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  1. Found it! Found it. The Quote button should be number two in the line (after the + button)
  2. how do you respond to a posting?
  3. Need forum button on top - I don't want to look for it. too much white space.
  4. MQA. I will not seek MQA or make it a condition of purchase for any future equipment/software. I will not upgrade or replace any equipment or software in order to obtain it. If it is there, and running, I will use it.* I will not be adding any music with MQA capability just to have MQA. * Like when I put a SACD disc in my player. If it is a SACD, it plays. I don't have to do anything.
  5. In re vinyl v. digital: You can't always get what you want but sometimes....... Because. Source. Find the best source and enjoy.
  6. Oops my error. Sorry. I don't even know if my mac will support usb 3.0, my original Iusb works fine.
  7. Darko recently moved to Berlin (from OZ) so he could be closer to his favorite music. (A much more youth centered music than most of the "old white dudes" on this site care to follow.) (I guess the kids down under are just not cool enough for Mr. D) I would guess Darko knows more about what young people are interested in than the majority here.
  8. Well..the Nakamichi Dragon sounded fine to me. But then, most people on this site don't think much of audio memory....right? Bought mine in Japan. Used it for a long time, then one day I was taking it down to the basement to box and store when I missed a step and me and the mighty Dragon went down. I was ok, but the Dragon, sadly, got a nice big dent on one corner. Sold it later for about $25. bucks. I would still have the damn thing, if I could manage stairs better.
  9. What does the computer (applications > Audio MIDI setup) show as "output" is the iTube blocking computer to DAC chain, is the computer recognizing your DAC with the Itube in the chain?
  10. At last, a cable thread about cable threads. Call me home Lord.
  11. Chill pill time.
  12. Oh ye nay Sayers. I have these exact same cables on my iFI Phono preamp. now I don't exactly know where the iFI ends and the cable starts but.......
  13. Ha, just like every time some non-audiophile code head "upgrades" the OS at the Apple House, Sonos goes nuts, DACs die and outrage ensues. The best upgrade is no upgrade.
  14. Agree 100 per cent! A poorly recorded source will sound much worse on the $50K rig. I heard a bad recording on a +$150K Rockport / dCS set up once, it was bad, very bad. On the other hand an exceptional recording demands the best you can afford.