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  1. black Friday deals:

    Black Friday. I call scam. You can get better discounts after Christmas.
  2. What is the definition of Audiophile?

    Agree. "Behind every great fortune is a great crime" I can not recall who said that but, you have to wonder who could afford a pair of $100K speakers. I am guessing Russian Kleptocrats, or CEOs of Asian companies with lots of 12 year old factory workers. Sure is not any middle class audiophile around these parts.
  3. What is the definition of Audiophile?

    PS audio sells baseball hats with the "A" word proudly printed (in large type) on the front. Ha, take that, haters.
  4. What is the definition of Audiophile?

    So, you pronounce audiophile “audio file” not “audio feel” but do you pronounce Philadelphia “File a Delphia”?
  5. I have a Yamaha CD S 2000 SACD in daily use. Very high quality. I am a big fan of high end Yamaha and other "big name" Japanese gear. Hits all my buttons, esp. price point!
  6. Are Iso acoustics woo

    Indeed, I think Woo audio is a great company. Very nice quality and a fine selection of headphone amplifiers.
  7. Does CA need Moderators - Volunteers and Votes

    One of the problems with living in the internet age is that it is getting difficult to determine what is real and what is not. (1) We have fake news, we have all manner of government using "the big lie" (I can't explain this reference without blowback so you have to be of a certain age and/or have basic knowledge of World History to understand). We have all sorts of web sites where audio reviewers can give us good advice on buying decisions (assuming that you have the exact same room as the audio reviewer - if not then you have no idea if the XXo 3400 is just the speaker, amplifier, cable, gizmo you need.) So I advise no moderation. We are, to a certain extent, self-regulating, and our beloved founder has ruled with a light hand. Keep it like it is....same as it ever was (2) (1) The kingdoms of experience, in the precious winds they rotWhile paupers change possessions, each one wishing for what the other has gotAnd the princess and the prince discuss what's real and what is notIt doesn't matter inside the gates of Eden Bob Dylan - Gates Of Eden Lyrics | MetroLyrics (2) Talking Heads.
  8. wood cable elevators

    I put some wood blocks under my speaker cables, now I can dust under them with my Swiffer. Best audio investment ever......
  9. OPPO

    I would get an OPPO, but I don't want to pay for all the video stuff. A good, high quality, (not high end with attendant high prices) all in one, audio only gizmo is just the ticket.
  10. The New CA Issues and Feedback Thread

    You need at least one space between the quote box and your reply. And do not put your reply inside the quote box! You may be an audiophile, but most of you are graphically challenged. Don't forget you listen with your eyes.

    The day the music died. And I am not talking about the song.


    Here is my question, if it has been answered in one of the 6000 [and counting] posts on this subject, my apologies. If a song is recorded with MQA technology, but played back on non MQA equipment will it be standard, unaltered, red book/higher resolution, or some transmogrification of a non MQA recording?
  14. Speaker : how to fix this?

    Grills? Cats, dogs and young children are good reasons for speaker grills......