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  1. Why!? Please Tell Me Why!

    vile, viler, vilest.
  2. Why!? Please Tell Me Why!

    !WARNING VILE THREAD! I give my most coveted "post of the day award" for exceptional wit or snark. Sadly this is my first "VILE THREAD" award.
  3. Why!? Please Tell Me Why!

    On the WAF scale of 1 to 10 where 1 is ugly and 10 is “OMG! honey, I love your new speakers.” Those cables must be somewhere in the minus 5 to 7 range. Bring those fat boys home and you will be sleeping with the cables, or the fishes....
  4. Calling all women!

    Wow. I had a TR-6 when I was in the Army in Germany. Even had an aftermarket targa top. Fun car. Since I was only an NCO, I could not afford to keep it running. Even the Brit car repair shop in Kaiserslautern could not fix the oil leak. Had to let it go. Then my Boss let me drive his TR-7.....hit some black ice on the way home, ever had to call your boss and tell him you dinged his car? Sorry Bart.
  5. Calling all women!

    Well said @gmgraves! just the the point I was making in my quite brilliant NLP post above - which received no “up votes” or quotes because it was over shadowed by an inane and uninteresting riff on body parts.
  6. I could not resist any longer...

    Listen with your eyes Doc, with your eyes.
  7. Calling all women!

    IMHO, it all comes down to neurolingistic programming (NLP). NPL doctrine states that each individual has a built in bias to certain a certain type of sensory input. For example, many people are visual, they prefer to gather information and entertainment on TV or other visual media. My theory is that many audio hobbyists listen with their eyes. The bigger the silver box the better. Toss in some fat cables, a blue light or two, a dial, and, hey presto, your Nelson Pass. This visual preference is not restricted to audio. Watch collectors...mostly male. Automotive design enthusiasts....male. The list is long and boringly obvious. Women, in general, may not be so impressed with modern industrial design or wrist watch aesthetic. (I mean come on, no female thinks Wilson speakers belong in any installation outside of a certain bunker in pre WW2 Berlin) Music has little to do with the question regarding the lack of female participation in our hobby. The eyes have it.
  8. The only takeaway I got out of this vile thread was the claim that "Stereophile makes money" in this day and age when print makes money, ....that is a big deal.
  9. Hearing Loss

    I thought Avid was a great speaker......no wait..... Company Motto: Avid Speakers avoid the drivel.....
  10. "Audio Without Numbers" by Herb Reichert

    This indicates that we will "finish" the debate about MQA!!! Just like we finished the cable debate.,,,
  11. "Audio Without Numbers" by Herb Reichert

    Reviews of audio equipment are worthless. Don't read them. Subjective / Objective, it makes no difference. The only review which may be of assistance is you hooking up your kit in your own room. If it sounds good to you in your room, then it is good. So be it.
  12. "Audio Without Numbers" by Herb Reichert

    I am very confused about existence and consciousness. Many of the quantum physics "abstracts" * I read claim we don't have any....existence and/or consciousness that is. We exist in a simulation lab? Ok, where does music come from then? *or what is reported about the abstract.
  13. Connecting Amanero to Ian fifo?

    Hi hellokitty. Where are you located? (May help to have a geo-location) I will "bump" this post up on the board. Someone may have an idea on how to help you.
  14. Porsche always gets good marks for build quality and reliable cars. I would stick with Porsche. Plus they are drivable and they don't charge you $600. to change the oil. As my dear old dad used to say. "I can afford a Ferrari, (add the exotic of your choice) I just can't afford to keep it running."