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  1. Better Roon Endpoints?

    Perhaps I misunderstand Roon; I thought their argument was that UPNP and other streaming protocols are flawed, hence why they developed RAAT.
  2. Better Roon Endpoints?

    It was true for UPNP, but I'm not finding it so for Roon. What bugs me is that with the microRendu there wasn't that much difference between UPNP and Roon NAA, I'd really like to understand why. Unfortunately I don't know of a way to stream UPNP with iPhone/iPad. I'd really like to try that comparison, to see if they sound the same or to verify if Roon endpoint performance depends on CPU power. I will caveat that when I compared UPNP/Roon before Roon could be used on iPhone/iPad, I was using Synology NAS for file server as all my prior testing had led me to believe locally stored music on a PC would sound worse.
  3. Better Roon Endpoints?

    Why? I find my Roon core server with locally stored music sounds better than music served from Synology NAS.
  4. Separating components for air space

    BTW, this is very affordable and reasonably rigid/ well made for an inexpensive 4 shelf audio rack. Hopefully the number of shelves and shelf dimensions meet your needs http://www.audioadvisor.com/prodinfo.asp?number=PGVULRK
  5. Superphonica Update: January 12, 2018 - AM

    If you own a planar speaker, shipping is an adventure. That's why a lot of private sellers only sell locally. If there were an easy way to match up seller with a shipper in reasonable distance that could safely transport, it would help. As an example, when I bought a used pair of Magnepan MGIIIA's many years ago, I had to travel from DC to Newport News to pick up.
  6. Superphonica Update: January 12, 2018 - AM

    So a real life example/question. Normally I'd go through Audiogon to sell analog electronics/gear. Pretty painless using Paypal to sell/ship not so big square boxes. Now however I've decided to sell/part with my Magnepan 1.7's... heavy long rectangular box, really ought to be crated and not USPS/UPS friendly. Does Superphonica help make the shipping part of this any easier?
  7. Separating components for air space

    Dang, wished I'd seen this before I bought 3 sets of Isoblocks. A little rubber glue and I could have made my own for 25% of what I paid.
  8. Separating components for air space

    Low bass reproduction can physically vibrate/move a speaker, compromising the clarity of the bass and midrange. Your speakers should have as little freedom to move as possible. Isoblocks are basically filters for low bass frequency feedback coming from the surface an object rests on... useful for electronics and players but not for speakers.... they actually increase the instability of the speaker. Your stand should be rigid, tightly coupled to the floor and allow the speaker to freely radiate sound in all directions.
  9. Better Roon Endpoints?

    I see the same. Which could be part of the problem
  10. Better Roon Endpoints?

    agree, locking doesn't stop music already playing, goes away when track/album is not playing. Radio feature will keep the phone playing
  11. Better Roon Endpoints?

    I did the 1.4 upgrade... my iPhone 6 still sounded better
  12. As titled, my gently used Gustard U12 asynch USB converter for sale. Decent unit, about all the choices you can ask for in digital out connections. Asking $85 total which includes USPS flat rate box domestic shipping. Pictures and manufacturers site link below https://www.shenzhenaudio.com/gustard-u12-32bit-384khz-xmos-usb-digital-audio-interface.html