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  1. Massdrop Focal "Elex"

    I had the Focal Spirit Pro - signature was very decent albeit maybe slightly weak in the deeper bass. But the Elear had a big recess between 4 and 5 khz, much like the AudioQuest NightHawk I had.
  2. Headphone + amp upgrade advice please

    Your logic is very faulty. The whole purpose of high fidelity is accurate reproduction. For example, it does not matter that we hear a live recording differently when we sit there and listen side-by-side. What matters is that the high fidelity gear plays the recording accurately, so that I hear the same thing in my recording as when I was there live, and you hear in your recording and hi-fi gear the same as when you were there live.
  3. Headphone + amp upgrade advice please

    The planar projects sound from a large flat surface, but the dynamic driver projects sound as a piston. Very different. The large flat surface is not good for high frequencies. You should read up on this before posting.
  4. Headphone + amp upgrade advice please

    Upsampling works no better in audio than it does in photography. It gets bigger, but not better.
  5. Headphone + amp upgrade advice please

    False. The planar driver is very large, very well suited to accurate bass. Not so good for treble.
  6. Headphone + amp upgrade advice please

    Logic is not about monopoly, it's about comparing A to B and realizing they are not identical. You are trying to create a false equivalence, but it doesn't pass logic.
  7. Headphone + amp upgrade advice please

    There's a tremendous difference in the treble strength of a Senn HD800 and planars in that range, such as the LCD2 Fazor edition I had. Particularly above 10 khz. To think that they sound about the same (treble), doesn't compute.
  8. Headphone + amp upgrade advice please

    Try David Chesky's Girl From Guatemala, especially about the 3:00 point. The HD800 aces it, and I doubt your lowball planars will be anywhere in the ballpark. As to the type of music, I've found that good recordings benefit from a good headphone and suitable amp. A good amp for PM3 (a really suitable amp) might raise the overall cost higher than you'd like. EDIT: BTW, I would expect the HD600 to sound bad if not driven properly, *especially* in the bass where the impedance is much higher than at 1 khz.
  9. Headphone + amp upgrade advice please

    All of the planars I've tried are treble-deficient. I prefer a somewhat dark sound, with no treble peaks, yet the planars sound rather dull the higher you go. Even when you smooth out the HD800 peak(s), the sparkle is still there that's missing from planars -at least the planars under $1500 or so.
  10. Stronger motor makes higher sensitivity?

    The most sensitive speakers I know of are the biggies like the Klipschorn, Altec etc. "voice of the theater", Cerwin-Vegas, etc. Generally, as they get smaller and still try for an extended bandwidth, the sensitivity goes down. If the impedance (worst-case impedance, not nominal imoedance) goes down as well, then you need to make sure your amp can handle it with low distortion and without overheating.
  11. Request for sound confirmation

    My experience too.
  12. Request for sound confirmation

    BTW, get at least 2 different tone sweeps from 20 hz to 20 khz, and keep the volume to a modest level and listen all the way through. If you don't hear some strong peaks and suckouts, then your sweep tones aren't working. BTW-2, running test tones continuously at high volume can damage the headphone as well as your ears.
  13. Request for sound confirmation

    No point in me checking with cheap headphones. I've had a couple of the Superlux I got from Massdrop. When there are certain sibilants or percussive sounds that are exaggerated by resonances in a headphone, you can try to EQ them, or listen to tracks that don't have those sounds, or try another headphone.
  14. Request for sound confirmation

    No crackling in the first file. No buzz in the second file. There is a "crackling" sort-of after 30 seconds of Taylor Swift, but it's obviously something in the mix. Try downloading some test tones and see if you have any strong peaks/resonances in the treble.
  15. I'm not going to tell a lie...