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MacMini 2014 and High Sierra as a test bed music server!

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My experience is with my old Mini, mid 2011, running High Sierra 10.13.6 and A+ with Direct Connection enabled via the hack.  It works wonderfully.  Beyond the hack I have installed an SSD for the OS.  Music is external.  It basically just plays general background music, Netflix, internet radio, TIDAL, etc...


My SO even finds it easy to use because she knows the OS rather than putting an Apple TV in its place, which it is basically acting like right now. Add a wireless keyboard and mouse and it keeps us happy.  I was using it before I purchased the Aurender and I liked it in that role, but the Aurender is better, IMO.

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Intona USB isolator - 289 EUR

Audirvana  - 74 USD

1 TB SSD - 2592 NOK

SDXC Card - 1290 NOK

iFixit kit - 25 USD

Audioquest Carbon USB cable - USD 50 (I needed an additional length for the Intona, already had one).  


Total about 890 USD. I think the SSD and SDXC can be had cheaper in the US, but I live in Europe. Upgrading the SSD of the MM may be argued as a necessity anyway, as the machine is 4 years old. 


The Intona provides galvanic isolation, yes. Check their webpage for more information. The Mac Mini is clocked from the DAC and I found upsampling to the max sample rate supported by the DAC gave the best sound. 




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