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  1. The HOST from CLONES

    Hello to all, If using this device, can one avoid using either Ultra Rendu or SOtM sMS200 streamers and obtain the same results?: It looks interesting: The HOST Music Server The HOST is the first digital music server of CLONES audio. Equipped with a high performance USB digital audio output, Ethernet port, solid-state drive for music storage, full linear power supply with the super low noise regulator modules. Providing the solid foundation to the high performance playback. The great solution for playing and storing high resolution digital music collections. Custom Linux OS with the ROON Server for the best performance. Also providing the DAPHILE as the difference choice for the user. The HOST also is the platform for audiophiles to make his own PC based Computer Audio System. "For those who don’t have the knowledge to handle their own build, or just lack the time to spend monkeying with it, the Clones Audio HOST makes an excellent alternative. It’s totally silent. It looks great in an audio rack. It’s very simple to get up and running. And it performs quite well with Roon assuming your music library isn’t absurdly large. The sound quality is superb too... -John Grandberg (Part-Time Audiophile) Features SHAAR USB gateway for the clean and high performance USB audio class 3.0 output. Full linear power supply. Double POWER STATION regulator supply the SSD/SHAAR and the Main processor board separately 256GB/ 500GB/ 1TB/ 2TB internal storage option Machined aluminum case, same structure as the ASHER DAC Gigabit Ethernet LAN Port for network connectivity
  2. ultraRendu or sMS-200Ultra?

    I am looking for this comparisons too
  3. I will measure it again, i already have a Kill-aA-Watt and i believe when i measured it was something like 400VA aprox. Someone somewhere here was telling that he got a lot of better results with the 2.4 KVA .0005pF vs his 1 KVA .005pF Thanks
  4. Mike, Thanks for the detailed feedback. Do you think the 2.4 KVA .0005pF would performance better than the 1 KVA with .005pF? Miki
  5. Hello all, Has any tried using 2 Topaz Ultra Isolator in series?: One 2.4 KVA Topaz with a .0005 pF of capacitance and the other 1 KVA Topaz Ultra Isolator with .005 pF Could that setup make an improvement or this should not be done? Thanks!
  6. Thanks for clarifying this. If i stream from the Vega, would i achieve the same SQ than if doing it with the ARIES G2?
  7. Hi Wang, I am a bit confused here, when you said there is no USB port, what do you mean by that, i see a USB " HS input" in the back of the unit, what is the USB port for or in this case the USB "HS input" which the unit handles? Thanks
  8. Sonore ultraRendu

    I am curious if the Ultra Rendu brings enough benefits having a MacMini instead a Dedicated Audio PC, NAS or Sonic Transporter, i own a MacMini and feel that i am far from building a NAS or Dedicated PC right now, so i am hesitating if i go for the UR now or later when i have my PC for audio. I know for most of you this must be a silly question but if anyone has a MacMini paired with the UR, would love to hear some feedback Thanks!
  9. Considering that the Auralic VEGA G2 comes with streaming capabilities, with its Tesla platform, power supply etc, that leaves wondering me if in the other hand, the UltraRendu, LPS-1, FMC & Fiber and all those add ons are in par with that the VEGA comes with?...i have read that some prefer the one box solution, so how good will the VEGA G2 in this field in terms of its design vs the other configuration, any suggestions?
  10. I hope anyone can have some experiences to share with us about these two switches, i still using a MacMini and am about to pull the Trigger on the UltraRendu, i had the Micro and still having the LPS-1, so now aim considering either the Aqvox or JCAT, i guess later i will deal with FMCs & Fiber, how do those are working for you? Cheers!
  11. 10 grand - what set up would you recommend?

    CA, Why did you erase my post? Did i write something i should not? I was only asking for suggestions regarding experiences of the users in this forum
  12. Hello and hope i am in the right discussion, my apologies if not: Has anyone compared the "JCAT - TCXO 10/100/1000 Audio Grade Ethernet Switch" vs "AQVOX - AQ-SWITCH Audiophile High-End Network Switch audio LAN isolator"?, There is a difference of 200 euros being the AQVOX the costlier. This is to use for best performance with the UltraRendu setup In the other hand: What do you consider a best setup?: The Ultrarendu path vs JCAT (femto NET & USB card) with a dedicated PC? I am almost pulling the trigger with the UR, but would like to hear some experiences in these different setups Thank you all for reading!
  13. LKS AUDIO MH-DA004

    Hello all, I have some questions and i would like to read your experiences with this DAC Is this DAC outperforming the T+A DAC8 DSD? Has anyone compared to the HOLO Audio DAC? Is it better on the USB input or i its i2s via Singxer? Is it "analog like sound"? For those who has heard the OPPO 205 or Sonica, is the LKS less noisy? I have the 205 and it is very good but sometimes i keep listening to some "harshness"
  14. LKS AUDIO MH-DA004

    I have there NEW OPPO 205, has anyone in this thread has compared the 205 to the LKS 004? I think the 205 is very good and possibly a step over my last Auralic Vega...