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  1. Yes, warmest congratulations! Guido F.
  2. Album of the Evening

    Count Basie: The Complete Roulette Live Recordings of Count Basie and His Orchestra (1959-1962). One of a Mosaic set of 8 albums. Vivid recorded sound from CD rips.
  3. Sonore ultraRendu

    Based on my personal experience, if I were you I'd look into an ultraRendu+LPS-1 (without ISO REGEN) for internet, and Phasure LUSH cable for USB. This combination has been a significant improvement for me, over a microRendu+LPS-1 and ISO REGEN+LPS-1 with Curious USB cable.
  4. Album of the Evening

    Dusting off old favorites: Clifford Brown and Max Roach: Study in Brown (1955). Great sound from a CD rip.
  5. Album of the Evening

    Mozart: Horn Concertos - Bassoon Concerto. Played with polish by Louis-Philippe Marsolais (horn) and Mathieu Lussier (bassoon) with Les Violons du Roy. Very good sound (especially the soloists) from a 24/96 Qobuz download.
  6. Album of the Evening

    Haydn, Hummel, Martinu. Oboe Concertos. Enjoyable performances by Lajos Lencses with Neville Marriner and the Radio-Sinfonieorchester Stuttgart. Fine recorded sound from a 16/44.1 PrestoClassical download.
  7. Sub-Woofer Connection Question

    REL make subs that are designed to be connected from the speaker level outputs of an amp.
  8. Album of the Evening

    Delalande and Mouret: Baroque suites from the Court of Versailles. Vivid early stereo sound from a CD rip.
  9. Album of the Evening

    Glazunov, Balakirev, Liadov: Tone Poems. Very fine playing by L'Orchestre de la Suisse Romande under Ernest Ansermet. Remarkably good sound from a VERY early stereo recording (1954), in fact the very first DECCA stereo recording. A 24/96 HD Tape Transfers download.
  10. Album of the Evening

    Bach: Musikalisches Opfer. Skillfully played by Masaaki Suzuki and the Bach Collegium Japan. Beautifully recorded. Still, for me a slightly disappointing album in that I wish for a more convincing sense of continuousness. A 24/96 eclassical download.
  11. Sonore ultraRendu

  12. Album of the Evening

    Bill Evans with Eddie Gomez and Jack DeJohnette: Another Time. The Hilversum Concert. One can't have too much Bill Evans, I suppose. But the sound is underwhelming, in my system at least. A 24/96 HDTracks download.
  13. Album of the Evening

    Boccherini, Vivaldi & Bach: Cello Concertos. Antonio Janigro and the Solisti di Zagreb. Musicologically incorrect performances on modern instruments with judicious amount of vibrato. Engaging and delightful. Very good 1960 recorded sound from a 24/96 HDTapeTransfers download. (And garish cover art).
  14. I don't know about consensus, but in my system ultraRendu+LPS-1alone sounds more clear and more lifelike than the same plus ISO REGEN+LPS-1. Guido.