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  1. davide256

    Little help with Oppo Ripping

    sounds a lot like what happens when you haven't enabled simple sharing and network discovery on the PC. Try comparing the IPv4 addresses of the Oppo and PC... if the first 3 octets are the same (xx.xx.xx.yyy and xx.xx.xx.zzz) this should be the problem.
  2. davide256

    Capital Audiofest 2018

    Wondering if anyone else is planning on attending ?(event date Nov 2-4 2018, Rockville MD) Will be there Sat/Sun. I plan to take pictures and share anything that stands out. While its not digital, I always find the afternoon VPI session fun. Doesn't look like this year includes Head-Fi/CANJAM participation
  3. Krell used to be synonymous with high power solid state audiophile amps. You can see a side picture of the board installed in an amp in this 2002 review. https://hometheaterhifi.com/volume_9_2/krell-theater-amplifier-standard-5-2002.html
  4. davide256

    Fas42’s Stereo ‘Magic’

    @fas42 also sub audible bass has always been an issue with analog turntables. I recall a Linn demo where they demoed the LP12 table and same piece of piece of music on a light weight wood end table and then on a heavy wood audio stand... you could hear loss of sound stage and dynamics when played on the heavy piece of furniture. I would suspect that the culprit for digital performance in this case is not the digital circuit board components but rather the power transformer as they have mass sufficient to interact with low bass
  5. I find these factors play in amplifier matching 1) speaker impedance matching; my MG 1.7's do have degraded sound quality played off an 8 ohm tap vs a 4 ohm tap on the amplifier... 4/8 ohm options matter 2) room size... a 12 x 12 rooms best listening position will take less power for normal volume than a 20 x 20 room's more distant listening position. 3) the obvious, speaker efficiency 4) the not so obvious, source quality. I've observed amps that seemed adequate after a source upgrade generate far more heat ( consume more power) in reproducing more detail. The region where this is most glaring is in better low bass, where you can easily hear clipping.
  6. davide256

    What gear do you love?

    Magnepan 1.7 speakers Conrad Johnson PV10A pre amp Uptone Audio LPS 1.2 DC power supply original AR turntable
  7. I do not know if this is your problem but it occurs regularly in my home environment with wifi. At random times after a period of operation a device wifi connection seems to freeze up.. device is still connected but cannot transmit data. Because of this phenomena I have moved server and streamer connections to a switch that is connected to the router, only the controller (start/stop play) is dependent on wifi router as once music is playing, all server to renderer traffic is local to the switch.
  8. hmm, have you read the manual? Whats online says its a standard UPNP player. You should be able to play music on your PC using a player program like Foobar2000 or Jriver where you attach the media library via UPNP... sounds like you are trying to use SMB, where you remotely attach a drive vs using the UPNP server to serve up music.
  9. davide256

    New UPnP/DLNA support in Qobuz standalone software

    Any idea if that includes Openhome support?
  10. davide256

    Survey : Which one is better : vinyl or Native DSD256 ?

    YMWV based on the gear you have. I have not heard DSD sound as good as a maxed out vinyl solution... but $40K is a bit steep for vinyl front end
  11. davide256

    The New CA Issues and Feedback Thread

    better audio power supplies seems like a worthwhile separate topic.
  12. davide256

    Roon ROCK vs AO Windows Server

    mmm, I had too many issues with Server 2012 configuration changes going off into la la land or just mysteriously failing without a reboot. Reminded me a lot of IBM OS2
  13. mmm, make it a 5.1 system with KEF subwoofer and that could be interesting...
  14. davide256

    Roon ROCK vs AO Windows Server

    AO and Windows Server ... "thank you Sir, may I have another". There are less painful ways to manage/serve up your music.
  15. davide256

    Lush^2 - Share your configuration experiences

    The Lush2 with latest shipped wiring scheme passes more information than the USPCB for leading edge transients and tone color accuracy. I can finally hear good attack on snare drum taps and back ground instruments are sharper. I've been disappointed with cables like WW Starlight, Vertere DFi, and Supra compared to USPCB that were 2~3x the USPCB cost...the Lush2 is clearly better than USPCB at 7x the cost. Got the .4m length as the digital components and PS's only take up one audio shelf. It's a bit stiff, had to rearrange components so that no torque was applied to USB sockets