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  1. rickca

    Jeff Dorgay & TONEAudio Declare War on CA

    Another opportunity for MQA. Insults and threats will sound even better when they are deblurred.
  2. Hmm. I think I'll wait for @austinpop's review. Please get him a unit ASAP.
  3. rickca

    HQ Player

    I love your characterization of Windows. One recent monthly quality update (KB4074588) repeatedly failed to install for me with a hex error code (0x80091007). I eventually figured out that the manifest itself was bad for one of the fixes, so it was entirely Microsoft's fault. I waited for the next month's quality update and it installed just fine.
  4. rickca

    Jeff Dorgay & TONEAudio Declare War on CA

    Let Jeff waste his time and money with his attorney. Maybe his attorney can educate him about how RSS works.
  5. https://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/the-music-modernization-act-is-one-step-closer-to-fixing-music-copyright-w522149 https://lieu.house.gov/sites/lieu.house.gov/files/Overview of the Music Modernization Act.pdf
  6. rickca

    Stereophile Series on MQA Technology

    There's a great quote from Auralic in that exchange There are more then two dozens of technologies which can make sound better then MQA and does not cost anything.
  7. rickca

    Stereophile Series on MQA Technology

    Like maybe a sparrow school.
  8. rickca

    Stereophile Series on MQA Technology

    It's curious that a thread titled Stereophile Series on MQA Technology turns into a bunch of posts about schmear. Another meaning of the word schmear is a corrupt or underhanded inducement; a bribe.
  9. rickca

    MQA is Vaporware

    Right. I can't wait to see this in Stereophile and TAS. I hope this encourages other manufacturers that have held off on MQA implementation to release similar statements.
  10. rickca

    $2000 Reference system

    This is my biggest issue with CA. Some of the most prolific posters are on my ignore list. When they are particularly active, I get whole screens of such useless boxes. I've asked @The Computer Audiophile to fix this a few times, but Chris says it is out of his hands. I also wish CA would automatically ignore a thread started by an ignored user.
  11. rickca

    MQA is Vaporware

    Amen. It's fantastic that Exogal has made such an unequivocal statement. It's really a breath of fresh air.
  12. I was expecting it to slip and it did. But better late than never.
  13. Ughh, it was supposed to be mid-2018.
  14. rickca

    MQA is Vaporware

    That word unfolds makes me nervous. At the moment Qobuz doesn't do MQA.
  15. rickca

    Audirvana Plus 3 for Windows (Official Thread)

    Damien has put out a new build of the A+ Windows beta. This problem is now fixed.