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  1. Hello, I am wondering if this approach of using a SD CARD as music library instead of the MacMini HD that runs OS and more programs...Has anyone tried this to avoid noise?
  2. Hi Roberto, do you use the Singxer to convert USB to i2s? What is the Terminator Input that you most like?
  3. So, this LKS made them sold they SOtM? Thanks!
  4. Hello all Denafrips Owners, i pulled the trigger with a Terminator DAC and before it arrives iam trying to figure out what kind of cables and DDC converters should i look into...What are you using with your DACs?: I use a Curious USB cable but it is too short (now) so i am going to need another one of 70 to 100cm and i have read a lot about the LUSH USB cable, any suggestions, specially for Terminator DAC. In the other hand if i want to take full advantage of the i2s input on the DAC, which converter are you guys using, does the Matrix X SPDIF 2 works well with Denafrips, is it good? What type or where can i buy the HDMI cable? Thanks to all for reading, i hope you can share your experiences Kind regards to all!!
  5. This is exactly what i am doing, i ordered mine and it should ship by the end of this month, if the DAC does not get to my expectations i will sell it ASAP, but there is too much to win in this action specially when most users and reviews are high on this DAC, Mr. Srajan Ebaen gave it a BlueMoon award and to be honest, i don't trust too much on the final assessments of some "reviewers", most of the comments on this DAC are completely the other side of this one review result. Cheers!
  6. Hello Guys, For those with more and vast experience than me (mostly all of you) What do you Guys feel is the better first step for upgrading components if you were in my shoes? (DAC or SERVER) I am considering upgrading my DAC (OPPO 205) and my Mac mini as well: But i need to do it one step at the time: either begin with DAC upgrade or Server Upgrade... If going with DAC in first place: I could mod my OPPO or get another DAC like DenafripsTerminator or a used Bricasti M1SE (more investment) 1.-NEW Denafrips Terminator: $4,400 2.- Used Bricasti M1SE: $5,500 3.-Sending my OPPO 205 for Modification ($850): 1.- Linear Power supply SE 2.- OCXO clock mod & TCXO clock mod 3.- DAC mod --- DAC BOARD: "The main stereo balance and unbalanced output should be modified mainly. The electrolytic capacitor is now used, they should be replaced with OSCON(SANYO or Panasonic) and Wima film capacitor ( MKS2 1uF/63V) Coupling capacitors are a very important part where the sound signal passes directly. The function is to cut off DC voltage and pass only music signal, which is very directly related to sound quality." Send only main board and 2 channel stereo DAC board . then It will be mod to those boards for OCXO & TCXO clock mod and dac board mod. --- If going with SERVER in first place and keep the OPPO in the meantime while i save founds for either modding the OPPO or getting another DAC and using the OPPO as a transport (CDS and SACDS): Zenith MKII ($3,400): So what are your thoughts: SERVER or DAC? Cheers!!
  7. Excellent thank you for clearing that for me!! Cheers!
  8. Thanks Johnseye: So much BUZZ about ROCK, i thought that yes it is a ROON OS but in a way that makes it better/dedicated So if i build a NUC with ROCK, it should be the same like having ROON on my Mac mini?
  9. Does anybody have experienced the Roon Rock solution? i am confused NOW regarding having a Roon Rock which i have been reading that it is a huge step over a Regular PC/MAC, so how much of a difference would someone experience having a Zenith MKII instead of a Roon Rock Nuc? price is way cheaper with A Ronn Rock NUC. i know the PS on the Zenith is very good and so, but as a person who is going to extract the best possible SQ from Roon, a NUC Roon Rock seems to be a great alternative too and a lot cheaper is not it? also you can put more RAM, processor and bigger SSD for less and keep it flexible for future updates... What am i missing here?
  10. Did you mean dX-USB "Ultra" or you meant tX-USB Ultra? i am trying to look at the dX-USB Ultra in SOtM page and i don't find it
  11. I don't have the M5 anymore, i just can't take it out from my profile, i have tried it
  12. Thanks Cooler, is there any other less expensive, how about the SOtM dX-USB HD, is it good for that?
  13. Hi, i just pull the trigger on a Yggy DAC and i am wondering if any on this forum know what DCC would be best for convering from USB to AES. I have read that Yggy is best with AES input Any suggestions? Thanks!!