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  1. HQ Player

    @shadowlight thanks for the info! i have a Lampi gg2 and am having trouble with NAA streaming of DSD512. Can you enlighten me as to what you exact setup is? Windows or Linux? Usb direct or NAA/SMS-200/microrendu? what buffer settings do you use? which firmware? thanks!! yeang
  2. HQ Player

    @louisxiawei @Miska Hi Louis, i fully stand corrected. You are absolutely correct, and the info from the Headfi thread is also good. My Threadripper 1950x either on windows or Linux cannot upsample poly-sinc-xtr non-2s pcm 44.1 to dsd512 @ 48khz without stuttering. Just checked it today and no go, the initializing bar goes forever, maybe 4-5 minutes then playback starts with a lot of stutter. I am sorry that I gave wrong information. I must have had it on poly-sinc or some other easier filter. Yeang
  3. HQ Player

    Hi louis, good to know. I will double check all settings again and provide a screenshot. In fact, it was from that thread on headfi, though Energy (Thanh) that I decided to purchase the Threadripper system. Somehow I missed that he reported stuttering, but I am 99% sure that I had 44.1 pcm to 48khz 24 MHz dsd working with xtr without stutter, auto rate family off. Let me double check today. I am using Lampizator GG2 DAC with pure direct chipless conversion dsd512 engine. I have bigger issues with streaming to NAA however, independent of cpu power or filter selection. I can only get 99% glitch free streaming if I select hqp buffer size 5 or 10 ms. Any higher and there are periods of noise and distortion (high frequency noise, tinny sound). This does not sound like stuttering, possibly a problem with the Amanero board and buggy firmware. Yeang
  4. HQ Player

    @louisxiawei@Miska I just built a Threadripper 1950x system, vanilla windows 10 without any optimization’s yet (no AO, Process Lasso etc). No CUDA, No overclocking. I can confirm that this machine does 44.1khz to dsd512 48 kHz ie 24Mhz with poly-sinc-xtr, non-2s without stutter. Forget intel’s overpriced processors, give 1950X a try. Some of the cache sizes are larger than the equivalent Intel processors. Yeang
  5. HQ Player

    @Miska @ismewor Not to add confusion to this area of networking, but I have to add my one data point. A while back, I had stuttering from my 4770K machine upsampling to DSD128 xtr, connected to a microrendu NAA. Then, changing nothing else, I took my enterprise grade Trendnet L3 managed switch with 10G ports out of the chain, and did a direct connect (as originally proposed by Roy in that gigantic thread), using my HQPlayer machine as a DHCP server. The stuttering went away entirely. Not sure why.
  6. HQ Player

    Just wanted to add that I’ve been discussing processors with regards to hqplayer dsd512 xtr playback on headfi with a guy who’s been testing different CPUs for this purpose. https://www.head-fi.org/threads/new-holo-audio-cyan-dac-amp-pcm-or-dsd-module.861507/page-4 He has found that a Threadripper 1950X can play dsd 512 non-2s without any stuttering, even when doing other things, browsing web etc. no special optimizations necessary, no disabling c states, no high performance setting nor throttlestop necessary. he has also done dsd512 xtr upsampling across rate families without stuttering, which is a lot more cpu intensive. He he tested a 7900X which could not do any of the above possibly due to the lower L3 cache size.
  7. HQ Player

    Correct, a limitation of the DAC. Realize also that all DSD gets converted into PCM in the R2R engine per the R2R board designer. I have found PCM to sound amazing as straight PCM through the R2R, maybe for this reason. Strangely I found out that DSD gets converted into PCM in the R2R after my ears told me that straight PCM was better...
  8. HQ Player

    @JohanJ Is your Lampizator Atlantic running the DSD512 engine? or the R2R engine? My GG2 with the DSD512 and R2R engine can only accept 48Khz multiple input DSD into the DSD512 engine. The R2R board does not accept 48Khz multiple DSD, only 44.1Khz. I confirmed this with the designer of the OEM R2R board. Yeang
  9. HQ Player

    Per Jussi, the +6 dB gain setting is only for DSD -> PCM conversion. That setting does nothing otherwise. I just found this out a few months ago myself.
  10. Hi Luke, glad to see you here as a transplant from that thread. i guess it might be how Amanero interacts with our DACs differently then, makes sense as it is a mute assertion. I know Jussi said he reproduced the high pitched whine on his unit. @bodiebill do you get this high pitched whine at all with your setup using wtfplay in Linux? Perhaps your F0-1,2,3 setting is what did it.. do you know what that does? I have not been doing that.
  11. Hi @bodiebill, yes indeed. I just heard back from Domenico of Amanero that the final windows driver is just about done. Windows certification took longer than expected. I’ll post a link here soon when he sends it out. yeang
  12. Hi @volpone, the high pitched whine is a bug in the latest firmware (and so far the best one supporting DSD512 in Linux, using native DSD not DoP). After you stop playback, maybe 50% of the time there is a soft but annoying high pitched whining sound about 5 seconds after you hit stop. sometimes after about 10 seconds it goes away by itself. It is probably an issue with MUTE assertion in the DAC. Jussi has confirmed the same bug with his DAC as have some others on that github thread. more info there. Upgrading the firmware is very easy, if you have ok from your distributor that popping the lid doesn't void warranty. I am not sure what version Lampi was placing on DACs in RMAF... let me ask Fred. They are equally frustrated with Amanero, as Amanero's promises have led to premature announcements that the Linux DSD issue was "fixed"... I now understand having dealt with Amanero directly. He's great when he replies, but when he goes off contact.... Yeang
  13. Hi guys. The high pitched whine has NOT been fixed. I think Domenico said he had completed the windows driver but i wasn’t paying attention as I am Linux only thru mrendu. Might be best to ask him at github. He was extremely responsive for a while and has now dropped off the map. Having dealt with him it’s understand why L and company are frustrated!
  14. Lampizator questions

    Hi guys, @t_ram, i have the latest firmware flashed that has been released by amanero, 2003be_71A. This fully supports native DSD playback in Linux. However, I think Roon defaults to DoP for DSD playback. I’m not sure if there is a flag anywhere that you can use for activating native DSD. In any case, I have no problem going to dsd512 native on firmware 2003 through hqplayer naa, playing from Roon. But not through directly Roon unless we can find a way to enable native DSD.
  15. Hi bodiebill, I’ve been experimenting with the new firmware quite a bit. Google “GitHub amanero Linux DSD” and you can get more info from that thread. The answer to your question is that a new driver for Windows is needed, per Domenico of Amanero, due to the new DSD handling method in the new firmware. Yeang