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  1. AudioPhil

    AudiophileOptimizer BETA Thread

    great to hear you have it all working now. enjoy it!
  2. ...very welcome you are!
  3. please do not use such things unless you can handle it and all consquences to 100% yourself. We cannot guaranty anything to work as expected after such actions as well as we will not provide any kind of support if such modifications are done.
  4. Absolutely great tools which make life in core mode a LOT easier!
  5. By entering the correct credentials.
  6. Hi JCR First of all, thank you Yes you are close. @highend-pcdoctor is my right hand, he's US based. Just shoot him a PM and i'm sure he will find the time to help you figure the last inches out Very best, AudioPhil
  7. Hi We can only give free support if some parts of AO do not work or not as intended. We always try to help beyond that barier as long as it is reasonable. I am very sorry to say but these issues you are facing are way out of that what we can give free support for. You might contact @highend-pcdoctor, he could be your ticket! In your situation i would just stick to Server 2016 in GUI mode. Sure, Core sounds better, but under certain circumstances it is not worth the hassle. In Core you really need to be able to troubleshoot things by yourself, so it often needs deeper knowledge of windows. I'd stick with Server 2016 GUI if i where you.. Best, AudioPhil
  8. Hi Then either the password or the user you entered during enabling AutoLogon via ServiceTool is wrong. Maybe wrong keyboard set or something like this? Best, AudioPhil
  9. The issue mostly is (in server core) that the logon happens so extremely fast that the network stack is not yet ready and therefore network shares cannot be mounted. so either you wait a few seconds before you log on, or if you have autologon you make a shell script with a delay which mounts the network share after a pause of a few seconds and then launches your desired media player. Best, AudioPhil
  10. Enter command prompt: „sc config audiosrv start= auto“ Then reboot the machine. From then on windows audio and audioendpointbuilder will automatically start
  11. Hi 1. Glad i could be of any help! 2. a. Yes HDMI needs additional drivers. c. AO does this automatically for you (turn the needed windows audio service to auto start), even without asking to do so d. JRiver is installed in the wrong path. Please install it in the same path it would install iteslf if you could run the regular installier. This later is also needed to make a shell replacement with the ServiceTool. Mapping of network drives and such is documenten (overview) in our PDF guide, otherwise google will certainly help you on how to permantently map a network share via UNC path... Tip: Disable the devices markes with yellow exclamation marks the next time.
  12. Hi 1. run AO -WASAPI 2. Do full run of AO and say yes to "Install Kernel-Streaming and MediaPlayer Support" 3. install Players Best, AudioPhil
  13. Hi Please install the "roon support" of AO and run the WASAPI injector (ao -wasapi), this will do the trick. Be Sure to use final release of AO 2.20 and no betas or older versions. Best, AudioPhil
  14. AudioPhil

    AudiophileOptimizer BETA Thread

    Hi My advice here cleary is don't temper with all those settings yourself, just let AO do it for you. It is a well figured "recipe" which works very well. Most attempts changing those kind of values lead to worse sound quality and sometimes even other problems. Best, AudioPhil
  15. Or you simply use the DriverHelper feature of ServiceTool which takes care of driver signing, compatibility mode and few other tricks to help install drivers!