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  1. Sony HAP-Z1ES has arrived

    You may well be right. I am very sensitive to extraneous noise from equipment and while I was aware from the previous comments here, that there was a little, what I have here I can hear from across the room. Anyway updating all done and music ready to be listened to. So I will see if I can live with it, if not I will sell it on and go down the silent pc road. Maybe I should have just done that but the Sony seemed on the face of it an option that needed to be tried, so trying it I am.
  2. Sony HAP-Z1ES has arrived

    Well it took nearly 5 days to transfer 37750 files to the HAP and the external drive that I had to reformat via the Sony. Tried FAT and it wouldn't recognise it and I updated the HAPs software before using it. I could have used the copy and paste option but instead allowed the HAP to do it all. Its updating the data base as I type, no idea how long that will take. Re noise.... ummmm well the HAP has been on, working since Tuesday night, so the quiet audible noise coming from it at the minute must be the internal fan, if not then I will look at exploring fitting a SSD, however if this is going to be the normal level of noise from this particular unit then its gone. Time will tell but I must say that Sony designing this product in such away not to support a quicker file transfer system is crazy, unless they didn't imagine this for audiophiles with large collections and for newbies with small or no collections or the software running it isn't compatible. Either way re file transfer I think this product is flawed. Anyway using NTFS for this task would have seen it done in a maybe a day or so max, not nearly a week as has been the case. My hope is once the unit has finished updating and been switched off for awhile that in normal use it has no noise, as it had when I first powered it up. Time will tell.
  3. Sony HAP-Z1ES has arrived

    Went to a local Sony Centre today and bought their mint ex demo unit for well under half price, managed to haggle a wee bit and thus scored a better deal. So the fun bit starts re setting it up. Way I look at this if I don't get on with it I can resell, and get my money back at least, so no loss to me. Last time I took a punt like this it was an Olive4 HD which I didn't keep for too long, so I am hoping this is a keeper. Had a listen in the shop, it wasn't busy in their back room, and I had to put my head on top to hear any noise, so looking good re that. Time will tell re the rest........
  4. Sony HAP-Z1ES has arrived

    Thank you for the info, most helpful Regards Neil
  5. Sony HAP-Z1ES has arrived

    Not so much fan noise but noise from the internal hard drive. Having a Yamaha HD1300 HD, CD recorder its internal drive is very noisy in use and I really don't want to buy a Sony and hear this thing whirring away during listening. But I see a fan in the machine and fan noise is a potential issue too, anyone had the fan come on, is it noisy ?
  6. Sony HAP-Z1ES has arrived

    My quest for a simple player of files could be this product from Sony, shame no digital out but I think I can live with that but one thing I can't live with is noise. I sit with my system to the left side of my listening seat and any excessive noise, fans or hard drives, disc drives annoys me so the question I haven't seen asked so far is how much noise does the internal drive create during use. Is it audible from a few feet away? To date getting a dedicated silent PC built as a simple player, digital out to DAC and a few inputs to external HDs was going to cost a lot and not give me a nice simple, bug free way of playing the files I have and the Sony seems to be the best option, as I don't want streaming or hook up to a NAS etc, so internal drive and additional music on another HD, suits what I would like almost to a T. Yes not being able to hook up an existing drive loaded with music up is a pain, unlike the quick process it is to add an HD to any PC and JRiver sort it in minutes but reading this thread there was a comment re FAT 32 now being supported is that correct ? And can one now hook a music loaded FAT32 HD up without having to repopulate it via the HAP app? So is this unit noisy in use, is my only deal breaker question if the answer is yes. Does anyone know how the sound compares to an AMR DP777 DAC? Thank you in advance. Regards Neil
  7. Recommend An Album Everyone Should Hear

    and this one of Rain Tree Crow - Cries and Whispers Rain Tree Crow - Cries and whispers - YouTube
  8. Recommend An Album Everyone Should Hear

    @mwheelerk It is somewhat different to their other albums, some of which I like a lot and some I don't. One of my favourite tracks off Into The Labyrinth is 'The Carnival is Over' which to my ears is hauntingly beautiful.
  9. Recommend An Album Everyone Should Hear

    Dead Can Dance - Into The Labyrinth Rain Tree Crow - Rain Tree Crow Both fabulous albums and well worth a listen imho.
  10. Interesting. As with all areas of audio wading through the amount of info available is both an interesting and sometimes confusing task, so thank you for shedding a little light into a somewhat murky topic. I was led to believe that 88.2 and 96 was more commonly used than maybe it is in reality. I was aware that only a few audiophile labels recorded at 192. It is sad then that 24/44 is more the norm but even that, not messed with, would be of interest to me. So I will say at this stage that having access to the Studio Masters for download whatever their native resolution would be what I would want access to in order for me personally - at this time - to grow my use of and interest in CA as part of my system. I will check out the link as well, thank you.
  11. I would be in favour of petitioning the record labels to make the Studio Masters available for download, which I am led to believe in many cases are 24bit 88.2 and 96 khz. Very few - again so I believe - are available in a native 24bit 192 as few studios record to that level. I would also suggest that petitioning HD Tracks to start reselling to the UK (and anywhere else unfairly shut out, surely our money is as good as everyone else's? ) would be a great idea as at the minute - reading the info on their site - the UK is excluded. Frankly without a decent selection of music to buy and not just audiophile stuff (Linn, Naim, B&W etc) - and I concede some of it is good quality music not just well recorded music - the choice for music lovers is so limited outside of I Tunes (God help us all) that I struggle to see the point of Computer Audio as a potential high quality source for music, except for those lucky few who are able to source HD quality music. I know there are arguments that ripping CDs can sound better than the original CD (anyone recall the claims made that CDR copies of CDs sounded better than the originals) not that I have heard that yet but maybe I will, my mind is still open about the worth of doing that re gaining better sound quality. So to my mind gaining access to Studio Masters is the thing about CA that excites me - having heard some - and that aspect alone to date would be and is my reason for getting into CA but if I can't buy HD music......
  12. Thank you for the reply. Iomega, looking round the net, at least at one time - not sure about now - use/used Samsung HD's I ended up buying a 2TB Freecom HD with esata, USB3, and two flavours of Firewire. As I haven't had it long or put much music on it I can't say much about it yet though it is silent - at the minute. Good reviews online re reliability and suitability for music use as it is generally felt to be pretty silent even after long term use. As they say time will tell. Re SSD role on cheaper larger storage.
  13. Hard drive GREATLY altering audio quality

    The other option is to use an esata connection between the hard drive and computer and then USB to the DAC. This is assuming that you have A an esata on your computer/laptop and B an external HD with one. Esata is faster than USBb2 and firewire. I have had some playback issues myself with one of my computers using one usb as an in and one as an out.
  14. Show us your equipment / kit !

    I reviewed the 3.5s a few months ago and I agree, they are a lot better than the 3.1s, but in my system/room the 3.5s sounded better with the SA in place. Not being able to afford the 3.5s I added the SA to the 3.1s and while the combination is not as good as the 3.5s I am pretty content with that. I have the SA dialed in to be pretty subtle in what it does and that works well for me. I listen to many genres including jazz. Anyway you have a fantastic set up
  15. Show us your equipment / kit !

    Beautiful set up, I love Oracle kit I have a mk4 Delphi. The Gallo 3.5's are fantastic as well I use Reference 3.1s with an SA amplifier. I see no SA Reference amplifier in your system, you should try one, as it improves the mid and the treble and not just the bass. Adding an SA will open the entire system up.