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  1. The Long Downward Slide of an Audio Blog

    My first system expensive? It cost less than $300, although it seemed like a lot to me at the time. That comment is a prime example of what I am talking about. I am not complaining but merely commenting on what I think are arguments that don't move computer audio forward. I will continue to read this site regardless. I appreciate what Chris is doing with the site and, in fact, early on he answered a question that I emailed to him directly. Finally, I do not feel the need to frequently post on this site, or for that matter any other. If I don't have anything to add, I keep quiet.
  2. To provide a little background ,I have been interested in hi fidelity and stereo equipment since I was a freshman in college in 1972. My first somewhat real system consisted of a Fisher receiver, a Garrard turntable (that I wish I would have kept) with a Pickering cartridge and speakers the brand of which I can't remember. Since that time, I like others involved in this hobby, have constantly traded and purchased new equipment. I was an early adapter of digital with a Pioneer CD player. That was when you could go to the record store and look through every single CD that was in the store. I have had every type of portable music player from Walkman to Discman and had one of the first Ipod mini's. After taking a break to get into surround sound(yes I still have a laserdisc), I got back into stereo when I purchased my first tube amplifier. It just so happened that the individual that I purchased it from had a Mac Mini and a USB dac. That was when I purchased my first USB Dac and IMAC. Since that time I have read this site on an almost daily basis (4 years and 2 months). I remember the good old days when most of the discussions here were interesting and informative. But now, in my opinion, the informative discussions seem few and far between and some are borderline ridiculous. The latest rant on Itunes Masters drove me over the edge and lead me to create this topic. This constant comparing of operating systems is old. Constant contests regarding Apple and their peceived mind control over the masses is ridiculous. All the "prove it to me by the measurements" conversation is ridiculous as I have never ever purchased equipment based on what is written on a piece of paper. I think is totally hilarious to bash Itunes, which I remind everybody is FREE along with free updates. For a person to say that an old walkman sounded better than an Ipod when the person does not even own an Ipod is beyond comprehension. In my opinion, all of this craziness does not promote computer based audio. The average Joe can't even understand the conversations about tweeking, ripping software, etc. etc. I don't blame a person for just wanting to pop in a disc and hit play
  3. More on the sound of Pure Vinyl, and time to Play

    Do Amarra and/or Pure Vinyl allow you to use Front Row?
  4. 24 bit / 96 KHz USB DAC List

    There is a company in Cincinnati called UltraFi tha makes a USB Dac called the IROC. Their website is www.theultrafi.com . You can read about the IROC in addition the backround of the designer which is Larry Moore. I met Larry by accident when I was having problems with a vintage tube amp that I had purchased on Audiogon. That is when I heard his Mac Mini music server system with the IROC and his Monaco Amp(also described on the website). I was so impressed by the sound that I commissioned him to build a 4 watt S.E.T amplifier, a custom built IROC with a passive linestage and volume control to accomodate my phono preamp and a set of single horn speakers. This was completed with a refurbished IMAC fom Apple. I now find myself listening to the music server as much if not more than my vinyl.