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  1. It is a very disappointing album imo. Sort of Diana Krall trying to be "Diana Krall" all breathy and dinner party jazz. She is a much better musician than this album lets her be.
  2. DM - outstanding work, thank you very much for doing it, and for sharing it. Very much looking forward to reading about the other products mentioned in the thread title. Thanks again.
  3. But .. in the case of CD and SACD they were two distinct layers; in the case of MQA the two resolutions are wrapped up in the same package. An SACD layer did not degrade the CD layer, but with MQA there are arguments that the non-decoded version is actually inferior to a red book version because 3 of the 16 bits are used to "hide" MQA information and will so playback as noise unless you have a decoder. This is what the wiki says: "MQA-encoded content can be carried via any lossless file format such as FLAC or ALAC; hence, it can be played back on systems either with or without an MQA decoder. In the latter case, the resulting audio has easily-identifiable high-frequency noise occupying 3 LSB bits, thus limiting playback on legacy devices effectively to 13bit. MQA claims that nevertheless the quality is higher than "normal" 48/16, because of the novel sampling and convolution processes" Note I have no idea whether this is actually true though, as there is no citation.
  4. The DAC manufacturers that paid the licensing to put MQA magic inside their DACs are unlikely to be pleased if Tidal does it all. If Tidal did do a full MQA decode, then every DAC would be MQA ready without doing anything.
  5. Great. imo it is really important to establish whether or not you need an MQA enabled device to get the full version. Tidal claim that they deliver " an authenticated and unbroken version (typically 96 kHz / 24 bit) with the highest-possible resolution". If this needs an MQA enabled DAC to experience, then it should be made clear.
  6. and as for " Chord's John Franks talked about how important physical CDs are to people and that the Blu mk II was really to bring out the best in CD playback. He went on to say people should have CDs, collect them, pass them down to children etc... And, that it's his belief that the "downloading generation" is missing the tangible quality and that people like cd collections. CD is important to John and he made if very clear. " he should really listen to his children! CD is a legacy medium. It is finished. Over. Done and dusted. History. The past. Gone. You can pass playlists down to your kids - or even better, ask your kids for their playlists! I hated my CD collection, stupid plastic cases, minuscule print in tiny booklets, impossible to browse. Good riddance! I'm as likely to buy this as I am to buy a wind up gramophone.
  7. Not sure you are right about full MQA decoding being available in software, at least from Audirvana. Here is what MQA say: ". Audirvana Plus 3 (available end of January 2017) integrates the MQA Core Decoder, enabling to get the full MQA quality with MQA devices, including the renderer only ones. Users who don’t have a MQA capable device will also benefit from the 2x sample rate of MQA streams thanks to the decoder in Audirvana Plus 3 that performs the unfolding." So to get "full MQA quality" from Audirvana you will need an MQA device or renderer, otherwise you just get a higher sample rate.
  8. In the UK at least Chord are offering a free case with every mojo purchased before 14th January. The case retails there at £65, and the mojo at £400, so that's quite a decent discount. Have sales slowed perhaps, or did they make too many cases?!
  9. Hi, can you please explain how or if the iSilencer3.0 and the iDefender can be used together? I have an iPurifier2 (and an iUSB). Do either of these new products improve on it? (I have no particular need for USB3.0). Is an iUSB3.0 better? Your product range has got a bit confusing!
  10. To avoid me being irritated by these "teases" could you please tell me when you plan to release some more concrete information?
  11. Sorry, but I am still more than a bit confused. If you have, as I do, an iPurifier2 and an iUSB does either of these new devices bring any benefits? How? If you have a micro iUSB3.0 does either of these devices bring any benefits? How? If you only have an iPurifier2, how would you use these new devices. Do you use both in series at one end of a wire and the iPurifier 2 at the other?
  12. In what way will these be better than the iFi iPurifier 2?
  13. I saw the movie last night - it was excellent, and brought back great memories. What absolutely outstanding musicians they were, and when they were young so much energy and joy. After the movie ended, there was also a half hour of the Shea Stadium concert remastered. The sound wasn't that great, but I guess it was as good as could be got. Paul said that they got VOX to make them special amplifiers - all of 100Watts!! - for the gig. The music was played back through the stadiums PA - small metal horns, like little megaphones. Ringo said he couldn't hear a thing, he just watched Johns backside and Paul shaking his head to stay in time!
  14. J River Media Center has a crossfeed option - in fact several. And equalisers, convolution, loudness etc. if you want to play. You can try it free for a month.