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    Addicted to HiFi

    Oh dear, sorry if I've opened up a can of worms! I did state that the acoustics were not the best. I've heard much better at our Hamer Hall in Melbourne. What I was trying to celebrate was the fact that prior to getting my equipment, I would have marveled at the live performance (more, as it was still very good), but I can now hear differences in sound and also recognize some characteristics I hear at home. For me, to get anywhere near that cherished live sound is a marvel. Once you get there, every track has so much more meaning, content. It almost sounds different each time. This thread could explode, as I'll also lament the vandalism of good sound by our venue operators. We were fine as we were up close, but further away the orchestras sound is re-pumped out by awful RadioShack inspired speakers that truly sound like transistor radios on steroids. Conversely, we also went to a great performance of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang yesterday. I stood right in front of the orchestra pit at the end, the few brass instruments floored me with their volume and presence. I still recognized some characteristics I've heard at home, but nothing can match that volume and shock if a real performance...up real close. i repeat, it wasn't a generalized statement. Most live music is irreplaceable.
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    Addicted to HiFi

  3. SimmoW

    Addicted to HiFi

    Just noticed a worrying addiction I now have. If I don't get to spend at least 10 mins every day listening to a couple of tracks on my setup, I get real agitated. Just can't wait to hear the clear sounds, I'm finding even real life sounds bland compared to my home system! Actually, we were at the front row of a concert recently, (outside concert, so acoustics not the best) and I found the imaging of the strings and brass not as enthralling as I've heard in my PS500 headphones. Goes to show, tech has really progressed the last few yrs...
  4. SimmoW

    Post your favorite Youtube performances...

    What a great way to discover new music - thanks everyone! Julie Fowlis recording sounds amazing. Here's Sia, getting rather big in Trance/electronic circles, but her acoustic work is amazing, what a voice. Here you'll see a very nice cellist too, she gets right into it as the song continues. A haunting song, that voice... Sia - Breathe Me (KCRW 2007) - YouTube
  5. just took delivery of mine today, I didn't do any repeated a/b'ing but couldn't pull myself away from my system, loving the wider soundstage and improved details/resonances, esp in better recordings. I'm happy I've got it. Has anyone tried connecting it between the hard disk drive (hdd) and the computer? I only ask as I'll eventually be getting an Audiophilleo 2 USB to SPIDF converter, which I believe makes this redundant? Has anyone combined the 2? Thanks in anticipation. Though I'm not sure how much better my music can get now!!
  6. SimmoW

    Uploading Cd's using Jriver, XLD, iTunes.....

    I'm also using iTunes with error correction to rip Apple Lossless, so I'll be watching the replies closely. Pretty darn happy with it though!
  7. SimmoW

    Love my Grados

    That's good to hear! Yes, I was lucky enough to try some GS1000is recently, compared directly against my PS500s. Absolutely no competition, mine kicked their butt. A slightly better open soundstage, but the cost was the loss of that lovely close, 'get your plectrum out of my ear' feel of the 500s!
  8. SimmoW

    Burson Soloist SL amp - Got one!

    No I only compared to the complete combo. As the separate setup was far better, using a $1800 amp was a bit of overkill for my budget. I'd rather invest more of the 'saving' in future DAC upgrades or my next likely addition, an IFi iUSB or Audiophilleo 2.
  9. Thanks for letting us know about this, just downloaded a free demo, 'Meeting at the Building', Eric Bibb, WOW what a recording! i'll definitely buy the Showcases. I'm not familiar with Opus 3. Recordings to feature? Just whatever you know will put the hairs on the back of our necks to attention!
  10. Thanks for your reply Adam. Wow, surprising that the advantage is better sound quality :-) I was only hoping for a better desk look :-) i might investigate that cheaper USB converter suggestion eventually. I've only had my setup for a week, so I'll let it burn in a bit more before considering replacements! Plus I love the setup as is, hearing incredible detail and that real instrument sound we all so love.
  11. Thanks for the review, most of us can sit rather smugly then! But as a relative newbie who's just bought a brand new setup, a Musical Fidelity M1DAC and Burson Soloist SL that sounds incredible (to me, and beat the Composer all in one I compared it to), what is the advantage of buying yet ANOTHER box, the USB Converter? If there are any comparisons or if you need to do one (hint, hint), let me know. great review.
  12. Thanks for posting your findings on this, bought it today on sale, enjoyed listening to it and discovering some new sounds I'd never heard before. Yes those drum machines are annoying, but at least there's more complexity to the sound than on the crappy FM radio stations!
  13. SimmoW

    Burson Soloist SL amp - Got one!

    Nice looking setup- I think you've invented a new way to warm the equipment up! Thanks, that's why I posted, so others who might not be able to audition can start to make choices. The Burson is stunning value. I'm really becoming a recording snob now too, so many of my formerly 'okay' CDs are immediately recognized as lifeless.
  14. SimmoW

    setting up my first pc media center

    Hey welcome, I'm pretty new to pc audio too, so thanks for asking the questions so I can do even more research. Yes pc audio seems to have stunning results for relatively low cost. Sort of. If u read my post on the new Burson Soloist SL, you'll see I've been a very naughty boy! Who cares, with sound like that. Sheesh, I bought a $1k CD1072 CD player yrs ago, it never dropped my jaw like this.
  15. SimmoW

    Burson Soloist SL amp - Got one!

    Wish I had all day to try more combinations - I really could have spent all day! I'd already fallen in love with the Soloist SL's dynamics, so we just searched for the best match with that. Also, for my desk setup, the Schiit was a bit big for my liking. Listened briefly this morning, definitely enjoying the improved depth in image and live sound. And both units are so damn silent when no signal is being fed.