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    Album of the Evening

    The upside of finding upsampled albums on Qobuz is that you get free albums. This was my latest choice. Young German/Italian pianist Sophie Pacini, a Martha Argerich protégée, plays some excellent highly romantic Schumann and Mendelssohn. Well worth checking out.
  3. esldude

    Audio Dreams

    You haven't been taking Aleve for several days have you? I had an injury and took it each day for about 10 days upon advice of my doctor. In some fair amount of people it causes very strange dreams to nightmares after a few days. I was wondering what was going on and learned this is a sometimes side effect. The last few days the nightmares were very disturbing and beyond surreal. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/1925733 https://www.ehealthme.com/ds/naproxen/nightmares/
  4. BigAlMc

    Innuos Zenith SE MkII

    I thought the MKII was great value at £2300. I'm a little disappointed to see that it's not been reduced given the release of the MKIII. Still paying full price for last years model doesn't sit quite right.
  5. what is the difference between the store and the label?
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  7. Phthalocyanine

    SACD Ripping using an Oppo or Pioneer? Yes, it's true!

    As silly as it sounds, make sure the disc is not a just a regular Redbook CD and go to music settings and make sure you have not inadvertently changed the setting for reading the SACD layer or the CD layer of a SACD. That's an error message that occurs when you put in a CD or when the player is set to read the CD layer of a SACD. (But the error message can also occur when the ripping program cannot find the SACD TOC for various other reasons.)
  8. shadowlight

    The New CA Issues and Feedback Thread

    I just run Firefox in private mode, which gets around the problem.
  9. jabbr

    How much does it cost to be an audiophile?

    Ok here's my take on a moderately priced yet true audiophile system -- you could take $900 off this by substituting the K7XX Headphones for the HD800s so ~$1100 (but also fair to add in the $150 HQPlayer cost, and $500 Roon)
  10. jabbr

    $2000 Reference system

    Sennheiser HD800 Headphones: $1100 https://www.amazon.com/Sennheiser-800-Reference-Dynamic-Headphone/dp/B001OTZ8DA iFi iDSD Micro Black $600 https://www.amazon.com/iDSD-Black-Label-Headphone-Amplifier/dp/B01MTNK3ZT/ref=sr_1_3?s=electronics&ie=UTF8&qid=1529515488&sr=1-3&keywords=ifi+micro+idsd+usb+dac Massdrop Cavalli Tube Hybrid Headphone Amp: $250 : https://www.massdrop.com/buy/massdrop-x-alex-cavalli-cth-tube-hybrid-amp Raspberry Pi 3 B+ as NAA: $35 Flirc Raspberry Pi Case $15 $2000 .... can upgrade power supplies, cables etc, add ISO Regen etc. this assumes you already have a PC running HQPlayer/Roon and an 802.11ac wireless network -- could substitute Solid-Run Clearfog Base as NAA with fiberoptic network $145 https://www.solid-run.com/product/clearfog-base-1g-8g-e/ -- alternative and cheaper headphone Massdrop K7XX headphone $200 https://www.massdrop.com/buy/massdrop-x-akg-k7xx-red-edition
  11. Excellent review! Regarding your PS ranking, were you using the stock DC cable that came with each when making the comparisons? I've been shocked at how much the DC cable can have on the musical impact of a PS. Thank you!
  12. gmgraves

    How much does it cost to be an audiophile?

    But not as bad as what I did as a kid. I would hold a length of solder between my teeth as a third hand. IT sur dint effec mi enterl-i-genc nun!
  13. gmgraves

    How much does it cost to be an audiophile?

    If only in your head... 😉
  14. gmgraves

    How much does it cost to be an audiophile?

    Well, yes, different sections to be sure, but still only one test. That was all I was alluding to.
  15. SlimPickins

    Audio Dreams

    My dreams are pretty 'out there' sometimes. Last night, I dreamed a Linn CD player was transmitting its music/signal to all of the other Linn audio components around the globe. No one could figure out how the CD player was communicating with the other Linn components and transmittng it's signal. Eventually, the government located the CD player and took it away, never to be seen again. I'm not sure why Linn was involved. I have never owned or even seen a Linn product in person. Weird.
  16. The first error (non-zero/disc opened; Can't open... for reading) is pretty generic - could be lots of potential causes. It basically means the SACD is not available to the ripping app. Usually with the Sony machines this is because there's been some glitch in getting the machine to unmount/"let go of" the disc. However, it could also mean that the disc, or its SACD layer if it's a hybrid, simply isn't detected by the machine... ... which leads to your 2nd error, which I think is much more specific: That means the Sony machine was not seeing the disc as an SACD. Some machines sporadically fail to read the SACD layer - temporary glitch or perhaps marginal laser. There is an issue sometimes with overly long track titles or nonstandard characters in the disc title or some such - but I don't think they result in the kind of error you saw. I could be wrong though - others would know better.

    Are You Using Rolleballs, RollerBlocks ??

    Put a glass of water on the equipment you want to measure.....wait.....carefully put a glass of water on the equipment. Does it ripple? Are there surfable waves on the surface. If not, save your money.
  18. This could be just as fun as the last piece of legislation we discussed here. Here is what the UN© expert on free speech thought of these pieces of legislation that heavily impacts web usage in the EU©. For those unaware of the impact these would have. Once again they force site owners to follow the strictest possible implementation of policing with no solid interpretation of permissible bounds. Both of these articles of legislation passed a major hurdle today. Final votes are expected in the coming months.
  19. stevebythebay

    Article: dCS Network Bridge Review

    Been using an Audio Alchemy DMP-1 with the Yggdrasil for quite some time. Works nicely. Not sure where you might find one these days. Got mine for just under $1k when Audio Adviser was offering them. Might want to contact ELAC as they now own the line of Audio Alchemy products.

    Twits on Twitter

    If 50% of the accounts on Twitter are bots, how can they make any money on advertising? I mean, bots don't buy peanut butter, do they?
  21. jabbr

    Are You Using Rolleballs, RollerBlocks ??

    Im using thick Alu for other reasons 😉 The 3/4” birchwood plywood, alu bowl, Silicon Nitride or Carbide 12mm balls followed by a dead marble slab work well for me. My ability to hear differences between slight mods of this is very limited. Perhaps my ears aren’t good enough🤷🏻‍♂️ @Solstice380 nice explanation — I’ve been targeting 1/f ground vibrations — still somewhere in my shop are carbon fiber tubes I was going to fashion into some non-linear vertical springs for vertical isolation.
  22. Nordkapp

    Ifi crushed by cheap Chinese gear

    Audio is a religious experience and oppressive on the wallet.
  23. pkane2001

    Ifi crushed by cheap Chinese gear

    Very direct. If a totalitarian government declares that all solid-state electronics are off limits, you have no choice but to listen to vacuum tubes (USSR banned the import of electronics in the 70's and early 80's. Their development of electronics and computer technology lagged the rest of the world by many years as the result.) I know, I know. AnotherSpin will declare that he was very happy listening Zappa on vacuum tubes. But it's oppression, nevertheless.
  24. Yes I agree, and certainly don't see any harm in potentially eliminating one source of problems with USB key re-insertions simply by modifying the script. I guess I should have said it isn't necessary when using the sleep method, if you just remove the USB key once the AutoScript has run and leave it out. You can still rip as many SACDs in a row as you want and would only need to re-insert the USB key if the unit's power cord were unplugged or some other full loss of power had occurred.
  25. Well, I may have been a bit 'premature' with my joy... I brought a pile of SACDs from home to my office where Sony BDP-S490 is wired up & after getting one more disk to 'rip' easily using the sleep method & ISO2DSD, I couldn't then get any others to, even the ones I had just managed to rip 😭 It was giving me this error Response result non-zero or disc opened libsacdread: Can't open for reading I then tried starting afresh & using the combined AutoScript (with both Telnet & server mode commands in it * the tweaked mnt), I could Telnet to Sony, but when I tried to extract, I also got this error libsacdread: Not a ScarletBook disc! libsacdread: Can't read Master TOC. I have now managed, somehow, to get local ripping to work after some combination of on/off, USB in/out, & various Telnet commands & the 2ch/multi ch toggle, but I REALLY wish I could get the sleep mode working properly for multiple discs ripping I agree with the above comment about modifying the script & any instructions with cd `ls -d /mnt/sd*`/AutoScript/ instead of the /mnt/sda1 , as newbies will likely get stumped by the drive changing during trial & error process If anyone has the answer to my top errors that stopped ISO2DSD from working, I'd very much appreciate it 😉 Thanks
  26. christopher3393

    Ifi crushed by cheap Chinese gear

    Think of Bob Stuart as the King of Egypt in our own Exodus story. ; )
  27. Four outputs: two to the speaker amplifier(s), two to the headphone amplifier. The SHD is a preamp with streaming, DAC, DSP..., etc. What bothers me is Volumio. I have not experience with it, but would rather not be tied to one player.
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