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  1. Auralic say they prefer wireless as not having a physical connection reduces noise potentially generated by a router, so perhaps the Bluesound is not so much optimised for Wi-Fi. Anyone tried this with an Auralic Mini (discounting the other manufacturers do who not recommend Wi-Fi)? Auralic Mini Wi-Fi vs Auralic Mini Ethernet? Here the full explanation from Auralic (sorry I've just found this article): https://support.auralic.com/hc/en-us/articles/205863078 Also this from Auralic " The circuits of wired and wireless connections inside Lightning device have been designed for the same high performance. They should sound the same theoretically." Therefore I would assume that if you plan to buy a solution where you need Wi-Fi because Ethernet to your Hi-Fi rack is not possible - stick with Auralic who do not shun Wi-Fi as a connectivity option - in fact they treat is as an equal all things being considered and properly set up.
  2. I'm not sure you are on the right discussion - this is about the pros and cons of Ethernet or Wireless connectivity and how it affects (if at all) sound quality.
  3. So no real evidence here that a properly sorted Wi-Fi solution is any worse or better than Ethernet. Properly sorted would mean no dropouts (like mine here at home). Maybe keeping distance between the RFI transmitter as someone called it earlier by using Ethernet to a Wireless Connector distanced about 6 ft from the equipment. I certainly agree with Sonore that it's so easy to incorporate Wi-Fi (the cute name for RFI) by using Ethernet to a Wireless Connector so why bother shoving one inside the case? Certainly if you are not streaming anything over CD quality - then the demands over Wi-Fi are insignificant. Remember those that think they are connecting the best way over Ethernet are probably close to the router itself so that the Ethernet cable reaches the hub, but of course that's worse because the router is probably serving wireless to the family (therefore wireless near the equipment anyway) and is actually a consumer unit near the Hi-Fi.
  4. That's interesting, you've owned the top end Aries and know what this sound like against the Mini and you are still impressed with the Mini with your experience. I too have the Mini (streaming over Wi-Fi of course) and found it worked really well indeed with JKenny's new ISO-DAC. Did you do anything to enhance the Mini such as use an upgraded power supply, high quality USB cable, external USB DAC?
  5. It's not really problems I am trying to seek out here - I'm asking can a reliable Wi-Fi connection compare well with Ethernet in terms of sound quality? I'm not referring to people with wireless problems (I don't have those myself) - I'm just trying to establish if good Wi-Fi is on equal footing with Ethernet. Or perhaps some streamers are more tolerant than others such as Auralic? Anyway, rather than describe my Wi-Fi setup - this is how mine works now - you can see how the wireless connector is away from the equipment and outside of the equipment ...
  6. The cheap consumer item being in near proximity thing can also be dealt with in my case at least; there's a 5V DC output at the rear of my Yamaha A-S801 which - using the right lead - will power the wireless connector and therefore keep me from using the cheap switch-mode power supply generally supplied with these consumer wireless products. At least the cheap consumer wireless router is a good distance away from the hi-fi; if I were to have the so called better connection of a direct Ethernet lead it would be in to the cheap consumer router which is a cheap consumer item close to the audio. So I guess it's one thing or another. There's probably a good deal of us out there anyway with some cheap consumer item in near proximity to their hi-fi anyway even if it's not network related.
  7. Most of the above wireless problems can be eliminated by using an external wireless connector (note the word external here, so not inside the sensitive electronics) - and in turn you can connect the external wireless connector to the streamer with an Ethernet cable - you've got to agree - this is an easy solution around that aforementioned concern
  8. I'm interested if anyone here has had some great experiences of streamers working very well, and even maintaining their musicality as much over wireless as wired? The general consensus I believe is to use Ethernet wires where possible and avoid wireless at all costs - is this really true - is the SQ quality compromised that badly if we do use Wi-Fi to stream our music from Tidal for example? Are there in fact manufacturers that even recommend Wi-Fi over wired (I'm sure I read somewhere, but can't remember where that AURALiC endorse a good wireless connection for their streamer range). Anyone depending on Wi-Fi streaming as their main streaming music source in a hi-end rig - comparing well with their CD player or turntable for fidelity?
  9. airguitar

    Let's talk about SOTM SMS-200 ULTRA

    is there a way to have a USB disk not powered by the SMS200 (or Ultra) itself but externally to reduce the strain on the SMS itself? On that question alone - you are only asking for a small amount of storage so surely the internal mini SD card provided with the sMS-200 Ultra will be enough without any need to add anything else?
  10. airguitar

    I just need to stream Tidal - is the mR enough?

    First thing you can't do when using either an mR or sMS-200 is stream MQA files to your DAC. Unless you are using Roon - then using either the mR or sMS-200 as a Roon Endpoints - because Roon does has access to MQA files. The advantage you have using a laptop is that you can stream MQA files direct from the Tidal App (without the need for Roon). There again, you can't remote control your playlist using the PC app, you can in a way using RDP or Teamviewer - but those are not elegant solutions. However in my experience - I get a severe impact on sound quality when using a laptop - but there are tweakable ways to improve a laptop. Devices like the sMS-200 and mR are already tweaked for the highest sound quality.
  11. airguitar

    I just need to stream Tidal - is the mR enough?

    I now own an sMS-200 Ultra and can confirm that Tidal is fine as a plug-in for LMS, so no need to invest in Roon unless your want more functionality and a more seamless integration with other music files you may own.
  12. I've just kicked my sMS-200 Ultra in to life and would like to ask what the optimum way of streaming Tidal from it is? So far I am using Squeezelite - ickStream/Tidal from the unit itself, but fail to find a remote app on the iPhone or Android tablet that can remote control the Tidal playlist. Anyone?
  13. Yes sort of - I was considering Lumin before choosing the sMS-200... a bit beyond my financial priorities though - I love the look of the Lumin players - but I'm not concerned anymore now that I have the sMS-200 Ultra - this is a giant leap in SQ (although I have yet to hear a Lumin in my rig).
  14. Man I am lapping it up with the first play from my SoTM sMS-200 ULTRA !! I'm getting amazing sounds through this little miracle (sMS-200 ULTRA - Croft 25 pre / 7 power - Role Audio Enterprise speakers.)
  15. Perhaps I am misunderstanding the below link leading to computer audio misconceptions .... http://www.mojo-audio.com/blog/computer-audio-misconceptions/ Read the paragraph: Aren’t streaming devices bit perfect?