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  1. No Disc

    Sonore ultraRendu

    It does not show up on their product page, so I don't know anything about it.
  2. No Disc

    Sonore ultraRendu

    What does even better than the LPS-1 mean? Why would I sell the ISO ?
  3. No Disc

    Sonore ultraRendu

    Wondering if the UltraRendu would be a sonic upgrade from a Mac Mini (MMK)? I have an HD-Plex, and LPS-1 along with ISO-Regen. Should drive a Chord Mojo ?
  4. No Disc

    Installed the UpTone JS-2 LPS Today WOW!

    Currently powering my Mac Mini (MMK) with HD-PLEX and wondered if moving to the JS-2 would yield any sonic benefits? Already using the ISO-Regen / LP1 output from the Mini. - T
  5. Interesting. I already sold my IFI Micro. Just curious what were the SQ differences with having the IFI in the chain now and without?
  6. What is the recommended burn-in time for the ISO-REGEN and LPS-1, about 20 hours or so?
  7. ISO-REGEN / LPS-1 arrived in one piece (very relieved) Will burn in for a week and post impressions afterwards. So far no pops or clicks so looks like I have a good one. Thanks Alex.
  8. So you are using the USPCB downstream of the ISO Regen?
  9. No, if going from the ISO Regen, then need a male Micro USB to fit the Chord DAC.
  10. I just found this little one. I this I will get one and compare to my Curious cable.
  11. No Choice, until Alex makes a USB connector to fit the Micro USB connector on the Chord.
  12. 2012 Mac Mini > USPCB > ISO Regen > Curious Cable > Chord DAC That will be my setup.
  13. If I have an Mac Mini resting on desk in standard horizontal position. Which USPCB orientation do I want if plugging into the ISO REGEN? Standard or Rotated? For me it's a bit confusing since I cannot see the USB B plug in any of the photos. I ordered the standard, but it was just a guess.
  14. No Disc

    DIY DC power cables

    No, i'm good, I will just use it for the LPS-1 I have on order. I'll just order the correct one 2.5 from Ghent for the MMK. Its an XLR to DC plug 70cm for my HD plex.