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  1. Qnap or Synology how quiet?

    If you tinker with PC's you become aware that there is significant variation in fan noise by RPM and controller optimization. Larger fans turn slower so less noise, and precision designed fans have less air drag. Cooler running hard drives or cases with better air spacing between drives require less fan RPM's to cool. Running 2.5" SSD's in the 3.5'" slots of my DS214play is dead silent because of the minimal cooling load.
  2. Article: McIntosh D1100 Digital Preamplifier DAC Review - Part One

    hmm, playlist links for the review don't take you to any playlists, just go to the "Bits and Bytes" section? Always looking for more good music
  3. I just haven't seen any reviews where the reviewers ( and their system) impress me enough to want to try it. Oddly enough this review started a year ago and just updated July 27th likes the Schitt Eitr much more and has a well developed system to add credibility to his opinion. http://www.basshead.club/spdif-battle-mutec-singxer-lynx-rednet-et-al/
  4. I'm wondering where the hobby stands with improvements in asynch USB converters. When I acquired the microRendu I was using a Gustard U12 with the Aries mini. However in comparing it to the like XMOS chip driven iFi Nano which uses battery or USB power with the microRendu it became apparent that the AC powered Gustard U12 had less low volume clarity and some bass defects. Anyone found a non AC powered asynch USB converter that works well with the micro Rendu, better than iFi Nano?
  5. Allo Sparky USBridge

    Thanks, looks like you have a significant investment.
  6. Allo Sparky USBridge

    Do provide the system used to generate the opinion... otherwise this post is meaningless noise
  7. --------------------------- Deleted
  8. Allo Sparky USBridge

    what DAC did you use to draw this conclusion?
  9. If you plan to stay less than 20 years, copper is fine. But don't expect your Ethernet wires to be corrosion free as the house ages... and if you live near the beach its a no brainer to use fiber
  10. Use a fiber optic link (2 media converters + fiber ~$110) between switch and HQP machine, and be done with it.
  11. Renderer for dac without usb input?

    I owned the Aries mini before buying the microRendu. In your shoes I would keep the Audiophilleo and use it with either a microRendu or SoTM SMS200. The full Aries is also a nice option but I think that for the difference in price you really need to validate whether your DAC is worth keeping first. While the DAC you have was expensive gear over 10 years ago its doubtful that the clocking and HW design match today's contenders at a much lower price. I'd suggest you compare it to something like the Schitt Gungnir multibit before spending the added cash on a full Aries. While analog gear can hold it's value for 20 years, digital is a constant "arms race" in improvements.
  12. Auralic Aries Mini

    . Did you go through this screen first to get the drive formatted? http://support.auralic.com/hc/en-us/articles/206143728-How-to-use-internal-storage
  13. I've had hum from a wallwart powering a switch cause downstream renderer interference in a wired Ethernet solution, very noticeable when playing music... switched to LPS power and the problem went away. Wired Ethernet sounds strained compared to using fiber optics between switch and network streamer, an effect similar to using a marginal power amp with speakers.. 99% of the time its okay but that repeatable 1% makes you want the next step up. And my experience with buffers has always been turn them to lowest setting compatible with your hardware as they degrade the sound. I'll try pulling the Ethernet connection on my microRendu some time, I'm curious how much it buffers.
  14. On switches I do find that LRC Ethernet cable interaction and power supply noise interactions exist. And there are some older switches (FE only ports) that don't run fast enough for audio. Using fiber optic connection was sufficient, no fancy switch required
  15. Where to start?

    If you have $4k to spend, this is a good all in one integrated amo... never disappointed with any room that has Modwright electronics and I normally hate most solid state electronics. I'd still stay with the Schitt DAC of your choice http://www.modwright.com/products/kwi-200.php