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What's wrong with commercial recordings

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This week I was zapping through the radio stations on my way home and this band was playing live from the BBC studios.

The vocals could do with a bit reverb but it sounds much more "lively" than most commercial recordings, crisper, better balanced, like being in a club:




Why don't most commercial recordings sound as good as this?

Who's to blame, the producers?



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The Loudness Wars are a bit silly and with some present indie bands they even make fun of it by doing it so LoFi and non-polished it's gotten critic's attention. Electric Studio's Forum (Steve Albini's Studio) has some hilarious but valid pro's and con's. Unless you're listening to "most" music from a reputable label, Production/Recording/Engineering staff it is what it is. It's hard to enjoy music if you know what goes behind it, or you're not hearing a tone stretch out due to it being cut off on the note to ether. That sucks. I hate it. But I also grew up on indie bands on labels that recorded like Pavement's original release of Slanted and Enchanted. I hated Nirvana's Nevermind because it was not the band's sound. It was more glossy than Appetite For Destruction.

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