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  1. I've outgrown my Onkyo TX-NR807. I recently built my HTPC and can play my over 1,200 (lossless) CDs and 150 + movies (ISOs) straight from the PC using J River MC software. I'm currently running HDMI out to my Onkyo, but the sound is not satisfactory. I've been looking at various AVPs to include Integra 80.2, Marantz AV7005 or Marantz 8801. I expect to also need a multichannel DAC. Below is my current build. Any ideas appreciated. Keeping the cost under 3K is a plus. Onkyo TX-NR807 Furman ELITE-15 DM i Anthem Amp: PVA 8 (8 channels, RCA inputs, 125 continuous watts per channel) Paradigm S6 v3 (right, left and center) Monitor Audio GS 10 (2009) rears Outlaw ECS-10 (x2) (one next to each front) Velodyne DSL-R (rear) Panasonic TCP60GT30 HTPC (i7 Processor, 4-3 TB HDs, 120 SSHD for OS, Gigabyte GE Force GT640 Video card, ASRock Extreme 6, 8 Gig Ram) Kimber Kables (due in January 2013) PS3 Wii