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  2. Whatever.... Why don't you answer the third post in this thread instead?
  3. That's just because you know Alex and his Australian buddies would ace that test. After all, his DIY DAC once outperformed a Bricasti.
  4. In that case , you are then also questioning the sanity of the forum owner who is facilitating this in order to try to keep the threads civil.
  5. MQA Off-Topic Spinoff

    Well, it is already such. You need to have approved hardware or software to decode it in first place. (until reverse-engineered open source version appears in VLC/ffmpeg) In comparison, you don't need anybody's approval or specific hardware or software to be able to decode FLAC, ALAC, MP3, AAC...
  6. MQA Off-Topic Spinoff

    Right, DR/mastering is much more important.
  7. MQA Off-Topic Spinoff

    Why do you think it would be step-up from FLAC? IMO, it is step-down with reduced resolution and use-case restrictive proprietary way to decode it. I fail to see anything positive on it, only negative sides.
  8. Moode Audio Player for Raspberry Pi

    There used to be a set-up guide when 3.8 was the official release, maybe that was taken down at some point, or maybe it came as a text document file with the actual download? I can't remember anymore.
  9. Help please, A+ on new MBP

    If I were you, I would give up the kext thing now. Apple is never changing their system for A+. At some point in the future the old kext will not work anymore no matter what you do. So I suggest cutting the cord now.
  10. I find it enormously insane that people can start a topic and dictate that no one can disagree with them.
  11. Help please, A+ on new MBP

    Hi, hope one of the gurus on here can help. My MacBook broke, it was 9 years old. Good news, I never upgraded from El Capitan. Better news, I had a recent backup. From there its all gone t!ts up. My new MBP won't accept El Capitan, in spite of using my backup and looking on Apple help it's just a no-no. The work round on here seems to assume access to El Capitan files to change the kext, I can't access this for the reasons stated above. A+ website says you can replace if you have a backup, I but it seems I cannot use it to restore El Capitan. I emailed Damien on the 8th and understand he is very busy, but have not heard back. Can anyone help, please?
  12. barrows, maybe you are right, but there should be one person you knows exactly: Damien from Audirvana (or Mansr?) Matt
  13. MQA Off-Topic Spinoff

    This is the approach that works. I always, always, always think of the system as a whole as being the beast that has to be brought under control - any part of it not pulling its weight correctly is what has to be addressed, and doing that yields the worthwhile returns. I am truly amazed at the amount of talk, discussion being expended on MQA - this is worth, maybe, 0.01% of what's worth doing to get optimum sound.
  14. Router Enhancement

    I’d does no good to waste your time bickering when it’s against the rules. Posts removed.
  15. MQA Off-Topic Spinoff

    Long time ago in the past, I used Metallica to test MP3 encoders, because some encoders just run totally confused and started producing really audible artifacts. But now I use three newer things that are usually mastered better. Steven Wilson's solo productions (also available as hires), Procupine Tree (one of Steven Wilson's projects) and Opeth (where Stevel Wilson participates in newer albums). Well, I guess you got the plot... He has also remastered bunch of older prog-rock...
  16. Allo USB Bridge MQA

    I have got ROON up and going, playing MQA to the Mytek Manhattan II with no issues. Roon even recognizes the Manhattan when it is connected via the USB Bridge.
  17. Matt: the above link only concerns Mac's USB driver, we are discussing Ethernet streaming from the Mac here, not USB. Initially it was my understanding that OS X and Core Audio do not handle DSD files, but from what Jesus appears to be saying, and from the link you posted, the limitation for Mac/OSX vis a vis DSD appears to only apply to the Mac USB output, and that native DSD is available via A+ and Ethernet output from Mac hardware. At least this is what Jesus appears to be saying.
  18. plisskin's test is not based on any mechanistic understanding - so even if there is some completely unknown mechanism* his test still functions to rule out confirmation bias * such as supersymmetry or gravity waves
  19. I have a voltage regulator coming from eBay that others have recommended. I will add it inside my D16 and bump up the input voltage by .7 volts to accommodate the regulator dropout voltage. I will report back :-)
  20. I would like anyone to explain how reducing vibration of a router would enhance the sound quality of the music. If they say the clocks are upset by vibration, I would like them to explain how the clocks vibrating affects the data stream and how that affects sound.
  21. MQA Off-Topic Spinoff

    Thrash metal and such has always been totally off my radar - it may as well never happened, in terms of my exposure to it. But seeing how Metallica is being focused on, I grabbed an audio segment of Kill Em All from a YouTube clip, of the early 80's mastering - and, must say, excellent stress test for playback. Huge cymbals, reverb, soundstaging, vocals deeply embedded, frantically driving - it's got all the ingredients to bring non-optimum systems to their knees, effortlessly. This is the sort of material I enjoy working with, because the transfomation when a setup gets it right is truly amazing ...
  22. MQA Listening Impressions

    @PeterSt: Thanks for your honest input. There is still a large proportion of "trust me, it's better" that remains, when I would prefer MQA to be more transparent about the why and how of deblurring. That said, I can see how some people could simply prefer the MQA processing and be satisfied without further explanations. I don't fall into that group, but I certainly don't expect you or anyone else that is not behind MQA to do any more explaining. There are inconsistencies in the results of the current MQA catalog, e.g. some albums simply sound inferior to non-MQA'ed albums, that I feel deserve some explanation. Is it poor quality control? Who does the processing, and how are results checked? Will there be some sort of quality standard that is achieved at some point in the future? These factors should be understood by consumers, IMHO. And I agree with @soxr that I've heard some tracks that sound more like movie soundtracks than their non-MQA counterparts. Reminds me of a well-implemented version of Q Sound processing (which I'd call gimmicky, but again, it's implemented well). I don't necessarily want my music on a big screen...
  23. It depends on quality of the conversion algorithm. And there are many ways to do the conversion. So there's no simple answer to a complex question like this...
  24. Moode Audio Player for Raspberry Pi

    So embarrassing. I have read some unofficial set-up guide but still cannot see this setting. Now the music can be played, many thanks for your reply. Unfortunately it seems there is no official guide, so is there any good set up guide except the lengthy forum discussion?
  25. I have a network drive with a few dsd downloads ( most are 24/192). I listen to those thru oppo bd player connected thru network. I also have those same dsd files converted to pcm so when i listen on my other devices ( itunes) at 24/192. I never listen to the network dsd due to lack of gapless or poor gapless plus droputs. I do not have a DSD dac and im not going to use the oppo as a dac. my question, how much fidelity or quality is lost with the pcm conversion? BTW, roon sees the dsd files but convers to pcm as well.
  26. Hi guys, I've received my Pioneer BDP-80FD, and attempted to rip my first SACD, and unfortunately have hit a snag. Here's what I've done. 1) Set up Pioneer player, turned off autoplay and resume. 2) Connected to WiFi 3) created usb with Autoscript folder with the 3 files in it. 4) Drawer opens after powercycling the player, and inserting usb stick 5) run windows sacd_extract from the .cmd file script, modifying the network address to be what is assigned to the player; confirmed address via my router, and also the network information in the player to be correct. 6) Fails with the windows error: "sacd_extract.exe has stopped working" Any help appreciated! Thanks in advance. Btw, I"ve also tried to run the mac version of sacd_extract, which also fails, with "libsacdread: Can't open for reading. Here is the windows command in the .cmd file: sacd_extract -i -P -I
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