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  1. ExaSound e22 DAC still for sale: reduced to £1750/$2250.
  2. T+a dac 8 dsd

    There must be many like me who would rather use something like the MicroRendu than their present Windows NAA
  3. Hi Jeroen, Yes, the Playpoint is still for sale. Please send me a PM to discuss. Best Craig
  4. Excellent condition (including original packing), with latest updates and working perfectly. Fine sound and ease of use. ExaSound e22 DAC Mk 2 £1950/$2500 (UK price new £3500) ExaSound PlayPoint Network player £1050/$1350 (UK price new £1995) The complete solution: buy both e22 and PlayPoint for £2500/$3250 (UK £ price new £5495) Reason for selling is to economise by selling my second system. Shipping included if within UK. Craig
  5. HQ Player

    Did you ever get a helpful response to this? Now that some of us have learned for the first time that the choice of integrator applies to DSD>DSD upsampling, I guess I'm not alone in wanting to know more about how they function.
  6. HQ Player

    Me too.
  7. HQ Player

    Is this available as a download? (I can't find it).
  8. HQ Player

  9. HQ Player

    Where are you finding a BBC flac stream? I thought it was aac.
  10. HQ Player

  11. The New CA Issues and Feedback Thread

  12. HQ Player

    Thanks for explaining Sent from my iPhone using Computer Audiophile
  13. HQ Player

    Would you mind giving us the figures without auto rate family checked and max rate at 512 48x? Sent from my iPhone using Computer Audiophile
  14. HQ Player

    Are you talking specifically about Red Book? Higher 44.1x rates (e.g. DXD) to 24.576 MHz DSD stutter badly with -2s on my 6700k + 1080GTX. (Using HQP 3.16) Sent from my iPhone using Computer Audiophile
  15. HQ Player

    Sorry Jud, I don't get your point. No doubt my fault. But I thought Ted's question was essentially about whether it's better to strive to upsample everything to 48k based rates, and I thought you were contradicting the idea that it is more resource intensive to upsample 44.1k files to 48k based rates, or 48k files to 44.1 based rates. So I provided a quote from Miska confirming that that is indeed the case - and of course it is the reason for Miska providing the autorate family in HQPlayer. So how does that relate to the post that you link? What am I failing to see? Sent from my iPhone using Computer Audiophile