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Dynaudio service centre in Ontario Canada ?

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Good day 

im looking for a Dynaudio service centre in Ontario Canada (Focus 340s are my speakers)

More specifically no further from Guelph Ontario than Toronto Ont as it will be more financially prudent to drive and not ship such a heavy package 


Im worried I may have to send them to Denmark , or the USA but i have a feeling thats silly of me ?


My scenario is my amp blew , im told from a dead short , ( i may have killed my crossovers or something in the speakers previously , which caused the dead short in the amp ) .


The dead short is said to have been caused by the speakers being over driven 

Which confuses me as i ve never had my amp as much as 12 0 clock . Not even halfway , and the amp blew when i turned it on , volume all way down .


I was told you dont have to be driving music to over power speakers , because in my case my amp was off , volume completely down , when i had the dead short


Its suggested that the problem was residual , that while playing music i over drove the speakers , eventually i powered down , and when i powered up again the problem in speakers blew my amp , and my speakers are damaaged 


Im not in possession of enough knowledge to assess that statement , but i suspect there may have been a direct short in amp  


Im not sure if i ll ever be able to prove the case either way and will likely just have to accept what the professionals tell me 


Any advice is appreciated 

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