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  1. I am very surprised by the lack of discussion RE: STAX headphones. So many people discuss Sennheiser HD-800's, Beyer and Audeze. But, when I heard an "entry level" STAX 2170 ($895) system at a www.hifiheadphones.ca location in Canada compared to all of the other top models I was shocked! To me the sound was sooo much more "HiFi" with the STAX, more open, uncompressed and the bass was had the best tone and definition by far. And that was just the start. Each model represented a significant improvement over the next all the way up to the SR-009 model. Is it just me? Are there just very few people that have heard a STAX system out there? I can't believe such a great sounding product isn't being discussed more here... BTW, the source was a new Sony HAP-Z1ES playing DSD files. Sublime!
  2. I can say that the new 24Bit downloads are F'NG AMAZING!!! I can't stop listening to them. Why it has taken so long to fix some of the greatest rock albums of all time is bizarre. Especially Zepp II. What a horrible sounding, bloaty, booy, muffled CD. But now it is clear, open and the detail is creapy. Well done Jimmy! Now, I have to patiently wait for the rest of the catalogue...
  3. I have been thinking about which portable DAC to get for a while... But, HFHC have a deal that appears to make my decision a lot easier. $100 off the Meridian Explorer(In Canada). So here comes the loaded, subjective question: Is there anything better at this price?
  4. I am wondering if anyone has experience with Marshall Headphones. They look very cool and are sale right now at HiFi Headphones Canada: Deal of the week at HiFi Headphones Canada
  5. I TOTALLY disagree about Bose, I find their Noise Canceling to have a weird/irritating sound. Not silent! I thought they were defective and a replacement pair did the same thing... I prefer the Parrot Zik, completely silent noise canceling and really cool app for customizing the sound.
  6. I find this new product from TEAC very interesting. Looks very well built and versatile...Still not much info available, but it looks like a very good value. New TEAC Reference HA-P50B Portable DSD Headphones amp DAC
  7. ss4

    PS Audio DirectStream DAC

    I am personally pretty excited about this. I looks like in Canada it will sell for $6600, not exactly chump change. But, to me it is worth it if it will made my library sound better... PS Audio to release the all new DirectStream DAC
  8. Mike, as long as you are enjoying listening to music that is all that matters.
  9. Mike, with all due respect, the sound quality of a DENON AVR playing back hi-res files really is not the same thing. Yes, technically it CAN do it, but the sound quality of AVR's is really poor for 2channel audio IMHO. It is nice to see main stream companies like DENON and Sony addressing the hi-res DSD/PCM audio market. SS
  10. This might be the first really interesting thing from DENON in a long time. Brand new DSD Headphone Amp, looks pretty cool, amazingly only $550... DENON DA-300USB DSD DAC/Amp Now available
  11. I am very surprised by how few mentions there are for MIT. I have tried most brands over the years due to a friend in the industry. I have found that most cables make no difference at all and are just pretty looking packaging for wire with no real technology. When I first tried an MIT cable, everything else in the past felt like a huge waste of time. They have real technology, with patents and white papers on their website. No hocus pocus snake oil... I am really surprised at the limited number of people that have ever tried MIT...
  12. Check out the new Monitor Audio Silver Series. Really nice build and efficient. Also, the new Focal chorus series might be in the price range as well.
  13. I thought they sound amazing for noise canceling BlueTooth headphones. Easily the best I have heard. Also, a very fun app.
  14. That is correct, you need to be using ios7 firmware on at least iPad2 and update the firmware of the MiND. Much better after the update. I thought it was almost useless with the original version. Still far from perfect...
  15. Yah, it doesn't make a lot of sense with some brands the extra costs of selling in Canada. But, I am almost used to it. Even when our dollar was 5% over parity some manufacturers were still charging 30% more in Can $. But, the 15% off coupon still seems to be working for HFH...