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  1. Yes, I agree! Speaking of Perotin (as if on cue): Perotin The Hilliard Ensemble Some of the best early polyphony from the Notre Dame school in Paris circa 1200, an artful performance and fine recording.
  2. More Gregorian chant favorites: Filia Sion Vox Clamantis / Jaan-Eik Tulve Reviews: 24/44.1 download: Some of the tracks are not Gregorian, but the whole project is just excellent!
  3. To start off Gregorian chant recommendations, here is an old standard and a great sampler by one of the great chant directors and one of his choirs: Gregorian Chant Konrad Ruhland, Choralschola of the Niederaltaicher Scholaren
  4. Finally,
  5. Great link on Machaut's Mass that includes mini-reviews of most of the best recordings: I disagree with the reviewer on one recording: In Memoriam – Guillaume de Machaut: Messe Notre Dame Ensemble Musica Nova – Lucien Kandel, dir. This, along with their 2 other Machaut albums are on a short list of favorites!
  6. This is an accessible performance, maybe a bit "polite", with ok sq. I'll be mentioning other performances soon. Thanks for your patience. Will also recommend chant, Gergorian plainchant as well as other forms.
  7. Listening to this is like being transprted back in time.. I like purity and clarity of this composition. Waiting for recommendation of a particular recording (patiently). Yes! Which performance are you listening to? I'm working on it now. As to essentials, perhaps one of the best ways to wade into Machaut's Mass and beyond is through a repackaging of the fine performance of the Messe that accwai linked: Guillaume de Machaut: Sacred and Secular Music; Messe de Nostre Dame Ensemble Gilles Binchois / Dominique Vellard 3 discs, accessible, mellifluous performances, not the final word, good sound quality but nothing spectacular. recorded around 1990. Here's a more recent performance of the Messe by this ensemble (with some personnel changes):
  8. Daunting task, which accwai addressed well. I'm far from an expert, but listen to a lot of this music. I don't have favorites, but am happy to gradually make a few recommendations. Guillaume de Machaut is generally considered the single most "important" composer of the middle ages and his Messe de Notre Dame his most famous work. But which recording? I think I have 4 favorites that are all different, so I'll do some fresh listening and post later.
  9. Guillaume de Machaut: Motets The Hilliard Ensemble This is the most celebrated of the Machaut motet recordings available. No instrumental accompaniment, all-male voices, a slightly slower pace, and more of a melancholic feeling. Well performed and well recorded, but 62 minutes straight is heavy (add to this that ever-so-slight tendency of the Hilliards to enunciate in a manner that reminds me just a little of Kermit the Frog's voice). Not my personal favorite. Will need to spend more time with the motets to sort this out.
  10. Do you have the CD, or were you doing the download? CD rip. Here's the booklet: Best price on CD:
  11. Have had this for a while. Need to get to it soon. Thanks for reminding. Looking forward to your impressions! Musica Nova takes some creative liberties, instrumental accompaniment among others, but I think this adds a variety and is executed well. In the meantime, other Machaut motet recordings: Guillaume de Machaut: Motets and Music from the Ivrea Codex The Clerks' Group
  12. I have 2: Vox cosmica - Hirundo Maris, Arianna Savall 24-96 and The Origin of Fire, Music and Visions - Anonymous 4 SACD. I'm not that much into early music but I heard her choral composition performed live in a local church years ago and I liked it. Any suggestions of her other recordings? You're probably set then. If I were to choose one Hildegard recording myself it would be: Hildegard von Bingen - Canticles Of Ecstasy Sequentia download: info: (Might be worth noting that your Vox Cosmica album and the Sequentia album have 2 substantial tracks in common: Ave Maria, O auctrix vite and O tu suavissima virga. The comparison was interesting and revealing for me. )
  13. Guillaume de Machaut: Les Motets Ensemble Musica Nova 2CDs Remarkable!
  14. sphinxsix, do you have any Hildegard von Bingen in your collection?