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  1. Thanks, I figured it was a different situation than CPU/GPU coolers.
  2. So what do you think is an appropriate device to use with iGalvanic3.0?
  3. I'm just not sure whether you need pressure between the LPS-1 and the heat sink for a thermal pad to be effective. My experience with heat sinks is limited to CPU and video card coolers.
  4. Is the heat sink just sitting on top of the LPS-1? Wouldn't it be a lot more effective with some kind of thermal pad?
  5. Please clarify. How does this 'remove load from hard drive placed upon the computer'? Are you talking about the hard drive bus power requirements? What do you mean by 'iGalvanic3.0 delivers essentially similar noise performance'? The same noise performance as what?
  6. What? You said earlier that the price was $299. See your post in this thread dated 3/24. So your bundle offers $94 worth of components for $69, not $19 as stated. Also, does the iGalvanic3.0 come with a USB 3.0 A => B cable to attach it to the PC? If so, how long is this cable?
  7. Sonore ultraRendu

    Make sure you get a good linear power supply for that thing.
  8. Thanks, that covers everything except whether it comes with a USB3 A=>B cable. If not, I need to order one.
  9. MQA is Vaporware

    And then he says Listening to CDs or PCM files through the Manhattan II, I discovered that it was best to disable MQA and its built-in minimum-phase PCM filter. With MQA enabled, PCM files and CDs sounded smooth and open, but maybe a little roundish and gray. So unless you listen exclusively to TIDAL MQA files ... you get the picture.
  10. Is the input to the iGalvanic 3.0 USB3 female type B or USB3 female type A? Does it come with a cable to connect to the PC? How long is the cable? Can you please provide the dimensions and weight of this unit? Thanks.
  11. Yeah, I was just trying to figure out if there was a way to better balance the demand across your LPS-1's. So you think the circuitry on the sCLK-EX used for synchronization with the 10 MHz external master clock would not increase current draw by much. I'm only asking because you say you may already be pushing it with the LPS-1 on the tx-USBultra. Thanks for answering my question about the relative temperature of your LPS-1 units.
  12. Will an active master clock on your tx-USBultra draw even more current? IIRC that's the device hosting your sCLK-EX board. Is the LPS-1 powering your sMS-200Ultra a lot cooler than the one powering your tx-USBultra? Since your DAC is attached to the tx-USBultra, would you be better off moving the sCLK-EX board to the sMS-200Ultra (if that is even possible)? But wait, IIRC you are sharing an LPS-1 between your modded switch and your sMS-200Ultra, right? How much current does the modded switch demand vs your DAC?
  13. Thanks a lot for your post. That's excellent news. These records are older than I am and I know I make a lot of pops and clicks if you spin me.
  14. Audirvana Plus 3 (official thread)

    You're welcome. I find I need to do this every time there is a break in communication between the microRendu and the DAC due to unplugging cables, recycling power, and so on. @vortecjr please put a sticky note on your forum.