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  1. Album of the Evening

    Doc Cheatam: Hey Doc! (with Gene 'Mighty Flea' Connors, Ted Buckner, J.C. Heard, Carl Pruitt, and Sammy Price). Doc always was -- and still is -- a lot of fun. Nicely detailed and airy sound from a 16/44 Qobuz download.
  2. Album of the Evening

    Thank you, @rando, but I was looking for a download version.
  3. Album of the Evening

    Thank you, @Musicophile. A bit confusing as I had listened to the Qobuz streaming version, which has the same cover and Leonor pairing as the 24/96 download you listed (many thanks for the link), but is definitely mono, so it seems to be the 1955 version. On the other hand, the Qobuz download seems to be the 1961 stereo release later remastered, but without the Grosse Fuge original pairing that is on the Amazon CD version. And the one posted by @rando has the Grosse Fuge pairing and a cover somewhat similar to both the Qobuz versions. But the long and the short of it is I'll get the 24/96 Qobuz download!
  4. Album of the Evening

    Is this particular version available for download? If so, where? Thanks.
  5. Album of the Evening

    Beethoven: Triple Concerto. Pierre Fournier, cello; Geza Anda, piano; Wolfgang Schneiderhan, violin. Ferenc Fricsay conducts the Radio Symphony Orchestra Berlin. The 1960 sound isn't among the best, but the playing makes up for it. A 24/96 HDTapeTransfers download.
  6. Album of the Evening

    Carmen McRae: Woman Talk, Live at the Village Gate. The sound: She is in my room. (A CD rip).
  7. Album of the Evening

    "Album" (actually a virtual box) of several evenings: Mozart: Piano Concertos. Andras Schiff and the Camerata Academica des Mozarteums Salzburg conducted by Sandor Vegh. Amateurish cover design, but great music. Fine sound, though the piano-to-orchestra balances tend to favor the orchestra. A 16/44 Qobuz download.
  8. Almost didn’t see the OP! But, a belated happy birthday, John. And once more, thank you for all your advice and your brilliant designs!
  9. Album of the Evening

    You’re welcome!
  10. Album of the Evening

    Thank you!
  11. Album of the Evening

    Rachmaninoff: Vespers. Klaudia Zeiner, Falk Hoffman, MDR Choir. Fisrt-class sound, streaming from Qobuz at 16/44.
  12. Album of the Evening

    Prokofiev: Violin Concertos Nos. 1 & 2. Very engaging performances by Matthew Trusler with the BBC National Orchestra of Wales conducted by Grant Llewellyn. Detailed and natural sound, with excellent soloist to orchestra balance from Orchid Classics (label which the violinist is a founder of). A 24/96 Qobuz download.
  13. Album of the Evening

    Brahms: String Quintets. Unhurried readings by the Chamber Players of the WDR Symphony Cologne. Fine Pentatone sound streaming from Qobuz at 16/44.
  14. Album of the Evening

    Saint-Saëns: The Complete Works for Piano and Orchestra. Stephen Hough with the Birmingham Symphony conducted by Sakari Oramo. Concertos No 1 and 2 out of about 155 minutes of music that include concertos 4 and 5 among other works. Tempos occasionally a tad faster than my personal preference, but nevertheless very enjoyable readings. Clear and detailed sound from a 16/44 Hyperion download.
  15. Album of the Evening

    Jean-Baptiste Barrière, Bernard de Bury: Harpsichord Sonatas and Suites. Played with elegance by Luca Quintavalle. Excellent sound from a 24/96 Qobuz download (2 hours and forty minutes of music for the price of one CD).