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Hi Phil.


Could you please explain AO licensing for me. I think that I have misunderstood it and have been downloading a new license each time I did a new OS install on the same hardware.


Due to this I am now out of licenses.


I just re-read the license information on your web site and if I understand it correctly I could be re-using the first license I received for a given PC.


Is that correct?

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Hello Mourip


With your purchase of the AudiophileOptimizer you get one personal, non-transferrable license. This license includes 5 activations. Those five activations must be used on machines which belong to you, but you may use all five at the same time if you like.


If you followed the instructions from our PDF guide carefully, then your installation on the same maschine will always have the same Hardware-ID and therefore no requireq you to use another activation. You can use the same Activation-Key from the very first Hardware-ID for unlimited times.


If you change hardware of your server, let's say the network card, the mainboard or the harddrive, a new Hardware-ID will be generated and you have to use another Activation to generate the needed Activation Key.


If you need additional Activation-Keys you can simply go to our activation self-service portal and try to generate another activation, you will then be displayed a link in the bottom where you can order a pack of two new Activation-Keys. Hope this helps to clarify how it works.


Very best,

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