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  1. Allo club

    I agree this is a bit weird that the allo conversations are sequestered to the "club" section and aren't visible in the forums. I admittedly didn't read the description of the new structure very carefully. I misunderstood the original description of the clubs and thought the topics would still show in the regular forums and that the clubs would just be a way to view related threads from the various forums. To be honest, sequestering the allo topics away from the rest of the forums will make people less likely to see them. That is a shame as they are a cool low cost option that should be making many of their higher priced competitors (advertisers?) sweat.
  2. Sonore microRendu

    A bit prickly eh? It just seems like a weird sales model to sell "new" units that are not the latest version at full price. So I asked.
  3. Sonore microRendu

    I have a question about purchasing a new microRendu. If I purchase a new unit from the Sonore website will it have the "original version" 1.3 board and not the most recent 1.4 board? Or do all new units ship with the most recent hardware?
  4. $2500 DAC Recommendations?

    If usb is all that matters and you plan to run balanced, then the Ayre Codex is just plain stupid good for the price. The Codex also has top notch balanced out headphone capability. You would likely see no advantage by using the Cavalli Liquid Carbon, likely even a downgrade.
  5. Sorry I was unclear, it was not really HT use, but just watching movies with a stereo set of Kiis. They are very dynamic and their bass power-prowess is excellent for movies.
  6. So one thing I haven't heard too many people comment on is just how remarkable the Kiis are in home theater duty. My room is approx 20x35 and the listening area is situated at one end of it. We watched Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (which was actually quite good, if you're into that kind of movie) which has a lot of action scenes and a lot of good music in it. I simply ran the coax from my Samsung BluRay (~$130 from Costco a few years ago) into the Control. Wow they blew out of the room! I think in most of my music listening I hadn't really cranked the Kiis and tested them much in terms of volume and dynamics, they were truly awesome in this use.
  7. Mytek Brooklyn comments?

    How DSD capable does it need to be? Is DSD128 good enough or do you need higher than that? The Ayre Codex is a crazy good dac if it's limited inputs (just USB and Toslink) are sufficient and you can use the XLR/balanced outputs.
  8. Allo Sparky USBridge

    did they resolve the issue you had to your satisfaction? Can you make any comparisons to other players?
  9. Allo Sparky USBridge

    I plugged mine in for the first time a week ago. It has been up continuously with no ethernet issues at all. Not sure what software version it shipped with. I am using it only for native rate Roon playback.
  10. Man, you have these things on your desk? These are pretty huge desktop speakers. Are they just sitting on your desk or do you have some kind of stand or isolation device? I am about to move mine from a Target stand to the top of a console and have been looking for a solution. (Maybe Isoacoustics iso-pucks?) Did it do this from the start? I have only had mine a month or so but it hasn't ever done that. You said somewhere else that you used a Yellowtec puc2. How does that sound running out of the computer compare to your ultraRendu? Not in the same league? I still have one that I am not using and was just contemplating trying to sell it again. It was a very good device for what it was. When powered with a decent supply it held up pretty well against some of the the much pricier competitors.
  11. Allo Sparky USBridge

    Got mine today, it's been up for about 4 hours and hasn't lost network connection yet. I am using as a simple Roon endpoint with no DSP. I haven't really gotten a chance to evaluate sound quality yet, but it is working straight out of the box. Literally I plugged everything in and it just appeared in Roon. Promising so far.
  12. Allo Sparky USBridge

    Thanks for the report. That is indeed a very promising finding. Can you clarify what you mean by "J28 config"? Do you mean the jumper is pulled out and the daughter board is powered separately by the lps1? If so what was the sparky board powered with?
  13. Allo Sparky USBridge

    So the million dollar question is...does the blue one sound better than the others?