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  1. davide256

    Not enough volume

    Sounds like your headphone DAC has output issues feeding a preamp... maybe buy this DAC add on for RPI so that you aren't using a device intended for headphones? https://www.allo.com/sparky/boss-dac.html
  2. davide256

    Need speakers

    1) what price range are you wanting to stay in? 2) what speakers do you already like, regardless of price? 3) what genres of music "float your boat"? Buying a speaker is a deeply personal choice. Often manufacturers have a house sound in common for their speakers and if you like a model in their line its worth looking at their other models in your price range.
  3. talking purely about the ISO Regen... trying to understand if having it provide the 5V on USB out to DAC would cause more current draw than just passing through the 5V from micro or ultra Rendu? Sounds like if both devices are using the same LPS that there is no value gained from having the switch on?
  4. A question on this configuration: if powering micro or ultraRendu and ISO Regen off the same LPS 1.2, should the switch for ISO Regen to supply 5V be in the off position?
  5. davide256

    Powered Loudspeaker buzzing noise

    Fluorescent or LED lights can also cause like problem. Turn off all but incandescent lighting in the room to see if the problem goes away.
  6. davide256

    Newbie computer/audiophile questions

    Oppo supports basic UPNP audio streaming, I have a 103 and used it at one time for streaming endpoint from NAS with Minimserver. However its not a current product, I'm guessing when you say order, you mean a 203. You can also stream video to it, YMMV depending on what app you want to use. The DAC section in the 103 is modest, not sure that a 203 improves that much... what they do well is video. For sound quality, your best choice is streaming, SMB sounds better than UPNp but the clunky Oppo interface will drive you to Kinsky / Bubble UPNP controller
  7. because its not a LAN solution... its a computer interconnect. Mine are less than 2" = USPCB conectors
  8. davide256

    AMP for sennheiser hd558

    Better to ask that question here. Quite a few threads on the hd558 https://www.head-fi.org/
  9. davide256

    Jeff Dorgay & TONEAudio Declare War on CA

    Your dead wrong. From past legal advisement no expectation of privacy exists unless the email specifically includes a proviso of privileged communication.
  10. I'm not surprised. Roon sounds best when the server has horsepower and OS on SSD. And the Pi audio output is mediocre without a high quality power supply and add on board for coax/USB out. If you want to dabble, running Roon core on PC, Pi3b+/Hifiberry Digi+ using Wifi is least effort, biggest bang for the buck. Great harmonics just lacks resolution. Resolution requires USB but you trade off harmonic purity if you don't move up to a microRendu or better.
  11. davide256

    Raspberry Pi 3B+; anyone using it yet?

    For comparing, I'm trying to keep things as equal as possible Digione powered by LPS 1.2, connected by coax AQ Eagle eye to Metrum Octave USBridge powered by LPS 1.2, USPCB to Schitt Eitr, connected by coax AQ Eagle Eye to Metrum Octave which does require me to swap back and forth for comparison. I like to test with "bad" recordings, recordings that can sound bad. My experience is that most bad recordings are exciting bad behavior in the source solution which better source solution resolves as was heard/intended by the recording engineer.
  12. davide256

    Raspberry Pi 3B+; anyone using it yet?

    As in signature, using Microzotl 2 for headphone amplifier with Hifiman HE-400, Audeze Sine for headphones. HE400 is good for judging high frequency air, but has some distortion in its harmonic signature. The Sine are harmonically pure, decent bass but a tad laid back in the high frequencies. I've found this setup allows me to hear more critically than main system due to low level dynamic contrast limitations of the Prima Luna amp section with Magnepan 1.7/KEF LS50
  13. Toslink is an old spec, doesn't have the timing advantages of asynch USB. It only sounds good if source and DAC are very high quality... this is entry level gear. And I can't see anyone banding an Audioengine DAC to their phone or DAP.. iFI DAC's are configured to make that easy.
  14. Its a bad idea to purchase any DAC that is powered from a PC or microcomputer. The limitations are multiple. @Ron Scubadiver , the suggestion of Nano iDSD is sound, its a USB amp that allows you to choose whether it runs off internal battery or draws power over USB and you can use it as an asynch USB converter to any other DAC coax input. I personally preferred the sound of the iFi Nano to the iFi Micro, less detailed but harmonically more accurate. And because it had its own battery power it could be used with smartphones.
  15. subscribed members can sell on CA. That's a better way than "Fleabay"