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  2. Allo Sparky USBridge

    Well that sucks. Seems I will be returning/selling this then. Anyone want to buy a very lightly used USBridge???
  3. SOtM SMs200 Ultra, 4th place in my test. What am I doing wrong?

    Hi Bullitt, that is a lot of question. It is a learning curve and the computer audiophile journey is still ongoing while for instance for Vinyl I have arrived and I am happy. So bare with me and my opinion on these topics: I had the iFi first and bought the Ultra out of curiosity. In my system it is a lot better than the iFi but they do different things. I am watching out for Hans B. to test them in a chain which he announced a few days ago. SOTM themselves are selling a USB re-clocker to combine with the Ultra. That does not mean it makes sense only because it makes money for SOTM. However, I first started off with the Ultra alone. I really hate all my USB-cables (which is why I had bought the iFi a while ago) and I am not prepared 700 Dollars on a USB cable although it would not bother me. So the USB-topic remains and that is why I have integrated the iFi into the signal path again. I am not going to try the Ultra with the stock PSU, I have just bought me a second sPS-500 to power my MacMini and maybe I am going to get me a third to power the network switch and the Asus media bridge, both run on battery right now. I like these boxes they fit nicely into my rack and I can have plenty of them and it does not look odd. Just go and order the SPS-500 and return it if you don't like it, which you won't do I am sure. Battery power is a lot cheaper, I got mine on amazon for 90,-€ and it works really fine, powered the iFi for days, also the Asus bridge and well, the switch forever... A comment on HQP and upsampling with Lyngdorf. You might know that the 2170 converts all signals to 24/96 internally, also my turntable analog in and also the CD-in, even when it comes through a digital cable. Everything is turned into 24/96. So I can hear changes when using HQP for PCM upsampling but I agree with the Lyngdorf support saying that it really does not make a lot of sense because then the Lyngdorf processor really cannot do much anymore, a signal once upsampled cannot be optimized anymore... Anyway, so only in this case, it all sounds best when streaming files the way they come. Downsampling to 24/96 also does not help, everything just the way it comes. To the CD-2. I believe it is pure luxury to have it. My 10 year old Rega Apollo used to be as good as at least. But it did not fit the chain anymore being a top loader and surrounded by all this computer-audiophile stuff. Then I got me the CD-2 for reference purpose only. Whenever I believe there could be something wrong with the computer-audiophile chain and I do not have the Vinyl version, I play the original CD from which I once ripped the FLAC to compare. This helps me with root cause analysis. Other than that I have become too lazy with Roon and the advantages of computer audio, my CD-2 might have run 30 hrs in one year only. If you like to round things up, buy it. If you do not really need a CD Player you do not need this one either... Chris
  4. JVS Cheerleads an MQA CD..Sis Boom Bah!

    And by civility, he actually means non-dissent.

    So you've backed off it being the VM?

    Which means nothing as far as I'm concerned. The only point you are scoring here about audio is basically saying that audiophiles imagine lots of what they hear. I don't care what anyone listens to or what setup, add ons, file formats, speaker type or amp class anyone listens to and likes - and thinks "sounds better". Even if they are 100% fooling themselves. Their business. I do object when they turn their personal preferences into some kind of rule about what must sound better - that A is by definition better than B. All the time, for everyone. Then they try and make it my business and to enforce their personal taste on me and everyone else. It's like when every time Class D amps gets mentioned, a certain poster says "they suck". Well no they don't. That person thinks they suck. It's not a universal truth.
  7. JVS Cheerleads an MQA CD..Sis Boom Bah!

    Alright, then. I see you included and even italicized "IN MY OPINION" to your slanderous remark about Bob Ludwig, who is not here to defend himself. Is this merely a legal way of insuring that you (and CA by extention) can wrap first amendment protection around you? Is it merely to avoid being banned? Doesn't this still leave an ethical dilemma? More generally, regarding some of the remarks against MQA on this forum doesn't this quote apply to some extent? "Persisting in a charge which one does not know to be true, is simply malicious slander." If not that, then at the very least, malicious gossip?

    That they are not obviously being intentionally fraudulent.
  9. Don't know if this was a rhetorical question along the lines of "What's wrong with kids these days?" or if you're looking for serious answers/speculation, but I'll throw some input in. I played the video through MusicScope. The peaks are at -6dB. The loudness range (similar to dynamic range) is 10.0 - which is a pretty high value; this indicates the song has a mix of loud & soft passages, and even wide volume range within a passage. There is definitely some hard limiting at -6dB, but it is mostly the snare, kick, & bass that hit the limiter. Compare that with Bruno Mars' "That's What I Like" from the album 24K Magic (winner of the 2018 Grammy for Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical): The peaks are at 0dB - all the way to the top. MusicScope says the "True Peak Level" is even higher than zero (this means after the DA conversion the signal may distort the analog stage; i.e. it's really loud). The LRA is 3.6 - pretty tight. And it's not just instantaneous signals like drums that hit the peaks; the vocals sit at 0dB most of the time, too. IMHO, this track is designed to be listened to in headphones in a gym or in a car; i.e. It is designed to block out ambient sounds - it is pretty white noise. Also, the Bruno Mars track is not a live performance. It is assembled from individual, isolated recordings (stems), and heavily edited. It wasn't played, it was built. If you are an this site, I expect you are aware of "The Loudness Wars". Music is no longer something you are expected to sit down & listen to in a controlled (read quiet) environment. It is something you listen to while going about your day. It must compete with all the other ambient noise going on around you. Therefore it is mixed loud & stays loud - you control the volume with a button. It's a culture problem. I don't think any one group can be blamed.
  10. SQ or SNAKEOIL

    How is it not a textbook example of mass hysteria?
  11. The Best for the Least

    If you can hear any difference between 96 and 192 you are at least a cat I wonder if GUTB would post a 'selfie' for us?
  12. Allo Sparky USBridge

    Network performance is a problem on the sparky
  13. SQ or SNAKEOIL

    REGARDLESS of what it actually was, the crowd THOUGHT they were looking at an image of Mary.
  14. JVS Cheerleads an MQA CD..Sis Boom Bah!

    For me, the crux is simply this: For reasons I neither understand, nor care to understand, you present yourself as some kind of "deputized" civility patrol for the forum. Based on my interactions with you, you seem to be stubbornly unaware of your pomposity. If you want to start another civility thread, by all means do so. But because you have demonstrated to me that you only post in these types of threads to service your own dogmatic fixation with civility, there is zero to be gained by any back and forth. I'm sure almost everyone on the forum would agree that it's excruciatingly banal. In other words, have a nice day.
  15. Allo Sparky USBridge

    Fair assumption but before using the USBridge I was playing DSD512 just fine using my windows based PC as NAA. Nothing else in my system has changed other than adding the USBridge. In fact, I reverted back to my windows NAA and played DSD512 with no issue. @Allo any ideas why I cant play DSD512 through the USBridge? The 10/100 ethernet port should be able to handle 50mbps streams without any issues.
  16. SQ or SNAKEOIL

    Well, then they weren't seeing the VM, were they? So about the same as hallucinating as far as it's relationship to reality and truth.
  17. The Best for the Least

    I found 96/24 close to 44/16, but 176/24 and above is a significant improvement (352/24 is very good, but only a couple of audiophile labels record in this format). You'll need a high-quality DAC to realize these gains, though.
  18. My unit shipped Tuesday and was supposed to arrive yesterday. Now tracking info just has “ Alert “ status. Awesome. USPS lost it.
  19. SQ or SNAKEOIL

    What are you actually trying to say ?
  20. Logitech Media Server (formerly known as Squeezebox Server). AFAIK, both Roon and JRiver can "see" LMS. Ask Bricasti if you have LMS installed on your server if it will be seen by the network player. If the answer is yes you'd use LMS and it's Tidal Plugin. Or just ask Bricasti if there is a way to use a Tidal stream to your card. I'm sure they know.
  21. SQ or SNAKEOIL

    The only way to know that is to have been there. "Uh, guys, seriously it's just a flood light..." For example, what if it was a projection put up by the church there gain converts? In that case it wasn't a hallucination.
  22. Understanding Sample Rate

    DSD doesn't really have much relevance to the question here. First, whether it sounds better than PCM or not is a matter of taste and not some kind of "fact" due to its' level of resolution. Just like there are people who prefer it, there are people who don't. And a nice article can be written on why it is inferior technically to PCM. But none of that matters - just listen to what you like. Second, any issue you think there is with sampling rate at PCM also applies with DSD. Both are sampling. The same ideas that push for recording PCM in 4X and 8X rates push for DSD recording in 2X, and 4X rates. I'm fine with the sound of DSD, but it has its' own issues, just like PCM has some of its own. And just as an aside, we live in a digital world - I don't want the sound as close as possible to the sound of "master tapes" - I want the master digital file, which is what about 99% of masters are nowadays.
  23. Allo Sparky USBridge

    Maybe the problem is not the sparky, the stutter can be caused if the machine running HQplayer doesn't have the CPU power to run the oversampling to DSD 512
  24. CA is on the leading edge of this topic -- although General is the hangout of the non-audiophiles. The information buried in large threads in the DAC and Music Server forums. That's a lot of reading. Simplified: 1. It's all about managing noise getting into and out of the key parts of your audio system. 2. Sources of noise: mains, switching power supplies, storage devices, motors, processors. 3. Elements of noise control: cleaning mains power, eliminating ground loops, eliminating/cleaning storage device power, eliminating switching power supplies and mechanical sources. 4. Considerations specifically for digital audio links: keeping a PC/server/streamer's noise OUT of the DAC while increasing the signal quality leading into the DAC. The DAC can create self-noise by the interface controller working trying to clean up a bad signal. Outside noise will negatively impact the DAC's input circuitry and overall performance. The strategy consideration is how you go about dealing with it. Many people here go the external storage -> network isolation -> streamer -> DAC route. The key benefits are that by using a network device like a server or a NAS to store the music, you keep its noise far away from the DAC while a very low-power, low-noise streamer is responsible for feeding the DAC a high quality signal (typically also going through some form of USB or SPDIF conditioner). The network isolation technique is used to eliminate any noise being transmitted via the network. Others that don't want to spend so much and/or have so many boxes to deal with just go straight from PC to DAC with significant USB conditioning in-between. This typically includes a power-blocker, high-end cable, re-clocking, etc. Others, like myself, try to clean up the source as much as possible (linear power supplies, advanced clocks, boutique controllers, filters, etc and so on). Some quick tips: 1. Switching power supplies are the devil, linear power supplies are good. 2. Batteries provide clean power and will also never cause ground loops. Stuff with 5V inputs can be powered by common USB power packs. 3. Clocks from better to best: VCXO, TCXO, OCXO. 4. Addressing USB noise and signal quality is essential. 5. Cheapest way to clean up the mains: run your audio gear off an un-used circuit.
  25. Firedog - thanks this is probably a dumb question but I really want to get my Tidal account going. What is LMS? I would love some help to get Tidal up and running. Thanks pc windows 10 jriver mc23 jremote Bricasti Network Player not sure how to get Tidal with my set up? Thanks
  26. Metrum Onyx/Jade

    Any new Onyx/Jade owners here to share their experiences?
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