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  1. @ KalRubison: Simple, Neuro linguistic programming. Some people are wired for sound. Some are not. Some like sweet, some like sour. The people who are not "wired" to enjoy music do not
  2. RMAF 2017 - Who's Going?

    I am done with audio shows. Hotel rooms are worthless for audio. However meeting up with fellow travelers is nice and about the only thing that would make a show worthwhile. Have a great time.
  3. +1. "The difference between running, say, a standard consumer computer via USB to a DAC, vs a good purpose built audio source (edit) is not subtle." Agree. The home computer is a poor audio source.
  4. @barrows I see that you are a computer expert: "Design/Build Consultant with Simple Design /Sonore". Good on you! What about the rest of us that do not have your education, work experience and skill? What about the rest of us that had to sell off a W4S DAC 1 because it would quit working with each so called "upgrade" from Cupertino? My opinion only; "computer audio" is for experts such as yourself, or the serious hobbyist who likes to experiment with all manner of DACs, USB Cables, external clocks, and god knows what else. I like to kick back play a CD or an LP and enjoy the music. I am also unconvinced that high resolution files sound much different than redbook. If a recording is well done, it should sound good on the common CD player and on a high resolution platform. A poor recording will sound even worse on a high resolution file and given the state of the recording art industry today, you have a rather good chance of getting some horrid recordings. I do have a modest computer audio system which does work, most of the time!
  5. @Ralf11. Any speaker north of say $75K (I pulled this price out of the air, but you get the point) should not be discussed without detailed consultation with a sound engineer and your home builder or contractor. Speakers in this price range do not sound good in a home environment. Very expensive systems require listening rooms that are built to specification.
  6. CD is the best digital source. Avoids all the problems (listed above) with computers and connections. If you want to pay subscription fees, I would say a streaming service would be the way to go.
  7. When will MQA be deemed a success?

    + 1. Better is the enemy of good enough.
  8. When will MQA be deemed a success?

    I am not going to re-purchase my music. If I buy new equipment with MQA capability, I still will not purchase a new copy of something I have on 1. vinyl, 2. Hard Drive, 3. CD/SACD. 4. Cassette tape, 4. Reel to Reel, 5. Edison cylinders.
  9. is there ANY benefit to playing from a cd player?

    Suppose, for a moment, that CDs and computer based music were equal in sound quality. I would go with the CD 80% of the time. Because the CD works. I have never found computer based music to be reliable. Something is always wrong. Missing drivers, computer not "seeing" some obscure code, high rez music requiring an additional software suite which is as user friendly as the IRS. We have all been there, inviting our audio group over to audition some new equipment and.....nothing..... some computer glitch. Give me a CD any day.

    I blame the dear leader.
  11. How many shows can audio support?

    Newport Beach (adjacent) was a nice area, Anaheim, not so much. The organizers have to rethink the schedule AND the location.
  12. Help Needed Stereo Output Skewed to One Speaker

    If you can, plug in some headphones. See if you get the same problem with the headphones that you get with your speakers. You may have some problem with the sound card. (just a guess on my part) There are computer experts on this site that may have a better response than I can offer.
  13. The Bottom Fell Out

    According to Nelson Pass (God-Emperor) amplification has reached the "end of science." (Class D exception) Amplification is as good as it can get.
  14. I used to have hair. But now I can use any set of cans on the planet ~ no hair, no worries.
  15. Walter Becker - RIP

    One of my favorites.....sad day. Can you hear the evil crowd The lies and the laughter I hear my inside The mechanized hum of another world Where no sun is shining No red light flashing Here in this darkness I know what I've done I know all at once who I am Steely Dan - Don't Take Me Alive Lyrics