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  1. CA Announcement Coming Tuesday January 9, 2018

  2. TEAC NT-505 NT505 Worth Waiting for ?

    Good deal for an NT-503 http://www.audiocircle.com/index.php?topic=153958.msg1646096#msg1646096
  3. Same league as the RME. I can't imagine the IFI is close to the RME given their take on measurements and all the fluff that IFI throws around. The RME seems to be the typical German made product with extreme engineering behind it.
  4. Doesn’t HQP work with roon, worst case? Do you really expect the ifi to be even close to the same league? I’m only interested in 2ch playback through my JBL M2’s
  5. Can I use Roon to control the volume with an sMS~200 attached without any loss?
  6. This is confusing to me too: DSD comes with its own limitations. DSD is a 1 bit stream of data that can not be processed digitally. There is no Bass, Treble, Loudness, EQ etc. possible at all. The volume control is no longer done by the DSP, but the DAC chip, which converts DSD into PCM to be able to offer level (volume) modification. You won’t notice that, volume operation at the ADI-2 Pro is seamless and behaves identical in any mode. The DSP now performs an additional DSD to PCM conversion, to be able to show the audio signal on the level meters and the Analyzer – a unique feature of the ADI-2 Pro. Even more extreme is DSD Direct. If activated (SETUP, Options, Device Mode), the DSD signal is not converted to PCM within the DAC, therefore there is no volume control at all – except for the analog reference levels, which can be used to set the coarse output level/volume. Left with no volume control, the ADI-2 Pro intentionally deactivates the headphone output 1/2 in DSD Direct mode – the analog signal is only available at the rear outputs. Phones Out 3/4 continues to work as it is independent and uses normal DSD mode or PCM, according to what source signal it receives. https://www.rme-audio.de/download/adi2pro_e.pdf
  7. Hello Can anyone tell me if the volume control in Roon will work with the RME ADI-2 Pro? @Miska or anyone else?
  8. Allo Sparky USBridge

    @Daniel Knight @allo.com My unit updated flawlessly and the GUI is looking GREAT! Keep up the awesome work!
  9. Scary thought honestly. What happens to UpTone if the unthinkable happened?
  10. Welcome To Club Allo!

    Happy to see me posting about the USBridge brought Allo to this forum as a sponsor.
  11. Also, is an actual remote control included with the dac?
  12. Has anyone compared this to the Mytek Brooklyn? Do they work with the sMS or µRendu without any issue at all sampling rates?
  13. Allo Sparky USBridge

    @allo.com @Daniel Knight You guys are very impressive! The GUI works like a champ! I can't remember when I mentioned that this was needed but it can't be that much longer than a month ago.
  14. Allo Sparky USBridge

    I'll wait to see what you come up with but I must say I'm impressed considering it takes some months and months to do.
  15. Allo Sparky USBridge

    What is the realistic timeframe?