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  1. ultraRendu or sMS-200Ultra?

    The recommended supply for the ultraRendu is the Uptone audio LPS1, a fast capacitor based battery supply., definitely not an LPS. You can buy both for $75 more than the SMS200 ultra with its supplied wallwart. I know which way I'm leaning...
  2. ultraRendu or sMS-200Ultra?

    Any idea what power supply was used for each?
  3. Integrated Amp / Stereo Receiver

    Sounds like you want to stay below $2k. Which means a trade off between solid state and tube amps in sound quality. Tube amps will be fat, rich in tonal color but slower in transients and lower powered for the same $. Solid state amps will be faster, more "slam", but in the mid range its like living off diet bread. As you go up in price these differences will narrow but not completely disappear. My advice to anyone buying a system is always listen to speakers first and make that decision before you buy an amp.. Speakers introduce the greatest amount of sound artifacts of any component in your system and vary wildly in efficiency. Once you have found the speaker that "resonates" with your likes, dislikes, you can start checking forums for what amp other users have found works well with your speaker/ has the necessary "guts" to drive your particular speaker. I'd also recommend the used audiophile market for your amp purchase, amps last decades and you can buy a better quality unit for your money. There are a lot of folks out there that sell off last years new amp for this years upgrade.
  4. No More Audiophile Hassles

    Fair is for audio magazine reviews... as a purchaser. an audio show is a beauty pageant, the system better shine or it will be ignored and forgotten. Even if only 1 out of 10 rooms impresses, that's plenty of fodder for next years system upgrade purchases ;<).
  5. No More Audiophile Hassles

    hmm, will be attending CAF in a few weeks, hadn't really thought about room size before but on replay, it does seem to me that the larger rooms did have a better chance of engaging sound. But on the flip side these were usually more exotic ($$$) gear as well. And some brands like Modwright seemed to shine in any size room. So perhaps these small rooms can help you weed out "the weak", not so adaptable components.
  6. No More Audiophile Hassles

    We all have to live with the "hotdog" we can afford :<)
  7. No More Audiophile Hassles

    Good old analog LP days ;<) I think Dark Side of the Moon got me hooked into being an audiophile
  8. No More Audiophile Hassles

    Curious, Stereophile and TAS seem to like the Bel Canto REF600M and at $5K a pair they are within reach of many, unlike the Pass amplifiers. While I enjoy the sound of my tube amplifier, I'll be looking for less of a space heater in my next choice.
  9. No More Audiophile Hassles

    Enjoy your "hotdog" . I'll keep struggling to master cooking "steak". After 30 years of cooking "steak", I both enjoy the "taste" and the knowledge that it can be made even better.
  10. Advice on upgrade

    This is the sort of device that is necessary to cure some of the ills of USB connection. https://uptoneaudio.com/products/usb-regen the micro and ultra Rendu come with this as an integrated solution. If you have more money to burn, many swear by the Mutec MC3 +USB https://www.mutec-net.com/product_mc-3-plus-usb.php both USB devices would improve your USB to DAC from a laptop but the hardware compromises of a "one size fits all" PC laptop design will limit your low volume sound resolution and "black space" around playing instruments vs a device with hardware specifically chosen for audio playback use.
  11. Advice on upgrade

    Its far easier to get digital to approximate analog "off the shelf" with streaming vs spending time chasing PC server tweaks. A Sonore ultraRendu with LPS, an iPad or iPhone for remote control and a Synology or QNAP NAS should get you set. If you want to stay in the world of laptops, there's a reason you see so many Macs used at audio show demos.
  12. usb2 connection is slow ~10mbps. Better to use ESATA or USB3 connection, should be ~ 60mbps or better
  13. I'm paying attention to this thread for the first time, the concept of having the music server route traffic direct to renderer sounds worth playing with. The NAS I have doesn't supply 2 Ethernet ports to bridge router and renderer. What do folks see as a least cost music server hardware solution capable of testing this out using minimserver?
  14. Sub $1k Renderer?

    I used to own an Aries mini. It was a nice piece of gear but because of its MOBO design it didn't get quite the low level signal resolution/white noise elimination I wanted either with its internal DAC or my external Metrum Octave DAC. The microRendu did exactly what I wanted, can't believe you will be less than satisfied with an ultraRendu and LPS power supply
  15. $300 bedroom audio system

    Apologies, this is off topic.