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  1. Headphones are not an option for me. I read up on Audioengine A2. They seem to be a nice pair of speakers. Are they adequate by themselves or do I need the DAC too?
  2. Hi All, I am looking for a good pair of speakers for my laptop under 150 USD. I mainly listen to classical music (not operatic) and folk, pop, rock etc at times. I am on a budget as I am a student. I could throw in a sound card if it is a long term investment (i.e. I can use it on another laptop when I buy one) if that is going to significantly improve the sound quality at this price level. I would greatly appreciate if you provided your recommendations and the rationale that your followed in making it. My knowledge of acoustics is fairly limited so I would appreciate if you explained things to me in simpler terms or with definitions. Thanks you kindly for your time and input.