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  1. AudiophileOptimizer BETA Thread

    Please contact the bug head developer to get this sorted out. Best, AudioPhil
  2. AudiophileOptimizer BETA Thread

    Anyone? Anything? Good or bad?
  3. AudiophileOptimizer BETA Thread

    Yeah i know i ask for a lot....
  4. AudiophileOptimizer BETA Thread

    Indeed yes. The rest is documented in the FAQ section of the PDF guide 👍🏼
  5. AudiophileOptimizer BETA Thread

    Hello all Anybody any issues who update to the latest Windows Updates?
  6. Pachanko SATA Cable

    +1 over here. OS drive is way more important. If money is an issue (what it mostly is), then start with the OS drive and do data/storage later on.
  7. AudiophileOptimizer BETA Thread

    Hello all Just did a fresh installation of Windows 10 Creators Update and then updated to Spring Creators Update (Redstone 4). Just made a few basic tests with AO 2.20 Beta 6 and so far all is working fine including Setup and ServiceTool. Those who like to update: - take an image backup of your working installation - Update to Spring Creators Update - Report your experience here (both if all works fine and also if any problems should arise) Best, AudioPhil
  8. Hello Hugo Please see ->
  9. AudiophileOptimizer BETA Thread

    Just updated Windows Server 2016 to 1803 updates and so far no issues. will test windows 10 RS4 as soon as possible.
  10. AudiophileOptimizer BETA Thread

    Hi I am not aware of any issues yet for either Server 2016 or Windows 10. But be carefull with both. Best, AudioPhil
  11. AudiophileOptimizer BETA Thread

    ATTENTION: Windows 10 Redstone 4 (Spring update) has not yet been tested with AO. I recommend to not yet install the latest Windows 10 updates. if you still want to, feel free to try out and report any issues should they arise. But don‘t expect an immediate fix for possible upcoming issues, rather have an image backup ready to roll back if needed. Best, AudioPhil
  12. Hi Roon does not support KS, only ASIO & WASAPI.
  13. AudiophileOptimizer BETA Thread

    The idea of a shell replacement is to: - bypass Explorer/Desktop in GUI mode for better Sound Quality - to Autostart MediayPlayer XY If one sets let‘s say RoonServer as shell replacement it is perfectly fine and intended to end up with a black screen. This is because RoonServer is like a service, ir just has no graphical output. in your case, the shell replacement is the perfect solution. FYI: Shell replacement is best combined with „Autologon“. Borh together will result in a machine that boots up, logs in AND starts the mediaplayer just by the press of the power button.
  14. AudiophileOptimizer BETA Thread

    Perfectly fine!
  15. AudiophileOptimizer BETA Thread

    What happens when you try on another computer?