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  1. Nearfield Powered Small Speakers

    The genelec is in another league from AudioEngine, not even close. The studio series Genelec are the same or better than the home series but more widely available and a little cheaper. Genelec doesn't allow discounting but some dealers can throw in extras (like cables etc) to sweeten the deal. I won't mention who because I don't want to break any posting rules but PM me if you want a dealer recommendation that has great customer service.
  2. I don't know that I have an RC5 remote. I did just for giggles try all of my other remotes with no success. I have written them and will see what they say. My dealer doesn't even keep demos around anymore so isn't any real help. I am hoping it is a firmware something that can be reset. If I have to send it in I will be super bummed.
  3. After 5 months of flawless operation, my Kii Control has stopped responding to my Apple remote. I have changed the battery and no help. I tried to imprint the remote again and the control is acting strange. If I try to scroll thru which type of remote it does not alternates between RC5 and none selected, then maybe 1 time in 10 it will show Apple. If I attempt to manually select this it just goes back to "none selected." Has anyone had any sort of erratic behavior like this? I reset the Control to Factory settings with no change. I am hoping I don't have to send it in, but I will contact my dealer tomorrow morning. I should add I have tried two different Apple remotes to no avail.
  4. That is a bummer for them not to even have an estimate for BT activation. I am awaiting Bluetooth because my wife has recently become addicted to an Amazon echo (don't get me started about allowing a commercial eavesdropping device into my home. The ONLY reason I allowed it into the house was because it had a camera and microphone OFF switch, which is how it stays unless we are actively talking to it. Bit who knows if it is truly off...) Anyway, ROON is now too fiddly for my wife and she wants to just tell Alexa to play stuff. The Echo dot has Bluetooth out but no other digital out. It seems a horrible joke to play horrendously compressed music from Amazon thru a $50 transport, thru Bluetooth, then into the Kii Control and one of the finest audio systems available. But such is life...
  5. Meze99 is the best right now at $300 of what I have heard. They have a nice spacious sound even tho they are closed.
  6. Comparison to the Dynaudio 60XD would be more approriate comparison. Three way, price over $10k, and both claim bass extension all the way down to 20Hz.
  7. I understand the concern but I agree with simonp in this regard. Anytime you take a sizable step up in resolution and accuracy there is an adjustment period where you have to get used to the new information and things sounding different than you are used to. I have been listening to the Kii Three for about 6 months now, and I have to say that with the Kii you really get to hear the recording itself in total. The speaker can sound flat only when the recording sounds that way. I went on a Sam Cooke binge a few weekends ago and I just couldn't get over how fantastic those 50s and 60s recordings of his voice sounded. Obviously it was old, outdated technology, but his voice was just brilliantly captured on those recordings. When you switch from one recording to another with the Kii the differences are immediately clear. I can only liken it to getting a new prescription for my glasses and suddenly everything pops into focus: it is a higher resolution devic but everything is appropriate, there is nothing objectionable or unnatural about it. In fact things sound more natural than on any system I have had before.
  8. I need an inexpensive usb DAC was thinking of giving this one a try, Beheringer for $80 https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/UMC204HD If you need xlr then the slightly more expensive one has those and can take external power supply. https://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/UMC404HD The cheaper was measured by someone on a different site (and I don't want to get into if this guy really knows what he is doing or not) but the little Behringer measured with better dac performance than the much more expensive iFi micro iDAC2.
  9. Wow! I'm jealous, someone will get a great amp.
  10. Article: Schiit Audio Reference System Review Part 1

    I am a convert to digital-active speakers. I guarantee these are the best bang for the buck and have the overall smallest system footprint. Many of these types of speakers also include settings that allow them to function properly much closer to walls than traditional passive speakers, further reducing the room presence. Depending on your budget consider the KEF LS50 Wireless, Genelec GLM speakers (especialy the 83x1 speakers), or the Kii Three. These are all self-contained systems that include DAC, amp, and speakers all together, just add digital source. The advantages of DSP room correction, DSP crossovers and each driver having its own dedicated amp make passive designs look decidedly tired.
  11. Article: Schiit Audio Reference System Review Part 1

    For about even money, the NAD M32 has the form factor of an integrated amp with DAC but is really more of a DAC that drives loudspeakers directly. It effectively replaces the entire front end of DAC+preamp+power amp. Just like the Yggy, the NAD is also limited to 24/192 and no DSD support, but the NAD does support MQA. Comparing the M32 to the Schiit system side by side would be an interesting exercise. I'd put my bet on the NAD. If you want an inexpensive(ish) power amp to work with Magnepans then look at Odyssey Khartago/Stratos amps. These have very high current capability and work well into very low impedance loads (2 ohms) which seems to be a weak point for the Vidar. Odyssey amps are only single ended though.
  12. I have no experience with any one-box solutions at this time. I would take a little exception with your characterization of the Allo as a DIY device. I purchased the USBridge and it came fully assembled and ready to run. Literally all I did was plug in the Ethernet cable and the power supply. Within 1 minute it was recognized by my Roon core. I have updated to the latest firmware with no issues. I appreciate your skepticism of it as a less than reliable solution, but it is just so damn good at its price that I can't fathom not using it unless you just have money to burn. If you want SPDIF then the DigiOne is an option that should be even better because it would't have any USB connectivity issues. My understanding is that anyone that has had issues with it is trying to use it beyond the original spec of 384khz/DSD128. For the price I consider it a nearly disposable solution. If something better comes along next year and I feel compelled to upgrade, then the $150 for the USBridge is something I won't feel too bad about losing.
  13. Article: Schiit Audio Reference System Review Part 1

    Go ahead and trust your ears and your fabulous TAD speakers, if you hear a upper-midrange haze then it is probably there. This is consistent with my experience with their headphone amps. I have listened to all of them at various head-fi meets and I just never thought they had the clarity and finesse of the best amps. Your TADs are letting you hear something the lesser Dynaudios are obscuring. I must argue with your editorializing about Class D. I understand this wasn't a review of the Dynaudio Evidence speakers, but if the Dynaudios sounded less than compelling you should provide some context before blaming it on the superb Kaluga monos. Did you swap them out for something more to your preferences and find an improvement? If not then it is a big jump to simply blame the amps.
  14. I second the vote for Ayre Codex, especially of you have any interest in headphone use. If you need network and especially Roon connectivity, get an Allo USBridge to use with it and just be happy. The Allo is so good it makes it seem silly to spend significantly more on a streaming source, especially because the change is so rapid in that area.
  15. Allo club

    I agree this is a bit weird that the allo conversations are sequestered to the "club" section and aren't visible in the forums. I admittedly didn't read the description of the new structure very carefully. I misunderstood the original description of the clubs and thought the topics would still show in the regular forums and that the clubs would just be a way to view related threads from the various forums. To be honest, sequestering the allo topics away from the rest of the forums will make people less likely to see them. That is a shame as they are a cool low cost option that should be making many of their higher priced competitors (advertisers?) sweat.