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Speaker Question?

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Just bought a new pair of Q-Acoustic speakers. In the box are a couple of soft foam plugs, that I assume are for plugging the rear vents.  What exactly should this achieve?

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My Omega Audio ported speakers have those also. Mine are large "nerf" balls. They are basically for tuning the speakers.


In my case they restricted dynamics some and muddied the sound so I do not use them. On my previous pair they helped. Probably depends a bit on your room and placement also.


You can try them and see what sounds best to you. No right or wrong there. If you have a room correction module and microphone you could use them to help get a flat room response.

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From a Q Acoustics manual:


Foam Bung
The Concept Series speakers are rear ported and designed to work best with
some space behind them i.e. 200mm or so away from a wall. If you position your
speakers close to a wall/corner then the foam bungs should be inserted into the
rear ports or there could be too much bass.
Ensure bungs are fitted snugly into the port without inserting them too far.
You will find the level of bass is reduced but definition and bass extension is
increased. Experiment to see what you prefer and try making small changes to
the position of the speaker to optimise the final result


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