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  1. Sonore ultraRendu

    It does not show up on their product page, so I don't know anything about it.
  2. Sonore ultraRendu

    What does even better than the LPS-1 mean? Why would I sell the ISO ?
  3. Sonore ultraRendu

    Wondering if the UltraRendu would be a sonic upgrade from a Mac Mini (MMK)? I have an HD-Plex, and LPS-1 along with ISO-Regen. Should drive a Chord Mojo ?
  4. Installed the UpTone JS-2 LPS Today WOW!

    Currently powering my Mac Mini (MMK) with HD-PLEX and wondered if moving to the JS-2 would yield any sonic benefits? Already using the ISO-Regen / LP1 output from the Mini. - T
  5. Interesting. I already sold my IFI Micro. Just curious what were the SQ differences with having the IFI in the chain now and without?
  6. What is the recommended burn-in time for the ISO-REGEN and LPS-1, about 20 hours or so?
  7. ISO-REGEN / LPS-1 arrived in one piece (very relieved) Will burn in for a week and post impressions afterwards. So far no pops or clicks so looks like I have a good one. Thanks Alex.
  8. Wishing Alex and family a safe return. I survived the Pacific Coast Malibu fires one year, and it's not something I wish upon anyone.
  9. I'm supposed to receive my ISO REGEN and LPS-1 tomorrow. My package went though two customs inspections. One in Shenzhen, which FedEx requested I fill out a detailed form of the package contents (needed to be written in Chinese) and then a second customs inspection in the capital city of the province we live in. They held it a couple of days, and we were notified they destroyed the original FedEx shipping box and repackaged it. They assed a customs duty to be paid upon delivery. I have no idea what I will see tomorrow, just hoping everything arrived in one piece and nothing is missing. Crossing fingers.
  10. So you are using the USPCB downstream of the ISO Regen?
  11. No, if going from the ISO Regen, then need a male Micro USB to fit the Chord DAC.
  12. I just found this little one. I this I will get one and compare to my Curious cable.
  13. No Choice, until Alex makes a USB connector to fit the Micro USB connector on the Chord.
  14. 2012 Mac Mini > USPCB > ISO Regen > Curious Cable > Chord DAC That will be my setup.
  15. If I have an Mac Mini resting on desk in standard horizontal position. Which USPCB orientation do I want if plugging into the ISO REGEN? Standard or Rotated? For me it's a bit confusing since I cannot see the USB B plug in any of the photos. I ordered the standard, but it was just a guess.