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  1. jtwrace

    JRiver hacked

  2. jtwrace

    Qobuz coming to U.S.

    Qobuz will only be an option for me if it comes with full Roon support on all their current platforms such as the PSA DS Dac that I currently use with the Bridge II.
  3. jtwrace

    Allo not ready for the masses

    Did you try another USB port? You could have a bad board
  4. I did an interesting experiment two nights ago while waiting for the hurricane. I used the Allo USBridge and and the Bridge II via Ethernet on the DS. I grouped the zones together so they are playing the same track and just toggled between them and had volume leveling on too. There is NO sonic difference between them that I could detect regardless of the music I played.
  5. Based on this comment, I'll stick with my JBL M2's. I still much prefer them over the Salon2's. Now I just need to get focused on Audiolense when time allows.
  6. jtwrace

    Silent Roon Rock

    What do you mean by being exclusive? Are they talking about make Roon only work with the Nucleus at some point?
  7. jtwrace

    Silent Roon Rock

    Does Roon approve of it?
  8. Paul & Ted must have done some objective testing then as his recent comments are against them.
  9. If you head over to the PSA Forum you will read Paul's and others experience with the DS. As a DS owner, it's not needed.
  10. jtwrace

    Allo Sparky USBridge

    And here it is when it's plugged into one of the two USB ports on the Sparky.
  11. jtwrace

    Allo Sparky USBridge

    Here you go! I did update to 6.13 before doing this.
  12. jtwrace

    Aurender N100H

    I store my music on a NAS but yes, within the album folder. I named it that from the get-go. Bam!
  13. jtwrace

    Aurender N100H

    I typical have named the artwork Folder.jpg if it wasn't embedded. Have you tried one like that? I use XLD to rip on my MacBook AIr but I"m also a Roon user and it works incredibly well regardless of format. I did go through what you're doing though when I used JRiver and the Folder.jpg solved that issue but I did have to manually fix most of them since so many are small bands.
  14. There is such a void for MCH dac with Ethernet in for Roon that doesn't cost $10k it's silly. I'm really hoping a company (that's not Mytek) comes out with something soon.
  15. jtwrace

    Allo Sparky USBridge

    That's how I discovered my issue. Try one of the other USB ports and see if it works then.