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  1. ultraRendu or sMS-200Ultra?

    Yes, this seems like its the most secret comparison in the whole world, it is like it has been forbidden for those who wants to show it, even in the internet you can't find anything and when you get close, the comments are so vague, things like... "Oh yes the SOtM-sMS200ultra that i have is fantastic but i could live happy with the Ultra rendu", there are no info that shows you how close or far are these components with each other, CA Chris, has both and nothing yet! Weird!
  2. Hi, Where do yuo connect his device, before or after the transformer which is connected to the wall? any pictures?
  3. Sonore ultraRendu

    Hi sbilotta, But is the uR much better than the benefits of the ISO REGEN, head to head? Thanks!
  4. ultraRendu or sMS-200Ultra?

    Same interest about this too!!
  5. Thanks Cornan!! I don't have a wireless adapter... If i connect my modem to the switch with ethernet cable, would that be the task to achieve then? Any suggestions?: I was considering a Cisco SG200 8 port Should be worth investing on switches such as: AQVOX JCAT switch If i go the route of building an Audio PC and put a JCAT NET FEMTO, would the switch still be necessary?
  6. Hi and excuse my ignorance regarding "switchs"...i want to maximize my ethernet network to make it cleaner and to avoid as much noise as possible, If i have a modem (given by my internet company) which delivers a speed of 100MB via fiber from outside and from my modem i feed both my UltraRendu and Mac mini with good quality ethernet cables and the modem powered by a good PSU, what is the point of having a switch between my modem and my PC & Rendu...what are the benefits of adding that, is not more electrical devices causing more possible trouble (noise) instead to make a more direct and clean connection? My modem is no more than 2 meters away from my system Thanks!!
  7. Power Options for Switches

    Hi Superdad, Can i power the Cisco SG-200-08 and the AQVOX switch with the LPS-1? Regards
  8. Would it also be that could have damaged cables inside or bad soldering...don't you think? Running balanced seems very interesting, but i don't have an idea on how to do that...would you be kind enough to share perhaps some pics to see how the connection looks and how to be connected that way? Thanks for the feedback!
  9. I am too having issues with my second "new" acquired Topaz 91002-32 / 2.4 KVA / .0005pF, it gets hotter than my first Topaz 91001-22 / 1KVA / .001pF with the same amount of gear connected and also it makes the sound more bright, less clean...?? i am so frustrated, i thought i was going to improve on SQ but went back with this. So being 1.4 KVA more than my previous, it gets hotter and sounds brighter, i was trying to divide the charge of my entire system, putting the more obvious gear on the bigger Topaz: Topaz 91002-32 / 2.4 KVA / .0005pF: MacMini DAC Preamp Amp Topaz 91001-22 / 1KVA / .001pF: Receiver TV Router External USB HD I guess it must be damaged, any suggestions?
  10. LKS AUDIO MH-DA004

    Hi, im confused...Do you mean to try a McIntosh amplifier with an integrated DAC will give you those benefits, or by that you mean that the Mac can be put with any DAC and make it sound that way?
  11. dCS Network Bridge

    I am waiting for that comparison too!
  12. Article: Aurender A10 Review

    For streaming both my library and Tidal, How does the A10 compare to the Ultra Rendu/SOtM SMS200 Ultra - LPS's combos? Hope someone can add their experiences or impressions on this
  13. The HOST from CLONES

    Excellent! Please let us know what are your impressions Best
  14. The HOST from CLONES

    I am still in the process of deciding if i go the UltraRendu/SOtM SMS200 Ultra + ISO REGEN +LPS-1 route Or Something like this HOST, which is already up to task with the limitations of perhaps using HQPLAYER. What is interesting is the implementation of the the "PSU dubbed “Power Station”, and the HOST essentially has two of them on board – one powering the motherboard and the other dedicated to running the SSD and proprietary USB output card. The two super low noise regulator modules share a fairly massive toroidal transformer – about the largest that would possibly fit in this enclosure – and the whole affair is isolated from the rest of the system by a thick internal wall" Also the "dedicated high-quality PCIe to USB “audio gateway” with a laundry list of welcome features: ultra low phase noise master clock module with a precision 1ppm TCXO, ultra low noise regulators covering all digital chips plus clock and USB power, over current protection, and noise filtration on the power input. This card plus the linear regulated power supply form a solid basis on which the HOST platform rests." And the CPU has an extremely low TDP of just 6.5W All the above is what made me think is a good choice, but i agree that a more powerful CPU and future proof components would be a better choice. Maybe adding a FEMTO NET Card from JCAT could also help I would love to make my own with BIG CORE i7 CPU & Mother Board and so, but also and primarily putting the ingredients such as: - The dedicated high-quality PCIe to USB - The two super low noise regulator modules sharing a massive toroidal transformer (one powering the motherboard and the other dedicated to running the SSD and proprietary USB output card) - A Femto NET Card (JCat) Any ideas?
  15. I just purchased a Topaz 91002-32 Line Noise suppressing Ultra-Isolator for $200, USED - GOOD CONDITION, but i looked and looked and looked until i found some other places where they got theses gems by one unit or so, this unit sells for $1,250 in http://www.surplussales.com/item/_tp/91002-32d.html, So you can find a really good unit for much less