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  1. Welcome back! On the HD800 Rock question: well, all the things that work well for classical and Jazz, the extreme analytical clarity and transparency, really aren’t what I look for in rock music. It just lacks not even bass, but more of a dirty/physical feel, which the Beyers deliver much better than the Senns.
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    Favorite Album of 2007

  3. Musicophile

    My Essential Classical Albums.

    +1 on Nelsons for Shostakovich.
  4. Musicophile

    Album of the Evening

    Mahler 4:
  5. Musicophile

    Album of the Evening

    Mahler 4:
  6. Musicophile

    Audirvana Plus 3 (official thread)

    On my computer, I barely ever face any issues with A+, and I use it really a lot, both with Qobuz and my own library. And the iOS app could certainly be improved in many ways (particularly the search function), but at least on my computer it works 99% of the time.
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    Official Qobuz Issues Thread

    I don’t think they have that functionality yet.
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    Album of the Evening

    Another excellent BIS album tonight: 24/44 from eclassical.
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    Album of the Evening

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    Album of the Evening

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    Tidal MQA Classical Gems

    Be warned, any positive comments about MQA on this forum could get you either banned or shunned 😉
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    Correct piano sound

    Sorry for potentially derailing this thread, but I'm struggling a bit with "The Piano Sound", that I've often read in other threads as well. Which piano? Even among the modern Steinways there are significant variations in sound, and if you add any other brand (Yamaha, Bösendorfer etc.) or add older models, the sound variations between pianos to me is bigger than the nuances between many of our systems today that are actually pretty resolving on average. So my question is, accurate compared to what? But I'm always interested in good piano recordings, unfortunately none of the two you propose are on Qobuz.
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    Album of the Evening

    A great classic
  14. Musicophile

    Album of the Evening

    A great classic
  15. I haven't been active on my blog recently as much as I wanted to, due to extensive business travel, but was just able to publish another entry on one of my very personal favorites: https://musicophilesblog.com/2018/08/14/the-legendary-bach-chaconne-my-favorite-keyboard-versions/