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  1. Album of the Evening

    Some Martha tonight:
  2. Thanks for sharing. Inteearinf data, but the article completely fails to mention the geography and source of the data shown. Is this US or worldwide?
  3. Album of the Evening

    Today‘s in-flight entertainment. One of the best recordings of Rachmaninov‘s Preludes.
  4. Qobuz coming to U.S.

    I don't believe this to be the case. Most of the issues the app has are pure usability topics, e.g. sudden crashes, or unreactive buttons. Most of the time it works ok-ish, but especially the downloads for offline usage are often relatively unstable (partially driven I believe by iOS limitations). I don't believe this is country regulations. The app doesn't allow in-app purchases or anything else that could be country specific. As a comparator, the offline usage and downloads of the Netflix app, who has similar licensing complexities, works flawless.
  5. Qobuz coming to U.S.

    Believe me, in spite of many useless EU regulations, I have yet to come across one that requires bad coding.
  6. Qobuz coming to U.S.

    what EU regulations are you referring to that could make their app slightly buggy and unstable?
  7. Album of the Evening

    This now triggered a formal review. I've now listened to this album 4 times in 3 days. https://musicophilesblog.com/2018/01/14/schuberts-string-quartet-no-15-by-the-doric-string-quartet-outstanding/
  8. Album of the Evening

    Enjoying the fact that Chandos has very recently decided to join the streaming club. In-flight enterntainment doesn’t get much better.
  9. Qobuz coming to U.S.

    Agree, their mobile offering is a bit problematic (I still use it a lot though). However, integration with Audirvana Plus works really well, including streaming of up to 24/192. And no MQA. I still hope they’ll eventually fix the mobile app (which often is slow to react and has particular issues with downloading for offline use).
  10. Album of the Evening

    The two great "M"s of hardbop tonight: (redbook) (24/192 download)
  11. High End Audio in The New Yorker

    To summarize: I'd rather have more people caring about SQ, even using the "wrong" format (at least by some people's opinion), than people who don't care about SQ at al. But we're kind of going in circles here.
  12. High End Audio in The New Yorker

    It feels a bit like you are on an anti MQA crusade here. MQA is one of the latest innovations in hifi, so why wouldn’t an overview article mention it? Now what one thinks of MQA is a different story. To be clear, I don’t like the format particularly as I don’t see the point of it and don’t like the associated DRM issues, but I’d much rather see more people listen to MQA than to MP3.
  13. Album of the Evening

    A Czech evening with a brand new release: Streaming from Qobuz.
  14. High End Audio in The New Yorker

    Guys, seriously, just because of some short paragraphs about MQA this article really doesn’t deserve so much bashing, whatever you think about MQA. We would be lucky to have more articles like this in the general press if we want our hobby to stop from fading into oblivion.
  15. Inside High End Equipment

    Even magazines show pics from the inside of equipment. https://www.stereophile.com/content/exposure-3010s-integrated-amplifier-page-2 This pic from the direct predecessor of my amp was one of the key arguments for me to buy the amp, I just love the clean and discrete component layout of my Exposure gear, plus the nice toroidal transformer.