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  1. Album of the Evening

    Looks interesting. Is it good?
  2. Album of the Evening

    One of of the best recordings of the Matthew Passion out there. see also here: https://musicophilesblog.com/2017/04/09/easter-is-coming-up-again-time-to-recommend-a-new-outstanding-matthew-passion-recording-by-john-eliot-gardiner/
  3. BIS - e|classical vs. Qobuz

    Note that BIS SACDs are for the most part sourced from 24 but PCM material so you would not get the master format this way.
  4. Album of the Evening

    Amazingly beautiful singing and playing in very good 24/96 SQ.
  5. Classical Recommendation help

    Some purists would argue that classifying Orff under “classical” is a big misnomer and you should rather look for it in the “pop/rock” department. I’m also not a particularly big fan; but when I listen to it I often go to the Simon Rattle Berlin Version that is now even available as 24/44 remaster. http://www.hdtracks.com/bpo-rattle-orff-carmina-burana A less audiophile, but even more “blow away” version is Muti from 1979.
  6. Are we living in the Golden Age of the Jazz Piano Trio?

    Thanks Jose. Great initiative!
  7. Who are You Going to See?

    Nice one.
  8. Who are You Going to See?

    Volodos in Zurich this Thursday with an amazing program, Schumann’s Papillons, Brahms op.76, and Schubert’s sonata D960. This should be an outstanding evening.
  9. What's your Reference Recordings favourite?

    The Eiji Oue recordings are all spectacular from a SQ point of view. It’s just not music I listen to very much. The above is my favorite.
  10. Album of the Evening

    One of the lesser known Norah Jones albums. Quite nice overall.
  11. Album of the Evening

    The latest recording of Bach's magnificent b-minor mass, from the great William Christie. I just published my review of this new release here: https://musicophilesblog.com/2018/03/10/bach-mass-in-b-minor-by-william-christie-and-les-arts-florissants-a-review/
  12. FYI, I obviously ended up buying the 24/44 anyhow as with Qobuz Sublime it was still the cheapest option. FYI, on paper the recording looks pretty good, DR from 13-17, and here's the Musicscope Plot. I'm still not a fan of the sound quality.