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  1. iPhone isn't in the same league as the Aries mini for USB source. If I listen to my iPhone I do it over Bluetooth as the USB option is poor and never found it to compete with the Aries mini when I owned one
  2. Thanks Bob, I thought this was the case
  3. We should all understand some folks prefer scotch to bourbon... and take the same lesson to heart on speakers. I would never recommend maggies to someone who was a Fender bass devotee.
  4. Take reviews with a grain of salt, they can tell you the weaknesses of a speaker but they can't tell you which speaker will "click" with your personal sound preferences. If you like the speaker, have trialed its weak points and don't find them to be a deal breaker, you will have a happy purchase.
  5. Source determines the max fidelity you can get... you can get musical results from a great source with a mediocre system but you can't make the reverse work. Saying just "a computer" sure sounds like the problem was source.
  6. So we are in accord. I'm hopeful that PCIE attached SSD drives will allow us to see if faster drive access can improve audio output SQ
  7. Really... so you run a RAM less system? Because SSD's are just another form of RAM run off a SATA controller and by your logic the RAM memory needed by CPU contributes noise. Not convincing. If you want to dis something, take aim at SATA controllers, legacy hardware for HD tech that throttles what SSD can do
  8. Some of us prefer good over cheap...
  9. The only thing I dislike about the mRendu is that its such a featherweight, I've had to tape it down to keep cables from pulling it off the equipment rack. Perhaps the new ultra Rendu could consider a "comes with" solution to anchor the component. Heck, iFI at least included rubber bands ;<)
  10. I'd suggest keeping the mini on a wired connection while you try to resolve this. My gut suspicion is a problem using your Mac as a file server. I'd suggest loading some hiz rez files on a USB stick locally attached to the Aries mini or a drive inside the mini to test see if the problem goes away with the Mac out of the picture. Can't say that I ever had a like stuttering problem using a PC or NAS with an Aries mini unless the wifi connection was poor.,
  11. $600 sounds like a DOD pricing schedule for EMP hardened SFP's. Let's stick with commercial product which should not be more than $100 new. A pittance in the audiophile world of $2k~$4k DACs and $200+ interconnects
  12. As to benefits... how about no more "cable wars"
  13. I haven't seen a DAC or streamer yet supporting the same pluggable optics used in routers. Doesn't make sense to me why an off the shelf universal technology isn't part of better audio gear I/O tech, that we still have to use media adaptors to get the benefits of optical Ethernet.
  14. My impression is that Ravenna is focused on recording studio needs and it's use for home audio an accidental spinoff. In truth I think using existing fiber optic tech embedded into digital gear makes more sense and is far more affordable as a product approach in adding enhanced Ethernet capability to sale of a DAC/Streamer