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  1. If anyone wants to buy a used Cambridge DacMagic Plus in excellent condition at an attractive price please PM me. I had it on the buy/sell forum last year and just got no interest. Now that there's a community interested in building an excellent system on a budget, perhaps I can find a new home for it. I also have the BT100 Bluetooth wireless audio receiver with aptX support. This is currently retailing at Crutchfield for $350 (DAC) + $75 (BT100).
  2. I'm perfectly OK with that. Thanks for the clarification.
  3. Yeah, I know that. I previously bought both a REGEN and an LPS-1, and I now am going to order an ISO REGEN. But instead of ordering only an ISO REGEN, I'd like to get an additional LPS-1 ... so the bundle is attractive. There are two distinct discounts, one for the bundle and one for customer loyalty. Can we please leave this for Alex to answer?
  4. @R1200CL and @jhwalker the answers to some of those 8 questions are already in the original (now locked) ISO REGEN thread. Have a look at posts from Superdad and JohnSwenson. If I could figure out how to provide a link to specific posts from another thread, I would compile the answers for you. Of course, Alex and John may now want to expand on their previous input. They are good questions.
  5. Do we get the $50 rebate if we order the ISO REGEN/LPS-1 bundle, assuming we satisfy all other qualifications? It's a valid question because this bundle includes a Mean Well SMPS. Would an individual exception be required?
  6. So just to clarify ... the ISO REGEN/LPS-1 bundle for $655 comes with a Mean Well ... is that correct? Also, if you select this bundle is the shipping charge still only $9 for USA?
  7. Chris, are you looking into this? I don't know whether you do such things yourself or have a tech support person. I also reported that the All Activity stream doesn't auto-update for me. It puts up a message saying there are new posts and I have to click to see them.
  8. Good point. The technique used in some Windows 10 privacy hacks certainly is more radical than anything Microsoft would approve. So your intent is to enable the strip down feature of Service Tool on Creators Update in beta 5, is that correct?
  9. I posted in another thread that completely disabling Cortana in Creators Update makes the Start Menu stop working. Are you trying to find a solution or workaround for Beta 5?
  10. I guess the price of NDK DuCULoN makes SoTM sCLK-EX modules look reasonably priced in comparison. I wonder what oscillator SoTM is using. At what point do better clocks become overkill?
  11. Deleted
  12. Yes, hemp seeds are particularly magical. They make listening practically a religious experience.
  13. MS is really locking things down. In Creator's Update, if you completely disable Cortana the Start Menu no longer works! This is one of the things delaying v1.0 of getBlackBird.
  14. Thank you, John. That's exactly why I started this thread.