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    Memorable Music Movies.

    Boogie Nights for me. That scene at the end with the firecrackers and Jessie's Girl playing on tape. Also love the music in Magnolia. PT Anderson is a personal favorite. Sent from my SM-N930P using Computer Audiophile mobile app
  2. Having the same issues with the playlist. Hope an update happens soon.
  3. djvitamind

    KEF M500 Headphones

    Wow these headphones sound incredible! I wasn't too sure on the design until I actually had them in my hands. They don't look so 'big' in person as they do in the pictures. Very light weight and comfortable. I purchased 3 headphones from Amazon as I wanted to compare the sound of them all: KEF M500 Bowers & Wilkins P5 Martin Logan MIKROS 90 This was my first experience with B&W and Martin Logan. I started off with the P5's and liked they way they sounded until I put on the M500's. The mids on the M500's had the most noticeable change for me. Vocals sounded natural and smooth. Treble sounded even while the bass was nice and tight. I guess the best way to describe the sound when compared to the others was that it sounded neutral and full bodied. The MIKROS 90 seemed bright to me lacking any warmth. I really didn't like they way these sounded. Love the way the memory pads feel and they do offer a good amount of isolation. Build quality is excellent too. Comes with a zippered clamshell type of case. Excited to hear how these will sound after a couple of days.
  4. For me it's the most I've ever spent on electronics and I've never enjoyed something so much over the last month. There are no issues with this at all and it's played every format I've thrown at it. Before this I had a Pioneer N50 connected through an MDAC and now have no need for either in fact I moved the MDAC into another room. My biggest surprise is with vinyl...I have not been playing records like I used too as this Lumin sounds as close as it gets to vinyl. I don't know how to explain it but it sounds incredible.
  5. Question about the Music Library menu on the Lumin. I have a couple that I no longer use and are grayed out. Is it possible to remove these from the Music Library? I've tried swiping and no luck. I feel like I have done this before but can't seem to remember how.
  6. Any MDAC owners out there? I've been happy with the MDAC ever since I purchased it in February of 2012. Excited for the upgrade: http://mdac2.lakewestaudio.com/ Features: Dual ES9018 Sabre32 DACs, one dedicated chip per channel for true dual mono operation. Brand new discrete Class A analog stage design. Redesigned on-board power supply circuitry guaranteeing optimal performance using the stock AC adaptor. High Speed USB 2.0 controller for asynchronous USB Audio Class 2.0 with 32 bit resolution and up to 768 kHz sampling rates. Driverless operation under MacOS X and Linux as well as Windows with UAC 1.0 fallback (up to 96 kHz). Optional open-source ASIO driver for Windows to support UAC 2.0 capabilities. DSD 64Fs supported via USB as well as S/PDIF with DSD 128Fs and higher available via USB (DoD standard). FPGA on board, opening the doors to limitless customization and further improvements delivered via software updates. Ability to bypass all internal processing in the Sabre32 and replace it with custom LakeWest developments down to the noise shaper. RAM buffer for memory play without ASRC for S/PDIF sources. Asynchronous USB and transport ClockLock interface ASRC free playback or optionally S/PDIF playback with ASRC without memory buffer induced latencies. Passive AV bypass unbalanced inputs allowing coexistence of analog preamplifier / surround processor with the DAC’s own digital preamplifier. 4W XLR Female on the rear panel for balanced headphone connection. Made in EU, each unit tested and qualified personally by JW Costs involved: Next Generation Mainboard £400~500 standard build, without Bulk Foil resistors for 'Toy' option add £50 for the additional resistors for 'Fusion' option add £350 for the additional resistors Seems to be a lot of interest: M-DAC Next
  7. djvitamind

    Show us your equipment / kit !

    Sure thing. Nothing works better and cheaper for records than the Ikea Expedit series: EXPEDIT series - IKEA We put together 10 of these shelves ranging in various sizes to store all the records in. It's a pain for sure. The piece that holds all the equipment was found at Danish Modern L.A., Tambour Door Credenza by Milo Baughman. I don't know much about the designer but sure love the way it looks. Worked out great for all the gear too. Even the color matches the LS50's.
  8. djvitamind

    Show us your equipment / kit !

    Appreciate that thanks. I've tried to keep it very simple and not take over the open loft space. I sold a Yamaha CD-S1000 SACD player when I got the Lumin and pretty sure I am going to sell the Oppo now too. I just love the way everything sounds now.
  9. djvitamind

    Show us your equipment / kit !

    Received the Lumin a few weeks ago and cannot stop listening. I grew up on vinyl and reels too.
  10. djvitamind

    Article: Lumin Network Music Player Review

    Airplay is supported so you could run Spotify and have it play through the Lumin. I was using Airplay with Amazon Cloud Player from iPad Mini and worked without issues.
  11. djvitamind

    Article: Lumin Network Music Player Review

    I received my Lumin this evening and agree this thing just works. I wish I would have read your review earlier as I had the same situation with adding new albums, they would not appear until I finally restarted the NAS. Going to install Minimserver Auto Restart now. Thanks.
  12. djvitamind

    Kef ls50

    I absolutely love them. I got to hear them at the RMAF last year and was so impressed. I purchased them in October. It's the first time in years that I've had a setup with no sub. I enjoy listening to them daily.
  13. djvitamind

    Those little gold-plated, two-pronged RCA inserts...

    I had the exact same thing happen with my Audiolab M-DAC. Same type of RCA and would stick to the cable. John of Lakewest mentioned that I should dab a bit of superglue on the rigid parts and sure enough that kept it from coming out again.
  14. djvitamind

    Listening chairs. What do you have?

    Came across this Morgon chair and ottoman at CB2. Sitting in it now and really like it: