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  1. mkrzych

    Audirvana Plus 3 (official thread)

    You're right Jud! Mea culpa. So in fact it's DSD stream capable chipset - wondering if Rega could do anything with that updating the firmware ;-) Over the XMOS USB is not DSD capable at all, only PCM.
  2. mkrzych

    Audirvana Plus 3 (official thread)

    What is the question actually for DAC-R? I have this DAC for over the year and very happy with it. Mostly using filter nr 1, but more and more gravitating towards nr 3 already. I do not use any upsampling on A+, just feeding USB input of DAC-R with what is actually presented in the FLAC file. For DSD64 playing/SACD ISO using 64bit m-stage algorithm and than DAC-R playing these kind of files as 24/176.4kHz. BTW, WM8742 is not the one in DAC-R, since DAC-R is pure PCM DAC. It's WM8741 IMHO.
  3. DR12 is not bad, but looking at the peak levels it could be brickwalled. -0.02dB it must clips and be distorted at the top. To me another victim of 2017 loudness wars like: Rolling Stones, Sting, Depeche Mode, etc. Musically, listening over the web it fine album, relaxed, but mostly for background listening, not something I care about more.
  4. mkrzych

    Audirvana Plus 3 (official thread)

    @damien78 Does the A+ check and sends out the date needed ONLY to check the license or it could add something else?!
  5. mkrzych

    Article: Dynamic Range: No Quiet = No Loud

    Very, very good article and indeed slightly depressing. One of the reason why I was constantly searching in the past for old releases for CD (cheap), which are much better than reissues. Same goes for my recent hobby which is vinyl records - reason to buy vinyl is that mastering is usually better than for the same release on CD or download available on the web! It is easy to find download done possibly in 24/96 or 24/192 with DR7 - which to me is complete bummer! Take a look at the recent Rolling Stones, Sting, Metallica, etc albums - all are compressed as hell! Why, that's not what I can understand!
  6. Hello, Newest DM Spirit album, just take a look! Unbelievable: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Analyzed folder: C:\Users\Mediecenter\Desktop\KUN DR TEST\Depeche\14 Spirit\ ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DR Peak RMS Filename ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DR6 -0.31 dB -7.81 dB 01 Depeche Mode - Going Backwards.wav DR6 -0.31 dB -8.02 dB 02 Depeche Mode - Where's the Revolution.wav DR7 -0.31 dB -10.12 dB 03 Depeche Mode - The Worst Crime.wav DR6 -0.31 dB -7.20 dB 04 Depeche Mode - Scum.wav DR7 -0.31 dB -8.80 dB 05 Depeche Mode - You Move.wav DR7 -0.31 dB -9.59 dB 06 Depeche Mode - Cover Me.wav DR7 -0.31 dB -11.03 dB 07 Depeche Mode - Eternal.wav DR6 -0.31 dB -7.73 dB 08 Depeche Mode - Poison Heart.wav DR6 -0.31 dB -7.17 dB 09 Depeche Mode - So Much Love.wav DR7 -0.31 dB -8.92 dB 10 Depeche Mode - Poorman.wav DR6 -0.31 dB -7.24 dB 11 Depeche Mode - No More (This is the Last Time).wav DR6 -0.31 dB -8.61 dB 12 Depeche Mode - Fail.wav ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Number of files: 12 Official DR value: DR6 ============================================================================================== Vinyl much better: http://dr.loudness-war.info/album/list?artist=Depeche+Mode&album=Spirit
  7. mkrzych

    Article: Digital Vinyl: Temporal Domain

    In a very good and lucky situation, but that's not all about dynamic range that mean everything. Vinyl records have surface noise, ticks, statics all sorts of artefacts, but the sound is more pleasant to the ear despite that fact. I am not saying that CD cannot sound very good - take a look at the AudioWave/Yoshida Blue Note reissues - they sound almost as good in that term than vinyl records or even better.
  8. mkrzych

    Article: Digital Vinyl: Temporal Domain

    Amen, bro!
  9. mkrzych

    Article: Digital Vinyl: Temporal Domain

    That's exactly the point Jud. I've purchased recently TT, because even nowadays more vinyl records have better mastering than CD for the same album. To top it off, many high resolution downloads are just fake - not generalizing, but many. Another reason for vinyl record is that some albums are available only on vinyl and even got CD release it was in early years of digital where the sound quality was far away from what that medium is capable now - including all the technology advance in D/A conversion.
  10. mkrzych

    New Leonard Cohen Album - You Want It Darker

    Don't want to spoil you experience, but in my case EU pressing is very, very bad. Side A right constant right channel swishing, looped at end of A4 song, lots of visual marks on vinyl surface and lots of paper debris. Record coming back to the store - pita.
  11. Plangent process is the process to replay master tapes over the special preview head and than check and correct all the tape problems like wow and flutter. Grateful Dead Album Collection was treated by this process: How Airshow Remastered the Grateful Dead Studio Albums | Airshow Mastering, but only possible to purchase as the whole collection dated from 2013. All the albums from 2012 were done by the older Mickey's mix unfortunately.
  12. mkrzych

    Album of the Evening

    Very nice, improvised and slightly avant-garde trio playing from 1978, recently remastered from MPS. Decipher | John Taylor TrioÂ*– Télécharger et écouter l'album
  13. mkrzych

    Audirvana Plus 2.6

    No, it's a normal catalogue with CD rip. Indeed, I had a .cue file inside. Removed it, but it did not help unfortunately. ISO files I am aware of it already.
  14. mkrzych

    Audirvana Plus 2.6

    How to change album artists if are locked and greyed out from editing? Also why some metadata are not possible to edit via A+? What the hell!
  15. mkrzych

    Audirvana Plus 2.6

    Where new A+ 2.6.1 creates the library by default? I now that it does not touch the 2.5.4 lib, but where is the new one though?