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    Or, just erase your bookmark and don't come back... I don't see why you even need it deleted?
  2. Good call talking to Meridian, I bet the dealer would not have had a clue how to answer that.
  3. If you had this done, and updated your software with the recent security update, you will want to redo your Direct Mode hack.
  4. Everything should be cheaper than it is...
  5. Probably cost prohibitive too. As much as I would like to build my dream car, I have to remind myself of what my bank account looks like. Edit: I think CF with Titanium "threads" in it is what Pagani uses to build their CF parts.
  6. I could use all kinds of titanium parts.
  7. @wgscott you have to be committed is all.
  8. Thanks, now I know where to get some titanium.
  9. Bother me all you want, I don't mind.
  10. That's a great ad for Panasonic... I was hoping for some actual information. 😉
  11. I don't know how they are doing it, but I read someplace the new 200kWh battery for the upcoming roadster is supposed to fit in the same size and shape platform as the existing 100kWh battery in the Model S. Whether or not that happens, remains to be seen.
  12. @bobbmd I am glad one of my ideas helped some! Happy Listening.
  13. I hope you get it figured out. You're welcome.
  14. @damien78 @David.. Qobuz, Hi-Res Music Evangelist You guys may want to see this.
  15. I didn't see if you did this or not, but did you reset the modem too? Perhaps try a complete uninstall/reinstall of Tidal and Qobuz and A+ and ROON. restore from backup maybe? I am purely guessing here.