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  1. @witchdoctor are you stating that MQA can make a hideously compressed master sound better? Take a beer can and step on it. Now attempt to reform the can. Now you have a visual of poorly mastered, compressed music.
  2. When you read all the opinions regarding MQA you come to the realization that MQA is just another tweek. Just like cables or any other audio item. Some people like the sound some don't. At this stage of technology, I doubt if any amp, DAC, turntable or what have you sounds better or worse, it/they only sound different. You like it, you do not. Enjoy your music.
  3. Mansr's point about DSP (Supra) is very important. I believe DSP will become a critical aspect of future audio enjoyment. If MOA cannot fully support DSP - that is a problem.
  4. God knows what the hackers have done to your refrigerator. It may have increased your standing ice cream order by X2!!!!
  5. Chris, great article. In the novel 1984, Big Brother forced citizens to live in a connected dwelling. In 2017, citizens are inviting audio and video surveillance into their homes. The mind boggles. Most participating in this discussion will have strong passwords and, hopefully, other security features activated. I, for one, will never have a connected bathroom scale, you never know who will hack your scale!
  6. @sphinxsix Schiesse, my error. Senior moment.
  7. I know now you jest, but ... yikes. Jagged little pill. -- Alanis Morissette
  8. I got a girlfriend who's better than that..... -- Roxy Music
  9. +1. No doubt Immersive Audio sounds cool. Unfortunate that is has a WAF of 0.
  10. OK. I just moved my AVM C8 (class D) from my office system to my main system. So now I have three amps to play with: Cronus Mag II (tube) Yamaha S 2000 (solid state) AVM C8 (class D) With my Joseph Audio Perspective speakers, all three amps sound fine. I would be happy with any of the three. I guess there are speaker - amp combinations which would cause me to select one amplifier over another, but for now I can enjoy music without distress.
  11. @crenca Got it. Still, interesting. Proof is in the sound I guess.
  12. First: Andrew Jones. I think he is one of the best designers around. I would go with him 92% of the time. Good sound, good price. Second: Don't a lot of expensive subwoofers have passive radiators?
  13. And thus, the driver problem, in full horror, displayed....
  14. I use snort cones. Fill a dixie cup with cocaine. Everything sounds better......a little fast like a 33.3 on 45 RPM, but better.........
  15. Great reporting. I am done with shows and you just told me why! In re pricing: I think most of the super high end equipment is sold outside the US. (opinion only) Example 1. China is Porsche largest market. Example 2. My Persian rug dealer has regaled me with tales of Russian kleptocrats asking for the most expensive rug in the shop with no concern for the design, provenance, size or history of the piece.....