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  1. Thank you for suggestion, but I already knew it - Marcin from JPlay made it very clear - set buffer as low as possibly, unless you get a clipping sound - than you need to increae it a bit. Anyway - Bricasti is a great D/A converter, but know I got Calyx Femto for review and it sound, in my ears of course, even better ;-) And there was no problem installing driver for WIN8 (in compatibility mode for Win7).
  2. Well, either I didn't check every option before after all or some miracle suddenly happened now - I managed to install this driver finally in compatibility mode for VISTA...
  3. Yes, with WIN7, with WIN XP SP3 - I think I've tried every option. I have no idea if and how much D/A converter's manufacturers change original Thesycon driver, but in the act of desperation I even downloaded the newest (2.7 I think) version of driver from Thesycon webpage that is supposed to work win WIN8, and it did not install either. But this one said something like it couldn't communicate with the device (I'm away from home for weekend so I can't check exactly what it said). Maybe that's because Bricasti changes something in the driver - no idea.
  4. Always the same - that the driver is compatible with... list of systems ending with WIN7 64 bit so it can't install - it doesn't matter if I do it in regular mode or safe mode, or checking if drivers are signed off. So in fact it doesn't even start to install - just run exe file with driver and than information that it is not compatible with system.
  5. Hi Chris, thanks but it doesn't work for me. Maybe because the driver I'm trying to install is not "pure" Thesycon as it comes from Bricasti (for their M1 DAC). I haven't tried the "permanent" solution you described, but the easy, one-time with Windows restart and selecting option 7 (for not checking if the drivers are signed) didn't work. I guess it must be some particular problem with Bricasti version of that driver.
  6. Hi Chris, I hope you came back home safely from AudioShow in Poland Anyway - have you managed to find any way to install these drivers on WIN8 64 bit?