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  1. ultraRendu or sMS-200Ultra?

    That is not fair... Every one is trying to influence this; Not only SoTM. I voted for the US company who requested my vote and I did - I prefer their product and felt suitably impressed to vote for them.
  2. CA Readers Choice Awards 2017

    1. Sonore UltraRendu (With LPS-1 and USPCB) 2. Uptone Iso Regen (With Sonore MicroRendu/Uptone LPS-1 and USPCB) 3. HQ Player 3.19
  3. micro/ultraRendu - support thread

    I have the exact same problems, some times. I also use the Lampi DAC and I am assuming this has something to do with the DAC USB module and not the Rendu? Like you I have tried to switch and restart all the units including the DAC/Server. etc. there is no immediate, magic bullet solution, Hence I am also eagerly waiting for someone to trouble shoot this....
  4. FS MRendu

    Sold - Elsewhere
  5. I am using the Audiophile switch by Paul Pang. I enjoy the music more when I feed the PPS via LPS-1, less fatigue, more natural.
  6. Unban the banned

    May be we should have a sin bin. Binned for a week, then two and then cast into eternity....
  7. Sonore ultraRendu

    So I may be gladder I went for the Ultrarendu! 'Free' sounds ever better. Thank you for the intent.
  8. Lampizator questions

    Thanks Foggie, Looks like the firmware is to be released imminently. Great Stuff.
  9. Lampizator questions

    If anyone knows more about the Amanero upgrade, please share. Thanks
  10. Sonore ultraRendu

    I use a souped up MacMini and an UltraRendu. Even the base Rendu is better than the Souped up MacMini. The Ultra Rendu is in another stratosphere. Why wait and be late to the party?
  11. The design of the Iso Regen is amazing in that the Designer did not hear the unit, nor test this Himself ..... Designed mostly based on his theoretical, practical and innovative knowledge. Those of us who dont rely on datas found the unit to be unsurpassed based on their own sonic tests. Those of us who cannot see or hear, do need charts to prove the veracity of the product. When the chart proves nothing, the ears also hears nothing. See no Evil. Hear No Evil. Do evil
  12. FS MRendu

    Please see mail
  13. Sonore ultraRendu

    I hope mine is in the shipping list some where. I decided not to go for the 1.4 upgrade as: 1. I assumes that the new board would amount to some sonic or tech upgrade 2. The new regulators should amount to something. 3. Why sell 1.4 if this sound as good as the Ultra? Assuming that Ultra is the new standard. 4. Not sure if the 2.5 software upgrade thereafter will be available for the 1.4, or for the ultra only? 5. The price point for Ultra is extremely consumer friendly I decided against SoTM, 1., As the µRendu already had such great sound 2. The cost base did not make sense 3. Uptone/Sonore seems to have a mutual sonic synergy that forwards digital 4. Happy returning customer