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  2. MQA is Vaporware

    Well that is the challenge MQA faces. Ayre, or any other specialist manufacturer of audio gear on their own, sells too few units to make MQA viable. But, MQA needs as many as these relatively small specialist manufacturers it can get. I don't believe MQA will be implemented in consumer level electronics like Sony, LG or Samsung, that sell many thousands of units. The companies likely to adopt MQA are the specialist audio companies, that sell much lower volume. It sounds to me, like MQA needs Ayre, PS Audio, Schiit, Naim, Rega, etc, much more than those companies need MQA.
  3. MQA is Vaporware

    Your reasoning is very sound Chris. But, although other companies have not been as (negatively) vocal as Mr. Hansen about MQA, they have stated they will not support the format (Schiit comes to mind). I also read from a Naim employee on their forum, that the Meridian people came to Naim to make a pitch for MQA. Naim politely declined. Of course, if MQA does catch on, manufacturers might have to swallow their pride and implement it in their gear. I think though, that we are a long way from seeing MQA being a viable thriving format, if ever.
  4. ^^^^ Here's a video comparing two of the best players, and reviewer says hands down the ethernet sounds better for both. He didn't say "I think" or "marginal" or "possible" improvement, but he said "HANDS DOWN". And that is my experience as well and has been for several years. I thought maybe i just didn't have good ears, or maybe it was I had a noisy computer, or maybe it was just a poor dac (so i tried over a DOZEN, from $300 to $2000), and i still say DLNA sounds better, even using a cheap used bluray player sounds better than a "galvanically isolated usb dac". Anyway, for all the nay-sayers, i don't care anymore...i am sticking to ENET moving forward....i have 3 usb dacs for sale cheap.
  5. MQA is Vaporware

    I said, just the opposite. It doesn't all come down to money and money isn't the single factor driving anything. Think about how much money Ayre could possibly bring to MQA ltd. We're talking peanuts compared to the LG v30 phone and other manufacturers. Ayre is inconsequential to the MQA business plan. I don't know that to be 100% true, it's just my guess. Money is one ingredient of the soup, as is ego, and altruism. It's a not a puzzle with hard edges or a single factor above all. Nobody has to go along with any narrative. I'm not sure what I said that suggests I know what is in Ayre's best interest. I just said things will be difficult in the future for Ayre. For all I know the company could plan to sell to Samsung tomorrow. I'd never pretend to know what's in its best interest. I've never written any rules. People can't play by my nonexistent rules. I don't understand what you're saying. Perhaps there is a less convoluted way to say it. You seem to be putting words in my mouth, but even then I'm not sure what words. Debating pros and cons is good. You lost me on anything else you said that I said. This isn't a war. In war people die, come home with missing limbs, and mental injuries that last a lifetime. I'm not pushing in any direction. Please stop suggesting I'm pushing anything. If I say something that questions anything (other than MQA sucks) you seem to think I am pushing an agenda. Why would I push an agenda that would upset half of CA's readers? Dumb business move. It's well established that you hate MQA. I have no issue with that. I like some things about MQA and hate other things about MQA. However, I try my hardest to not let any of this prevent me from seeing all sides to this issue. It really seems like you can't see any side that doesn't want to burn Bob Stuart in effigy.
  6. I messaged you.
  7. MQA is Vaporware

    Chris, I suggest that you are trying to have it both ways here and you end up in a contradiction. On the one hand, you are suggesting that in the end it all comes down to money/business and thus the truth of what Charles is saying is at best indeterminate and is in fact just yet another $dollar$ play, an attempt to position himself and his business in the mind (you used the word "perception") of the consumer and that the real truth of MQA as a technical format is besides the point. IF this were the case, then Bob S and MQA certainly play by the same rules do the not? IF this is true, then why would they allow a few comments about Bob S himself to interfere with a chance to make more money and not do business with them - after all all is fare in war and business is it not? In the end, the game is simply that (a game) and the point is not to "win" but to make money. On the other hand you also maintain that it is not about money/business in the end, it is really about ego and that MQA/Bob S will in the end $sacrifice$ some amount of money to make a point and uphold some morality of personal decency or some such thing, and that the "word" of Ayre counts for something and they could not simply say "look, MQA has become the standard format. We don't agree with it/like it, but we have to go with what our customers and the market demand". Why could they not say/do this? That's just it - I don't see why manufacturers or "the industry" have to in any way go along with this narrative of "see not evil, speak no evil" that you assert is in their best interest. Even if the reality of the business conditions and the industry/market is as you say (which I assert is a simplification, and thus in error), I don't see any reason why anyone would want to play by your rules. Fortune rewards the bold and those who bend the rules. However, all this is quite besides the point because reality is such that it is far more complicated. From a consumer standpoint (which is the only one I and just about every other poster here cares about) we benefit from this complication and even depend on it. If it really is as you say and the motivations and morality (personal and business) of all the players in the industry is hegemonous as you believe, then it is ALL voodoo and there is no reason for us to listen to any perspective. Thankfully, that is not the case. There is real truth in what these various manufactures, recording engineers, DAC designers are saying about the downside of MQA and sure their motivations are as varied and complicated (and thus not "altruistic") as life itself but that is a good thing. It is good because that is the real check against the very hegenomy and monopoly you assert is control of whether MQA becomes an or the standard. Think of it this way: What is happening is a war of "narrative" and we as consumers want this war to continue in all it's complicated mess. Your pushing in the wrong direction, towards a particular narrative which allows the story of MQA to determine the battlefield if not the exact outcome...
  8. I will surely try that as well, but not tonight. Family have gathered in front of the TV now and listen to speakers is not a good idea for the family peace! 😉 I will try tomorrow! 😊
  9. Sonicorbiter - DLNA/MPD output mode

    Dear Jesus, Could you please push me in the right direction regarding proper cover art setting (yes, again ) Here are necessary symptoms: Device: mRendu (IP= Output mode: MPD Management SW: Cantata 2.0.1 (OS X), MPDroid 1.07.2 (android) Cover name: folder.jpg Cantata=MPDroid setting (music folder or link to cover art): Problem description: with SW2.3 everything is working fine with above mentioned setting. With SW2.5 covers are not loaded. SW2.3 and SW2.5 settings you could see below. Question: What are the right setting for cover-art loading in SW2.5? Note: In SW2.5 mounting point was changed. Moreover, in SW2.5 SMB is not installed by default. You have to install it through Apps (in SW2.3 it was installed "from the factory"). Could be a reason??
  10. Grant Hart of Hüsker Dü, March 18, 1961 – September 14, 2017

    Wow! The Afghan Whigs are there tomorrow night as well!
  11. Just to try I quickly connected an additional ground wire from a chassi screw on the Gophert to a different safety ground receptacle on the same Hugo powerstrip. With both DC negative and chassi grounded the SQ clearly decreased! The bass suddenly sounded disturbed and the sound stage a bit hollow. When I removed the chassi ground wire the sound was a releif to listen to. Clear bass, nice treble and great ambience! Both DC negative and chassi ground at the same time= NO GOOD! 😁
  12. Husker Du's bassist Greg Norton is now in a trio named Porcupine. They will be opening for Babes In Toyland Friday night at First Avenue. Go!
  13. What if you ground the negative output to an Entreq grounding box with a silver wire? Would the SQ improve even further?
  14. I read it has a web applicaton called MAX...is that what you use? Can you control song song selection from a web browser? This looks like just the ticket!!
  15. Agreed...seems DAC engineers are behind the curve... DACS have been in existence for what, 20+ years, and one of the most well known (Schiit, Mr. Mike Moffat), just recently added circuitry to his line to address usb noise? And others have not yet followed suit? That is why I call all these expensive cables and noise suppressors "TOYS". If you can transfer a bit perfect file out the usb port to an external hard drive, a million times, and always get 100% accuracy...why can't a DAC get the same perfect bits and deal with any noise...why do we have to wait until the year 2017 for these issues to be addressed, and why do people pay big $$$ for a usb cable when all they are trying to do is transfer a binary file. If there are really noise issues that can't be handled properly without buying a $200 cable, then usb should be forgotten as a method of delivery. I can understand different cables for analog, but for crying out loud to get a binary file of 1's and 0's...
  16. MQA is Vaporware

    Because there would be no "MQA Blue Light" authenticating provenance, there would be hardly any compelling reason to switch to MQA, there would be a very weak if any motivation for people to repurchase their content (this is the only reason studios would jump on this). So in other words, it is more about making money for MQA Co and the studios more than anything else. I will state, however, that I am not necessarily against this if it proves that at the end of the day we get better sounding music over streaming.
  17. Grant Hart of Hüsker Dü, March 18, 1961 – September 14, 2017

    Growing up in Minnesota I had always heard about Hüsker Dü and the Replacements, but I just wasn't old enough to go see the shows at First Avenue. And, nobody I knew was into those bands. I feel like I really missed out :~(
  18. Today
  19. XLR Interconnects

    I would like to buy cardas hexlink xlr 1.5 m And dh revelation xlr 1.5 m from DiminishingReturnsOfficer Michael berg 3607974926 mikebergie@yahoo.com
  20. http://www.citypages.com/music/remembering-grant-hart-1961-2017/
  21. XLR Interconnects

    I would like to buy the cardas hexlink xlr 1.5 m And the dh revelation xlr 1.5 m from sophomore member Michael berg 3607974926 mikebergie@yahoo.com
  22. SMPS and grounding

    Thanks for the info Alex! I have quickly read it through. Even if the "Tingle Terminator" is a fairly similar idea it is connected to the case of a CD player (which is grounded) and almost used as a shield for the AC mains power cable and a drain for shield currents. Since the Gopherts safety ground is not passed through to the case of the Gophert I am not sure it will work. Does this stop me trying? Ofcourse not! 😁 I will try this as well asap. Do you know if the capacitor is absolutely neccessary? Can I just run an additional ground wire from the chassi to the safety ground pin, maybe twisted with the DC output ground wire?
  23. MQA is Vaporware

    There's no point arguing with flat earthers.
  24. Please make the sdcard library so you can control song selection from a web browser and that it can play dsd.
  25. MQA is Vaporware

    @mansr You forgot to address this one too :~)
  26. MQA is Vaporware

    Nobody said anyone was motivated solely by money. Please don't push the conversation down path. It's my belief that Ayre implemented DSD to please customers, check a box on the spec sheet, and make money. None of those are bad in and of themselves. There's no need to go into a long diatribe about DSD and its merits or demerits. My point was that you railed against DSD, and still do, yet you built the feature into your components when you didn't have to. You're supporting DSD by making playback available on your products. that seems very incongruent with your hatred of DSD. Hi crenca - Nobody here said money was a sole factor for anything. Please don't push the discussion down that hole. My suggestion is that it will now be very complicated for Ayre to implement MQA down the road should it chose to do so. If you take money out of the equation, the reasons for implementing MQA could be to please customers who want to listen to the format, check a box on the spec sheet (because everyone needs to keep the lights on and pay for employee health insurance etc...), make the best of a bad situation by trying to get the best quality from MQA files because without decoding/rendering the quality may be much worse, etc... Given Ayre's public comments about MQA and a co-inventor's personal life, I can't imagine 1) MQA ever wanting to do business with Ayre (let's face it the volume isn't that large), and 2. People ever taking Ayre serious again, if it went back on its word and supported the format. Thus, if there is money to be made or emotions can be set aside, these two aforementioned points still may stop Ayre from moving forward. They can't control who MQA does business with and the hit to the company's reputation could be larger than the cost of not implementing MQA. Those two things make it very hard for Ayre to ever change positions. In the short term it's a good business move to come out against MQA because you're seen as the honest company who wants to stick it to the man and save consumers from the evil doers. In the long run, if MQA takes hold (this will be determined by the labels, not any hifi manufacturer), these companies are shooting themselves in the foot. In business, it's not a good thing to shut out future options, no matter how bleak they seem at the moment. As many in this thread say, options are a good thing. I'm all for honesty and encourage it here on CA. In fact, I sent Charles a PM a few weeks ago thanking him for some information he provided in a different thread and saying I was appreciative of him taking time to educate people on some topics. However, we must all consider the reasons for such perceived honesty, whether it's related to MQA or otherwise. What's in it for Ayre to make public statements about MQA? There are altruistic reasons and there are monetary business reasons. We can't include the former and automatically exclude the latter just because it fits our narratives.
  27. SMPS and grounding

    Here is my first impression grounding the DC output of my Gophert csp-3205II! 😊 A small step towards better sq, but not at all a night and day improvement.
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