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  1. Why Class D Sucks

    Agree that most of us have no knowledge of how to manufacture a MOBO for low noise/ best power supply stability/ least timing issues. Also think that we have 2 different camps for requirements, the minimalist camp that leans more towards a glorified Raspberry Pi and the "more power" camp of those who want to run HQPLayer/Roon core with a large local library.
  2. Better Roon Endpoints?

    Just saw this mentioned in Roon forum, hopefully its more flexible than just Roon. AC powered so no PS tweaking possible https://metrumacoustics.com/roon/ https://community.roonlabs.com/t/ambre-new-roonready-endpoint/40195
  3. Why Class D Sucks

    Different from new component break-in... I do find that gear performance at cold start is slightly less than optimal for solid state, and that tube gear can take several hours to reach equilibrium.
  4. Why Class D Sucks

    Candide never got it either...
  5. Why Class D Sucks

    hmm, so you have not had new gear that sounded harsh/dull out of the box, then settled in after you let it play unattended for 24 hours? I find new pre's/amps are like that, digital gear less so. I do think that specifying a long break in (assuming no unobtainium components) sounds more like a way to avoid returns. If it doesn't sound good after 48 hours of run in, its not going to get significantly better.
  6. Why Class D Sucks

    Cue the overture for "Candide"
  7. DAC For Bedside Headphone System

    No slam on the Grace intended. Buying components for me is a bit like having the opportunity to swap out a piece in the middle of a chess game... if a different piece expands my options for success, it matters
  8. New microRendu ships with the 1.3 board. Why?

    Its clear you have no professional training in legal contracts.. a salesman's delight. Or else you are trying to equate your bias on social behavior to being the same as legal contract. As long as its legal, no specific legislative regulation, sellers can do exactly that.
  9. New microRendu ships with the 1.3 board. Why?

    err.. initially thought you meant power supply. I use the MZ2 into the HT (amp direct) inputs of a Prima Luna Prologue Premium integrated using KT150 tubes. The pre section isn't that great on this, but love the amp section. Like EL-34's but they get reticent at top and bottom end of audio spectrum, KT150's were best compromise. Highly recommend the SoTM SPS-500 to power the MZ2... big improvement over the HDPlex LPS I was using
  10. Chord Qutest

    No thanks, I'm very happy with how well my AQ Eagle Eye coax works. Only if and when AQ made a BNC equivalent could one interest me in a device with only BNC connector. Impedance matching is a very small part of what effects the sound performance of a cable.
  11. Why Class D Sucks

    hmm, do you only buy your components used? Cause I know that with most of what I've bought new, during the first day of new gear in service the sound changes. But I attribute that to kind of a "curing" process where volatile chemicals in components on the circuit board are baking out. I suspect that if all manufacturers did "pre-baking" we wouldn't be having this dialogue.
  12. Why Class D Sucks

    I have used V-Cap teflon caps in tube pre-amps and they do take a ridiculously long time to break in. I'd almost forgotten I'd installed them when they started to break in 3 months after install.
  13. Why Class D Sucks

    My CJ PV10A changed over time... but that was all the green copper corrosion I found on the power cord when it reached 20 years of age. New cord and problem solved
  14. DAC For Bedside Headphone System

    I'm pretty unforgiving on headphone source gear, have spent up to $500 several times on amps, DAC/amps over the last decade and then been disappointed. At ~ $200 the iFi Nano was a successful purchase, it lacks the resolution of better gear but plays everything and does nothing wrong. It will lack the power needed for inefficient planars. The iFi Micro resolves/has power but its a thin "solid state" sound for tone color timber... I sold mine 30 days after I got it, preferring the Nano. I really liked the Chord Mojo when I auditioned it, its close to what I hear from my current DAC/amp combo... it can drive most planars and has an excellent DAC section. And it may push your Grace pre out of main system so that you can recoup some dollars from reselling the Grace. Woo amps are also nice but they aren't portable.
  15. Roon - Not Displaying CD

    I suspect you are running something other than Roon core on the Vortexbox. WIth Minimserver I had to tell it to rescan everytime I added music or wait for what seemed like a next day refresh interval. And wav files didn't show, I had to convert them to FLAC or another supported tagged file format. Roon core updates very quickly when new music is added. Good question on Tidal.. I saw that when I trialed Tidal, but didn't figure out how to not have Tidal music show in library.