thing.. or maybe this is a limitation of RoonServer running on my QNAP? And I haven't set it up in settings right? But I can't see this functionality...You guys will know.. Am I missing something here? Also can RoonServer be set up as a DLNA server (say like Asset and MinimServer)... and be called (for want of a better word) by an DLNA endpoint like the Heos? Be even better if Roon could be pushed to a DLNA end point?? For example, I thought it was bit weird that Roon saw my networked Marantz MCH amp as a Airplay endpoint (not as a DLNA endpoint), so downsampled my DSD tracks... even though the Marantz is now DSD streaming capable... again. is this settings?? I wouldn't be forking out the 100 bucks until tags and multichannel file handling is at least as good as Asset and MinimServer.. (one of which is only a couple bucks and the other free)...no matter how good the interface is... Thoughts?