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  1. Does anybody have experienced the Roon Rock solution? i am confused NOW regarding having a Roon Rock which i have been reading that it is a huge step over a Regular PC/MAC, so how much of a difference would someone experience having a Zenith MKII instead of a Roon Rock Nuc? price is way cheaper with A Ronn Rock NUC. i know the PS on the Zenith is very good and so, but as a person who is going to extract the best possible SQ from Roon, a NUC Roon Rock seems to be a great alternative too and a lot cheaper is not it? also you can put more RAM, processor and bigger SSD for less and keep it flexible for future updates... What am i missing here?
  2. Did you mean dX-USB "Ultra" or you meant tX-USB Ultra? i am trying to look at the dX-USB Ultra in SOtM page and i don't find it
  3. I don't have the M5 anymore, i just can't take it out from my profile, i have tried it
  4. Thanks Cooler, is there any other less expensive, how about the SOtM dX-USB HD, is it good for that?
  5. Hi, i just pull the trigger on a Yggy DAC and i am wondering if any on this forum know what DCC would be best for convering from USB to AES. I have read that Yggy is best with AES input Any suggestions? Thanks!!
  6. Does this cable comes already with this treatment? it is the ET02 Belden 1303E CAT6A Metz Ethernet(JSSG) Cable
  7. Do you mean on the Walmart Switch or how specifically?
  8. Is any ethernet cable out there that betters the Blue Jeans CAT 6A at reasonable prices, i know WW, SOtM and others are better by reading different experiences but those are way out of my acceptance of spending that kind of cash...so far
  9. Best audiophile Dac for rock/Pop music

    Hi Ralf11 Some DSD but mostly 16/44.1, 24/96 and 24/192 tops, Music: Police, Sting, Collins, Rush, Zeppelin, AC/DC, A-ha, Benatar, ZZ Top, Pear Jam and so on
  10. I am at the point where DAC and Server are the most important things to upgrade up to the same level of my Preamp, amp and speakers, i have just tried the Bricasti M5 which worked as a streamer from my MacMini, although the sound improved it was just a notch, at the same time the M5 arrived also a pair of Tellurium Ultra Black XLR's which made the bigger improvement over the M5, go figure, so i returned the M5 cause i don't think 2,000 usd were worth the little extra improvement, the same thing happened when i put a Microrendu more than one year ago, with lesser speakers i never found an improvement over my Mac mini. So now by these findings i am guessing a better DAC would do the upgrade iam looking for and from there perhaps a server/streamer like the Zenith MKII or viceversa My actual server streamer is a Mac mini Server will be a Zenith MKII My actual DAC is the OPPO 205 I am interested on these DACS: Yggy VEGA G2 PS Junior DENAFRIPS Terminator So far price/performance wise, YGGY is the Schiit, but would going an extra 2,000 usd (aprox) over Yggy would worth to find a sound wise improvement with the other DACs mentioned here?
  11. I am looking forward to know about these comparisons too, also with DACs like YGGY, PS AUDIO Directstream JR and DenafripsTerminator among some well regarded DACs Hope this buzz start to make some interesting comparisons
  12. Innuos Zenith SE MkII

    Has anybody done any comparison regarding SQ between the Zenith vs the dCS Bridge?