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Winserv 2012 or Linux?

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6 hours ago, shadowlight said:

No setup guide for your setup.  Foobar2000 is not supported on the Linux, so you will have to use alternate solution for player.  If you want to run desktop version of JRiver and HQPlayer you will have to install the desktop manager.  The HQPlayer does not require desktop manager to run.


The guide has information on the barebone desktop manager setup.  You can start the "openbox" desktop manager manually when you need it by typing "startx".  The "openbox" desktop manager is barebone for what is needed to run HQPlayer Desktop.  I am not sure what you goal is with switching back and forth.


The reason about switching back and forth between mode is

it's convenience to me to install programs and drivers. After everything done, i will switch to no gui mode for the best sound quality.


Incase of something wrong or i need to tweak something, so i can switch back to gui mode to fix everything i need. It's easier.

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