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  1. Article: Announcing the Blue Coast Music Club on CA

    Yes.....Yes....but what about MQA?????
  2. I Now Consider The Stereophile Staff Snake Oil Salesmen

    Very good point. However, for most audio consumers who want to explore systems such as you describe, that is systems which can present such outstanding results, digital is just too damn hard. Library management, connectivity issues, special software programs, upgrades to operating systems which make drivers disappear. Inviting your audio buddies over just to have the computer, server, streamer crash.....the list goes on. When higher end digital audio achieves the LP or CD standard, that is, set it and forget it, then we will have something. Until then, the have a hobby best suited to computer scientists and the advanced hobbyist.
  3. This is all very interesting. But how can all of this manipulation possibly result in better sound? I don’t care if it is a $50K dCS or a $499. iFI, none of this processing can be good for music — or humans for that matter. I submit that the primary benefit of most digital systems is convenience and, sadly, if you look at other threads on this site, you will see that library management, storage, connectivity and other issues are still major issues. It all makes me wonder if the much maligned, non audiophile, iPod generation has it right, just put your music on a phone and get some ear buds — burn your Stereophile magazines and forget all this digital pain, life is to short.
  4. JVS Cheerleads an MQA CD..Sis Boom Bah!

    Crap. I thought it was March 17th. My error. I wonder when the second CD will be released?
  5. JVS Cheerleads an MQA CD..Sis Boom Bah!

    According to Stereophile the FIRST MQA CD will not be available until March: On March 17, Japanese label Ottava will release the first MQA recording on compact disc, A. Piazzolla by Strings and Oboe. Recorded by the UNAMAS Piazzolla Septet, whose videos you can view online, the short disc was mastered by the Tokyo-based label's CEO, Mick Sawaguchi. The recording is also available for download. Read more at https://www.stereophile.com/content/mqa-encoded-cds-yes#qSb2o2FXeTrGDSg0.99
  6. Mqa yet again at S-phile

    Funny. I thought we all agreed that fiction plays an important role in Audio Journalism........
  7. I Now Consider The Stereophile Staff Snake Oil Salesmen

    Jesus H. Christ, when did you get the idea that Stereophile was involved in the snake oil trade? When they claimed Cable A “sounded” better than cable B? When they claimed that the amplifier which cost $15000. was a “reasonable price” for quality audio. When they featured a pair of speakers that were so large, so heavy, so expensive and so ugly that no person besides Russian oligarchs ( well known for bad taste) would buy them? @Brinkman Ship welcome to the real world. Most of us reached the same conclusion years ago. MQA is just the latest brick in the wall.
  8. Mqa yet again at S-phile

    Can I quote song lyrics or post short out takes from other web sites if I note where the material came from? Such as: "Joe Smith bla bla bla" -- from a article on the Bla Bla web magazine.
  9. Simple MQA poll.

    148 members have voted. That may indeed be normal traffic for "General Forum". Who knows? I imagine there are visitors who only scan the more narrow topic foura such as "networking" etc. The General Forum may be to wild for some.
  10. Le Morte d'Pono

    Can't watch it. I hated the book.
  11. Simple MQA poll.


    Welcome to the Music Liberation Front. (MLF)
  13. Le Morte d'Pono

    Great points by @Samuel T Cogley and @Spacehound . Uncle Neil may well be god. But like many gods in our history no one pays attention. Sad but true.
  14. Le Morte d'Pono

    NY is not your cup of tea. Got it.