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  1. What would you upgrade?

    I guess so many threads about R2R implementation on the HOLO Spring and other brands being the most "analog like" and "musical and emotional" that i got hooked with the idea that is the tech to get in my next DAC, yes in my mind i have stocked with that idea and with the Terminator being compared with the BIG brands at its price tag it has been very appealing, but in the last days i have been considering the DSJ very seriously despite being another tech and that all gets upsampled to DSD and not being in the NOS direction, future upgrades better SQ coming with them, streamer and more, it is in the radar for sure...just want to know how good is its streamer part Thanks a bunch to all for your kind feedback!!
  2. What would you upgrade?

    Hi Alan, Thank you for the feedback, Yes, for me support and upgrades is what is making the balance towards the DSJ, besides that everyone in their reviews says this is a very analog sounding DAC, i guess i am sold in that part, besides you have the Bridge, which i would love to know how does it compete vs SOtM and Zenith MKII...And last but not least the preamp function, is that good? Question: Are you using the DSJ as a DAC ONLY and the Zenith MKII as a streamer? Interesting point is for me to find out how does the Bridge II compare to the Zenith or the SOtM? Regards!!
  3. What would you upgrade?

    Hello All, I will upgrade some parts of my system but i am not sure where to begin: There are 4 things that i will be adding / upgrading (step by step): 1.- My current DAC (OPPO 205): i am considering: Denafrips Terminator, PS AUDIO - PerfectWave DirectStream Junior DAC OR Upgrade the Power supply of the OPPO 205 with the new one from CLONES and keep while see more reviews about these and other DACs. 2.- Streamer SOtM-sMS 200ultra & sPS-500 w/ Modded Switch OR ZENITH MKII 3.- Tellurium XLR Ultra Black IC's & Speakers 4.- A better Isolation Transformer, a balanced and grounded one from Alexander Tsankov (my actual one is a Topaz 1kva .001 pF) If i go with the PerfectWave DirectStream Junior DAC , if its good enough i could be doing 2 steps in one (DAC & Streamer) but i would like to know if the Terminator/sMS-200ultra would be a lot better than the single PS Junior...that is some important point!! I hope you can share your experiences... Thanks to all for reading and God bless!!
  4. 10 grand - what set up would you recommend?

    I am considering to build a dedicated PC with sCLK-EX(4 points) with tX-USBexp, Kaby Lake CPU and the works or a SOtM Trifecta. But i would like to know how the "Regular" Zenith MKII compares to those...specially to the SOtM Trifecta In the other hand, has anyone know how the "Regular" Zenith MKII compares to SE Zenith MKII… is it night and day difference in SQ? Has anyone here tried any of these? Regards Mike
  5. Thought So! I have a TOPAZ isolation Transformer, it has helped to lower noise from the wall, although not sure if it is functioning at 100% as they are used and old transformers and it is not balanced, but it still a monster of 1KVA with .001pF of capacitance. Thanks for the ATL suggestion, by the way have you heard of know anything about "Toroid Supreme Transformers"? Check this choice: https://toroid.com/Home/Product-Details/ProductID/33 Thanks Micael Mike
  6. Hello, I hope i am in the right forum for this: I have been trying to figure out what are the weakest points in my system for some time: Cables, PSU and transport are for me the most important "possible" weak points in order to upgrade first: In the transport side: I have been trying to decide if i ditch my MacMini in order to upgrade it with a very good streamer (SOtM sMS-200ultra) or a Dedicated PC with SOtM or JCAT usb cards & clocks with super good PSU for each choices and so. But as i am trying different things i get more confused until now... Last year i purchased a Microrendu / LPS-1 / Sonictransporter i5, i ended up selling everything expect for the LPS-1, which i still have now with the ISO REGEN which makes more sense at least in my experience. I really could not hear any improvement in my system having that combo and if there was any, i am guessing something so subtle that my ears could not tell and my wallet started begging a refund... Now i hear all kind of wonders about the Ultrarendu and sMS-200ultra and in my mind i go like: i heard the same things about the micro rendu last year, you know? The only tweak my Mac mini has is the one that Louis Motek from LessLoss made for me, a cable that has a firewall which can connect to a regular power cord like any other device in an audio system, maybe that helped some how, dunno! Thing is that i am trying to decide with my little money (right now) where am i going to put it, which upgrade would come out first and i made a tweak if you can call it like that, in order to see how noisy was my MacMini as a transport, in order to ditch it, i decide to play the same DSD files that i play in the MacMini thru ROON, only this time directly from my OPPO 205 directly into my preamp via XLR thru with the original DSD disc and found out that is only a little cleaner on the OPPO. Does that comparo make any sense? So my first guess is that i might go with my Isolation transformer (the one which all is connected) or my cables. I am not good at making tweaks at all, i really follow others suggestions once they have completed them and try, sometimes with success and others not. My speakers, preamp and amp are very good, so i know from there i don't have much problem...even with the OPPO as a transport i still getting this sense of "little harshness", which io thought was exclusively from the "noisy Mac". Do you think the clock on the SOtM sMS-200ultra with the MacMini as a ROON server will make the sound much better than the sound coming directly from the OPPO 205 as a direct cd/DSD player? Regards to all!!
  7. ultraRendu or sMS-200Ultra?

    Yes, this seems like its the most secret comparison in the whole world, it is like it has been forbidden for those who wants to show it, even in the internet you can't find anything and when you get close, the comments are so vague, things like... "Oh yes the SOtM-sMS200ultra that i have is fantastic but i could live happy with the Ultra rendu", there are no info that shows you how close or far are these components with each other, CA Chris, has both and nothing yet! Weird!
  8. Hi, Where do yuo connect his device, before or after the transformer which is connected to the wall? any pictures?
  9. Sonore ultraRendu

    Hi sbilotta, But is the uR much better than the benefits of the ISO REGEN, head to head? Thanks!
  10. ultraRendu or sMS-200Ultra?

    Same interest about this too!!
  11. Thanks Cornan!! I don't have a wireless adapter... If i connect my modem to the switch with ethernet cable, would that be the task to achieve then? Any suggestions?: I was considering a Cisco SG200 8 port Should be worth investing on switches such as: AQVOX JCAT switch If i go the route of building an Audio PC and put a JCAT NET FEMTO, would the switch still be necessary?
  12. Hi and excuse my ignorance regarding "switchs"...i want to maximize my ethernet network to make it cleaner and to avoid as much noise as possible, If i have a modem (given by my internet company) which delivers a speed of 100MB via fiber from outside and from my modem i feed both my UltraRendu and Mac mini with good quality ethernet cables and the modem powered by a good PSU, what is the point of having a switch between my modem and my PC & Rendu...what are the benefits of adding that, is not more electrical devices causing more possible trouble (noise) instead to make a more direct and clean connection? My modem is no more than 2 meters away from my system Thanks!!
  13. Power Options for Switches

    Hi Superdad, Can i power the Cisco SG-200-08 and the AQVOX switch with the LPS-1? Regards
  14. Would it also be that could have damaged cables inside or bad soldering...don't you think? Running balanced seems very interesting, but i don't have an idea on how to do that...would you be kind enough to share perhaps some pics to see how the connection looks and how to be connected that way? Thanks for the feedback!