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    Problems with Teac UD-301 and JRiver

    Many thanks for your reply, but none of that worked. Wondering if I should just return the unit.
  2. JFraser

    Problems with Teac UD-301 and JRiver

    Yes I found a copy of the newest 1.0.10 driver off the Japanese website. What's weird is that in the one you link to, they've only updated the pdf instructions file and not the driver itself. The driver is still the 1.0.8 version. Either way, I've tried both drivers but neither have fixed the problem.
  3. JFraser

    Problems with Teac UD-301 and JRiver

    Thanks for the reply. I think there's some confusion, my TEAC does have a volume control. I'm saying even when the knob is at quarter, it's very loud.
  4. So I bought a Teac UD-301 yesterday. I followed the instructions and installed the driver before connecting it to the PC via USB. I have my internal sound card set as the default device so no Windows sounds go through the Teac device. I have set the audio output in JRiver to the Teac asio driver. Sometimes it plays songs but sometimes it doesn't and sometimes the Teac doesn't even appear in the list of sound devices and I have to turn it off and on again to get it to show. When it does play, it will work for a little bit but changing song, or skipping the track makes the DAC just cut out. I connected it via the optical port from the optical out on my motherboard and had the same issues, so this isn't a problem relating to the USB input. Another thing that's weird, is that when it does work, I notice the output to be extremely loud, as if it's amplifying the signal. I have it connected via XLR straight to powered monitors and even at quarter volume on the Teac it's much much louder than previous DACs I've used with built in pre-amp. I don't even have the gain set to 0db on my speakers. Saying that, the sound is fantastic. Very detailed and I haven't heard the low end sound so good on these speakers. Any comments would be very much welcome. (oh, and I'm using windows 10).
  5. Thanks, I also looked into the Emotiva. Looks like a great unit. Problem is, I live in the UK and the shipping and taxes/duty costs are just too much. There are no Emotiva dealers here in the UK unfortunately.
  6. Thanks - I took a look at this a while back but I don't think it comes with a remote control and controlling the volume by the buttons on the front doesn't look very convenient - a knob would be much better.
  7. Do you own the Mini-I Pro? Finding it really hard to come by in the UK - I don't think there is an authorised dealer here, which is surprising. Have you looked at the new model, the Mini-I Pro 2? If so, what do you think the main differences are?
  8. Just discovered that the volume knob on the NAD only controls the headphone amp. It doesn't act as a pre-amp to the outputs on the back, so that's out of the question now. This is another one I've found, which people say great things about - Yulong D200, YULONG Audio D200 DSD 384KHZ DAC Heard of it/know anything about it?
  9. That's really helpful, thanks. Turns out a friend wants my rPAC so I'm going to sell it and get a new DAC anyway, and may as well go for balanced. At the moment I have a shortlist of the following: TEAC UD-301 NAD D 1050 Emotiva DC-1 Matrix Mini-I Pro Any thoughts anyone/recommendations on any of these?
  10. Sorry what Pioneer? and what adapter are you talking about exactly - can you please send a link? I agree with the small hiss - I think that's unavoidable on some active speakers when gain is set high or to 0. Thanks.
  11. Just did some interesting tests. I have a Pioneer DDJ-SR (I like to DJ as a hobby) that works in same way as a DAC as you connect to the PC via USB and acts as a soundcard and it has both Balanced TRS and RCA outputs. So I connected that, first of all by the RCA and i was getting the same problem. I then flicked the ground switch on the subwoofer from lift back to ground and the problem was even worse, which proves the lift switch must be doing something at least! So I switched it back to lift. I then disconnected the RCAs and connected the TRS cables instead and that made a big difference. I still have a slight noise there, but not really that audible and you have to put your ear quite close to the speakers to hear it, maybe that's just a normal level of noise I don't know - considering these speakers are active so I have the volume/gain switch on the back of them set to 0 (maximum), which is not what you'd normally have by default in a set up with seperates amp, pre amp, etc. end set up. Does anyone here get ANY noise at all? Or is a little noise normal? Doing this test has (I think) told me that getting a DAC with balanced out is a good idea.
  12. I just connected the phone with a 3.5mm jack to 2xRCA adapter, straight into the passive volume control, which connects to my speakers. (I removed the DAC completely) I've tried different USB cables so it's not that.
  13. When I disconnect the PC and connect another source such as my phone for example, to the speakers, I don't have any noise. Does this mean it's all down to my PC?